Don't you think Disney channel is whack?

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy some of the shows on Disney Channel but what I mean by the title is DON’T YOU THINK THAT DISNEY CHANNEL NEED TO STOP MAKING EVERY SINGLE PERSON INTO A SINGER??? I mean c’mon now, a lot of them obviously can’t sing FOR SHIIIETTT! Like Hannah Montana? LOVE THE SHOW, some songs are also enjoyable but HER VOICE? HER SINGING? WOW…hurttt. Also, Ashley Tisdale got to go. Along with the whole High School Musical. Disney Channel is trying to make everybody on their artists as well as actors/atresses when in reality, they are better off just acting. It’s pissing me off.

Answer #1

OMFG I KNOW. I hate everything about disney now-a-days! I like the animated cartoon movies, but thats it! I HATE HATE HATE, their stupid ideas and shows. lmfao. GOD. theyre so lame!

Answer #2

#1. Not EVERYONE hates DC (because I don’t), so don’t say that the singers suck. You THINK they suck, but just saying they suck, isn’t true. #2. Same for the shows. #3. I think you’re trying a little hard to prove your point. No need to get rude. and #4. Ashley Tisdale didn’t get plastic surgery. There was something wrong with her nose, and if they didn’t fix it, she wouldn’t have been able to breathe. Celebs aren’t THAT obsessed with themselves, goodness. -_- you disney haters are so annoying.

Answer #3

A MOUSE!!! YESS!! That’s it. All squeaky. Well Hannah Montana just sounds RASPY to me like she have a sore throat everytime she performs. And Ashley just sounds like she’s obviously trying TOOO HARD to sound “cute”

Answer #4

I really agree with ashley tisdale she cant sing she sound like a mouse and miley sounds like a mouse 2

Answer #5

Jealous? LOL sorry I love how I look. A bit conceited I admit. I never said anything about how they look. I said they should stick to acting and cut the singing crap whatsoever. Hannah Montana is a beautiful young girl. Ashley Tisdale is ugly even after the plastic surgery.

Answer #6

I think your right! Is so annoying DC, but Always Remember this Channel is more for little kids, lol! I think your jealous of hanna Montana and Ashley Tisdale uhhh mama she’s so HOT love her.

Answer #7

BTW “FUNADVICE” I’m just asking for other people’s opinions because this is what the site is partly about. If you’re offended by it, learn how to spell then argue with me because I am having trouble trying to figure out what you are trying to say.

Answer #8

its not the directors ideas it’s the writers idea and they only do it to taske advantage of their talent, like the cheetah girls, in america they are a big group and raven bynes already ahd a big music coureer before it so yeah commenting on the iste wont help

Answer #9

THANK YOU GUYS!! Cus gooodddamnnn it’s so annoying. And the reason why it’s been getting to me more than usual lately because I am far away from home in another country and I have nothing to do but watch tv and it was either MTV or Disney channel so that’s why it’s getting on my nerves!!!

Answer #10

THANK GOD! Someone has noticed that DC has been going over with the singing/acting. Oh you’re the best. I try to bring this up to my friends but they are all like “he said she said”(Tisdale song btw) but yeah I agree

Answer #11

its the director;s idea and the producer if you want to stop them go to their site and have a comment

Answer #12

its the director;s idea and the producer if you want to stop them go to their site and have a comment

Answer #13

It’s a bit annoying , but I like Miley’s voice ,and Ashley has a cute one too, kinda different, I don’t like Slena Gomez tought and most of Disney shows are fricking boring, and others anoying… I like HSM , and I have a younger sister and cousin who loved Hannah Montana so I watch it every now and then, and is not that but but it just goes with disney, they are now looking for “multi talented kids”, but other than HM , the rest of the shows are pretty boring to dead like to watch

Answer #14

I think you mite b blowing things outa proportion just a tad. 1.) its not Disney channel hu push these people into singing they are offereed it by record companies and Disney channel just uses it for there own being to promote there shows 2.) if they really had terrible voices they wudnt be offered contracts.and3.) if high school musical is so bad how come there are thousands of people world wild hu love it

Answer #15

thousands of people love it because the character LOOKS decent.

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