Doing bad in school and life

My mom made me take two ap classes this year: chem and calculus ab. And I just moved to a new school. So on top of having NO friends (I even eat alone in the library) I am failing calculus and chemistry just keeps getting harder. School used to be really important to me but I just don’t even want to try any more because even when I try I fail. For my calculus test I did over 50 problems and understood them all, and I do my homework every night and make sure I understand the problems (takes me 1 to 2 hours). But on the test I made a stupid mistake the same time for 4 questions. There were only twelve questions on the test, so counting the two other ones I got wrong for more careless errors I got a 53. My mom keeps trying to figure out ways for me to change how I study or do even more studying. But the thing is, I studied hourse for that test and I still failed. I didn’t even think it was hard when I was taking it. So I hate coming home from 8 hours of being all alone in a huge school without any friends, but then seeing a failing grade and facing my mom. I think about suicide all the time but I would never do it because I wouldn’t want to leave behind problems from my parents. I have no clue what to do with my life. Help?

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Hi. I am in high school and I don’t get good grades too. I try pretty hard too but I still get average or below average grades. But what I do is I don’t beat myself up over it. The most important thing is that you try hard. And if you’re trying your best and still aren’t doing very good, then don’t blame yourself or think you’re stupid. Just accept that you’re having trouble with it and try your best to get help with it so you can understand it and pass. Also learn from your mistakes. You said you made some silly mistakes on that test. You failed that test, and there’s probably not much you can do about that. But what is important is that you realized why you failed, so now you can learn from those mistakes and not make them anymore. And try not to get too stressed. School is important but you can’t let trouble at school ruin your life and depress you. If you got some bad grades, don’t stress out over them. Just remember that you tried hard and that you just need to get some extra help with whatever you did bad on.

Don’t think that you are doing bad in life. You are doing fine if you are trying your best. If the courses you have are too tough, then you could try to get tutoring or something like that. Don’t be afraid to face your mom when you get bad grades. Just make sure she knows that you tried your best. I’ve talked about trying your best a ton of times in this post, but it is important. Making new friends is kind of hard but just try to find a group of kids you can relate to. Good luck.

Answer #2

Hi, I’m in college and college can be just as stressful as high school but, high school is a bit different. But, in college, you try to make the best grades as possible. I love college allot better then High school or junior High. Anyway, since you say you failed on the test for your class, you realized the mistakes you’ve made, and you’re going to do better next time. If the classes are too hard, see if you can get help. Even though you have to come home and face your mother everytime you received a bad grade, try to think of how you’d feel if she was in your shoes. She shouldn’t yell at you or anything just because you received a bad grade. Your mother should understand that you’re trying your best in these classes. I think the way you’ve been studying is very helpful but, there are many other ways to study. If you can’t get your emotions out to anyone in your family, talk to maybe a church leader, or your counselor from school. You can’t keep your emotions inside you since that’s very painful. I’ve been there done that. Its too bad none of the students at your school will want to get aquainted with you and become friends. Its hard making friends I know. I was like that for awhile when I was in Junior High and High School. I don’t know too many people in the community college I attend. But, I always find someone I can get aquainted with. Maybe you can ask to sit at the lunch table as a group during lunchtime. Unless you’re shy. In time, you’ll make friends. please, don’t comitt suicide. That isn’t the way out. You have allot going for you in life. I know school is very important, but, if you try your best, your mother will understand hopfuly. I wish you luck, and try your best. We all have challenges in life. Try not to stress out too much. And, please! if you need to talk, you can always funmail me.

Answer #3

I understand that you are a lonely person, ever heard of a quote by C.S. Lewis, “We read to know we are not alone.” ? Try reading, it destresses too. Your grades are slipping, and I can see you care about them. I believe your efforts will pay off, so should you.

Answer #4

I started a new semester in my college and I was really hyped from the start. I began thinking that I would do good, and I have been up until 2 weeks ago, have not been keeping up with my reading, and so this weeks quizzes I have not been doing so great… but this is a part of a letter I received from my teacher… I just grabbed my book to study! “… recommended that students learn about concept of boundaries, as there is humor and then there are impertinent comments (there is a fine line). It is sad to see individuals with potential and opportunity, who allow themselves to be left bereft of success.

This is an opportune time to reflect with full integrity on own progress, not only in the class but life overall. By taking a sensible and practical inventory, one may ascertain “where am I at this stage of my life, where am I going, what is my purpose, what are potential blocks

to my personal development, what changes might be needed for me to grow as an individual, etc.,

Open the window to allow knowledge shine in. Contemplate on the meta-message of this correspondence.

What is underestimated, what is overestimated, and what and how it needs to be reconciled.

Become aware of internal saboteur and how and for what reason you might be engaging in self-sabotage. Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives. — William James

“As long as you live, keep learning how to live.” — Segoyewatha [Red Jacket] (1750-1830), Native American Seneca chief, orator

Live - Learn - Love

Answer #5

I find people with a bad social life find it hard to do well. Make some friends, be happy keep working hard and it’ll work out :)

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