Does my dog know I was thinking of and loving her?

My dog died yesterday, I have her since I was 12, which is 14 years, she is our family dog. She lives in my family home with my mum and dad. She has been unwell recently as she was very old and we knew she was dying so I was coming home to see her. I saw her on skype on Sunday and said hello to her but I dont know if she knew me. The flight I was taking was wednesday but she died yesterday with my mum holding her. I feel so guilty as although I don’t live there, I always thought of her and saw her when I could and I feel that I should have made it home sooner. My parents thought there was not a massive rush as she had a few weeks to live but in hindsight I think I felt it was going to be sooner and I am so upset I didn’t get to hug her and tell her how much I loved her. I feel that maybe I have let her down or do you think she knows I was there with her in thought? Is there anything I can do now, I am so upset and feel i need to tell her and to know she knows. Thanks

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I’m sorry to hear for your loss. In my opinion, I don’t think anyone can give you an answer to your question. I’m assuming that your dog know that you cared for her due to previous childhood experiences with her. If you showed her you cared for her when she was alive, then yes she knows that you love her. That’s all I got.

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I’m really sorry for your loss, Anna. The loss of a pet, especially one we grew up with, is a really sad thing to have to go through. I do happen to think, though, that your dog knew how much you loved her. After 14 years of playing, cuddling, and having fun with her, I can’t see how she couldn’t. I’m sure that she loved you too. Pets often get attached to their owner as much as the owner does to a pet. I think the saying that a dog is a man’s best friend is really true.

In any case, is there any way you can go to place she was buried and maybe say a few words to her? I know it isn’t the same, but perhaps getting out what you would have said if you made it there to see her could help you to feel a little better. If you have any photos of her, maybe you could even make a photo album or scrap book celebrating her life?

It will be difficult, but you will feel better in time. Just hang in there. hugs

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I’m so sorry for your loss. The loss of a loved one can be traumatizing, and pets especially dogs who give you unconditional love can often hit us harder than the loss of a human friend or relative. Everything will very greatly depending on religion and beliefs. I believe that pets’ spirit do live on so I’m going to answer from my beliefs, even though it may not be the same as you, or anybody else reading will believe. Dogs can tell who loves them, obviously, anybody can. Your dog knew you loved her, and knows you will always love, and never forget, her. When I was about 9 years old I lost my kitten, she was run over. I loved her so much and felt the loss everyday. 2 or so years on, I was in bed and was woken up by a small jolt to my bed, the same as a cat jumping up. I sat up and there on the end of my bed was my kitten, she looked at me, jumped off the bed, an vanished into thin air. I know that nobody will believe me, but I like to believe that it was really her, and when animals and people die they don’t just disappear from this world forever. Although you weren’t physically with your dog when she passed, you were there in her heart. Which in my opinion is a thousand times better. Anybody can own a dog, but not everybody can have the connection you felt with your dog. Don’t torture yourself because you weren’t there. Forgive yourself because you made her life a happy, joyous time. Of course she knows you loved her, and she knows that you still do love her and miss her dearly. Are you still flying home on Wednesday? I think it would be good to spend time with your family and maybe have a funeral for your dog for some closure. My thoughts are with you. Death is hard, but it’s important to keep your head held high. It’s alright to cry, cry as much as you want/need to. But be careful not to let it affect your life too much. If, in time, you do feel as though you are becoming depressed, seek help, don’t let yourself spiral deeper. Hugs and kisses xxx

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She knows. Maybe she was even thinking of you, and you were both with each other in spirit. Dogs don’t forget the people who love and care for them. They are very smart, loyal, and loving creatures. It’s not your fault that you couldn’t be there when she passed, don’t let yourself feel guilty. Know that you loved each other and spent many good years together. Think of the good times you had with her, and how lucky you both were to know each other and have each other in your lives.

I am positive that she remembered you and missed you. Don’t feel guilty for not being there. These things just happen; you couldn’t have known that she would pass away so soon. She would not blame you for not being there, so you shouldn’t blame yourself.

I’m so sorry for your loss, I know how devastatng it can be. I think you should visit her grave and talk to her. Or if she wasn’t buried in a place you can visit, just sit in one of her favorite spots and think of her. Say aloud how much you loved her, how much you miss her, and talk about the good memories you have of her. This will help you to let go of your sorrow and guilt. And maybe she’ll even be listening, who knows. :)

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