How to get my dog to listen to me?

My dog will soon be a year old at the end of febuary.. and he’s very WILD! he listens really good, and knows the difference in most things. any ideas on how I can get an older dog to listen better? he jumps on people when they come visit and he’s a large dog. (Black lab)

Answer #1

It’s better to do positive reinforcement if you stroke them they’ll obey only out of fear of getting hurt rather than just actually doing it(if you get what I mena) What I do with all the animals I use treats at first & praise them & as time goes on you just praise them (& pet them). When I give a comandment I also snap my finger & either point down to sit, make an upward motion for them to get up, or point to them where to go or for them to stay. Alos I’ld snap twice fr them to come, 1ce for the, to stop, & a combination of things, sounds complex, but it’s really not. Eventually with a few of my dogs al I needed to do was snap & point they’ld nknow exactly what to do. I’m not saying train the, to obey to snapping, do your own method. But re,e,ber, it is better to train them with positive reinforcments, they will listen beter, especialy rebelious dogs. if they do something wrong tell them with a frim tone & tell them no. If you do stroke them don’t to it hard. The only time I ever stroke a dog is when they’re making a threat to another dog or person, but not hard, really just a tap on the nose & they’re fine. To get a dog to not “attack” you when you first come in the door is to ignore them until they settle a bit. Then they will realize “oh, on order for them to shower me with love is to just greet them * not jump them”. Though I’m not able to resist. My sister has a dane, pit mix & she jumps me, I just shower her with love, pick her up & hold her like a baby & she just loves it(& no she’s not a small dog, but I manage to treat her like a lap dog XD)

When house training take them out atleast once an hour, when they go in the house show them the mess(don’t run their noise in it, that can temp. damage their since of smell) tell them no & put them outside. They’ll get it eventually. Funny thing is, like Jeff Dunha, says, big dogs are smarter than little ones so they get it quicker, lol.

A good book to read on the matter is The Dog Whisper By Paul Owens with Norma Exkroate

now tih cats it’s kinda a different story. I’ll flick mine on the butt if they do something very wrong or claw the coach. Corse she looks at me & is somehow learning to say the word @$$hole, so it’s interesting to say the least.

best of luck, hope this helped 1_~

Answer #2

you want your dog to stop jumping up its easy tell people when they come in to put there hands down to him if he still jumps up get a chocker chain its a long chain with loops at either end and if he jumps up pull it this will make the chain smaller around his neck ie choker soon he will under stand that this hurts and that if he does not jump it wont hurt people think dogs are stupid but dogs understand pain its not to sore but enough short sharp twitch that will stop him in his tracks this is allso a useful thing for teachin a dog not to pull on the leash I once teached a dog to walk with out a leash at 3 months around the garden at first but he soon was going everywere without a leash dont be scared to give the chain a sharp pull he will soon learn and dont forget to use a deep rough loud voice like someone shouting at you in the army he will listen

Answer #3

Ignore bad behaviour (e.g. turn your back on him when he jumps up and get visitors to do the same) and reward good behaviour. Don’t give him a reward unless he does something YOU have asked of him.

Remember, practice makes perfect

Answer #4

They say punishment isnt good, and reinforcement is best, but personally I’ve never found any harm in punishment. Usually if my cat is doing something she shouldnt be I put her in the garage or the bathroom for a bit, or I lock her out of my room and eventually she puts two and two together…

Dogs are different though, and you might want to start training him, sit, heel, etc… when it comes to training positive reinforcement works best… but I have never trained a dog, so I cant go into specifics…

Answer #5

Angel has the foundation for getting your pup’s respect…obedience training. A Lab, who’s under a year IS STILL A PUPPY!!…a large one, but none the less…he won’t be mature until he’s around 2 years old.

It helps to know WHY dogs jumps up on humans to greet them…when the Alpha dog comes back into the pack, it is greeted by licks to the mouth and face…our mouths and faces are WAY up in the air…sooo…The most interesting part about this greeting business, is watching HOW the Alpha dog responds to it…HE/SHE IGNORES ALL THE LICKERS…goes about his/her business as if they were invisible…does NOT make eye contact…does NOT whine or bark, but ignores in TOTAL silence. Once the greeters have settled, and ONLY when they have settled, does the alpha dog interact with them. Sooo…if your pups goes to jump up, walk on…ignore…DO NOT speak (don’t say off, or down…say NOTHING…DO NOT make eye contact…act as tho he’s invisible. Once he’s settled down, then tell him what a great guy he is…if he starts jumping around, turn your back…Ask your friends to do the same.

So you see…it’s “listening” as a dog listens, thru body language…not at all how humans “listen” …with our ears…at least for the manners…Obedience training, is where you get to use your voice…:)

Oklahoma…all “punishing” gets you is a dog who’s fearful…a fearful dog is not a trustworthy dog…however, if you follow the above advice you will have a “respectful” dog…and in a pack…respect is what it’s ALL about.


Answer #6

If he wont listen you have to punish him! Thats what I did with my puppy, and now he listens to me!

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