Does the ionic breeze from sharper image help with allergies?

Does the ionic breeze from sharper image help with allergies? I am considering getting an ionic breeze to help with my seasonal allergies...I see their informercial all the time, and I think sharper image has been selling those for a while. Do they help? Anybody have experience with these?

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Dear tigerman,
They don't have a favorable review at this time. We deal in my household with allergies and asthma and find that the 2 air cleaners we have that use hepa filters are great. They can be expensive when it comes time to change the filters but we are more than pleased with them and I am very secure in recommending these to anyone.

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Depending on the type of allergies you have, this may not be your best choice. I find it helpful to research products at Consumer Reports. They are truly objective, as they do not accept paid advertising. I had some family members with allergies, and that is what I did. I purchased a high end air purifier that does most of the whole house that was referred by them and it was worth every penny.
The ionic breeze was and is not highly rated and can cause other problems if you research it on the web.
Hope this helps...good luck.

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