Does Robert Pattinson smoke?

Does Robert Pattinson smoke?

Answer #1

Yeah I agree with the above person. Even though robert looks like he’s stoned have the time I still thinks he hawt@!

Answer #2

Im not sure what to believe because I’ve seen pictures of him with a cig in his mouth and read it in a few magazines; but my friends say he doesn’t (they are OBSESSED with him and know a lot about them) and so do some t.v programmes. He might smoke occaisoinally or he might not-I dont know and I dont really care if he does b-because it’s his choice. it is disgusting if he does though!

Answer #3

if he does I would be really dissapointed. I mean yeahh its up to him if he wants to do it, but I think its bad when he has a lot of fans who look up to him. I mean yeahh I support a lot of artists who smoke, do drugs and have had drinking problems… but when you watch twilight its har to imagine that he ud be the type to smoke… obviouly I know he is acting add he isnt really edward cullen… but I wish he wud stop if he does smoke.

Answer #4

Well, I don’t know. But he isnt like the sort that smoke or drink ;D But he is coool! But maybe he smoke sometimes and go to clubs. NEVER BELIEVE MAGAZINES! They spread rumors and cause misunderstanding. I hope you will find your answer soon! :D

Good luck

Answer #5

The german magazines said that he smokes. And I thought that he is one of the best looking boys ever^^ sorry fpr my bad english but i´m german^^

Answer #6

ok well I think its gross that he smokes but I guess a lot of stars need something to take the edge of stress of acting and being famous I dont like it but I still like him as edward and as a person and for you who said who gives a fck a lot of people and how are people that say smoking is bad and how the Fck are we descusting you are for smoking what kind of example are you setting for children

Answer #7

and yes he does smoke;) and im sooo 100% ok with that :P he sooo dreamy! he can syat at my house any day=]

Answer #8

who gives a fk if he smokes, I do and I love doing it and anyone who tells me how bad it is and disgusting I just tune them out, my body my life my way, his body his life and his way…also that chick who posted about being ugly that’s so fked up. I mean honestly do you have to be such a rude bitter b*tch. I try to find the pretty in everyone but looks are nothing set aside personality…and he’s not an ugly guy. he’s actually very good looking the only thing that makes him not the best is his hair. he needs to do something with that but other then that nice eyes nice lips really tall an average lad id say…plus he’s got the accent which give him so much!!! don’t be so hateful people!!!(jenib)

Answer #9

THAT IS NOT A REAL MYSPACE PAGE. He doesn’t have a real myspace page. And yes, he does smoke and drink. I think he looks like a drug addict or alcoholic! Nasty! I don’t know why so many girls think he’s good looking. I think he’s one of the ugliest guys I’ve ever seen, and he should totally NOT be EDWARD in Twilight. The character of Edward should be someone who’s good looking. I mean, Stephanie Meyer describes Edward in the book as being this perfect, gorgeous man, definitely not Robert Pattinson…One Word…YUCK!

Answer #10

robert p is absoulutely gorgeous and after seeing his hot acting I would never think he would but then I saw afew pics im not so sure. I dont know.but the swears,seriosly.its inapropriate.I agrie with sadie19981

Answer #11

I smoke and theres nothing wrong with it but hey people can think what they want. and Jenib you have the right to think what you want. but sweetheart im so Fcking sorry for you, Edward akarobert is a BABE! and I love him to peices!, and if you werent a fan than why the hell would you be on thsi site??? why dont you get your head out of your As and leave us to talk about someone speical like Robert.

and I hate hate hate kristen stewart she made me so mad in the books and movies because I want to be in her spot! every second I was reading or watching the movie. well cant have everything my wish though is to meet robert. he is AMAZING AND DREAMY!!!

Answer #12

I wouldnt car ecaz if this world does! PFFTTt people are funny as soon as someones an actor people like to believe there god and everything should be holy! well there people like us who have wants and needs and good for them for full filling it adn hes anything but average looking to be he looks other worldly he has the uniquest feautures adn his his hair is to die for so ladies dont get your granny panties in not caz in the end it doesnt matter how you say about him caz hes living his like taking doe’ like theres no tommorrow. Hes the best there is

Answer #13

It depends on who you ask =)

According to his official Myspace page, he does not smoke. However, according to his official fan page, he does.

Answer #14

ACTUALLY, Rob Pattinson only started smoking on set due to boredness. It happens. He doesn’t smoke continuously, no he isn’t a chain smoker, and to my knowledge he doesn’t do drugs.

Just to clear that up and PERSONALLY most people really do smoke. L.A. is a place that has it’s own nickname for the air pollution. SMOG. Smoke and fog.

It’s a habit, although not one I support, that most people have. He isn’t the only one.

Answer #15

There is NOOO way he smokes. Robert Pattison looks his age and when you smoke you don’t, you look older. oh and some people DO CARE. Some people might not but some people do, like me. and you really shouldn’t swear on the internet. Little kids can go on something like this! If my little sister ever went on this and my mom found out she would scream because of the swears.

Answer #16

He does smoke. He mostly smokes Camel Lights or Marlboro Lights. He doesn’t make a secret of his smoking habit, either.

Answer #17

I don’t think he smokes, or does drugs. I mean I understand if he drinks, almost everyone does that, it’s not unheard of. adn I think he is HOT AS HELL! and I am glad that he is edward in twilight. he doesn’t do drugs he annonced it himself on the news!!! I also agree with azsxdxfvgbhnjmkl that was really mean of jenib he is smokin’ I mean seriously look at him! believe me he doesn’t smoke he does look like it but he doesn’t smoke or do drugs, he does drink though but that’s not that big of a deal he drinks occasionally and he doesn’t smoke!!!

Answer #18

Yeah, I’ve heard loads of things ; im not shure who to believe! I will bee really dissappointedd withh himm if he did but as “ellie twilight” said up there ^^ its his choice!

Answer #19

I saw a pic of him with a fag in his mouth, then again just cause he has a pic of it doesnt mean he does it. so I dont know.

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