Does My Crush Like Me Back Or Does He Hate Me?

This is really complicated so Ill start from the beginning. There is this boy I like, obviously. :3 I’ve always had a crush on him since grade 1.

Anyways, he is really popular, and I am sort of not. I am not a loser or anything but Im not the type of girl every wants to be around, you know? Im sort of in between. My crush and I have known each other since kindergarten. So we’ve watched each other grow up all these years in school.

He used to talk to me when we were little in grade2 and 3 and 4. But I left in grade 5 to go to school in a different country, then when I returned to Canada in grade 6 he came up to me and said. “Are you(my name here)?” I said yes all shyly and awkwardly(becuase I still liked him) and he gasped and walked away. Ever since he has never spoken to me! I still have a serious crush on him, every time he walks by I get all awkward and the atmosphere changes I can’t even look at him becuase if I do it’s like I would die. It’s really hard to explain, but even if we are in the same room it’s so awkward and there is this weird vibe that I can’t tell if it’s good or bad. If we pass by each other in the halls we both get all silent for some reason and all awkward and our faces get all serious.

He is a class clown, but every time I am in the room he will try his hardest to be funny.

At recess we always make sure to be far away from each other becuase if we are beside each other I just feel kind of scared. But not really scared, I mean like I can’t breath or do anything becuase looking at him just makes me want to die.

He talks to everyone at school expect for me. He even talks to my friends and it seems like he is always finding excuses to talk to them. And I notice that when he does talk to me he gets REALLY shy, which never happens with other girls, and plays with his fingers and doesn’t look at my face.

But thats very rare when he talks to me. We don’t even say hi, or wave to each other or LOOK at each other. Just walk by each other awkwardly. He always harasses all the girls too! But not me. He just ignores me, at least he tries becuase it seems that everywhere I go hes there! Its as if hes following me!

He even talks to the losers of the school. And I mean the LOSERS!

It’s not fair, he talks to everyone but me. And it gets SO awkward when we are near each other and just this vibe that I can’t explain goes off. I don’t know if this is hate or maybe a crush…?

Answer #1

It’s not that easy. I can’t just talk to him. I can’t even look at him let alone speak to him. I think I’ll try too…on MSN…lol

Answer #2

he talks to everyone but me>^^^How can yesimalittle cup cake think he likes you? I personally dont think he feels the way you want him to about you.

Answer #3

REALLY WORKS! TRY IT OUT! 1. Say your name 10x 2. Say your mom’s name 5x 3. Say your crushes name 3x 4. then paste this to 4 other quizs, if you do this your crush will kiss you on the nearest friday! But if you read this and did not paste this, then you will have very bad luck

Answer #4

haha I know its not that easy cause im really really really shy and specially when it comes to someone I like and I know were your coming from becuase I went through something similar to your story except I didn’t know him when I was in first grade I knew him when I first started middle school and we were really good friends but then I don’t remember what happened I guess he got popular and I became known as that dorky smart girl everyone hated cause I got good grades. but when I started high school I couldn’t even look at him anymore without wanting to burst and I guess it was the same for him I don’t know but I got so tired of him ignoring me cause hed always go the other when he saw me I just went up to well actually I kinda fell and everything pored out my book bag and he came up to me and to help me pick up stuff which was weird then he was walking away I just asked why he helped then asked him why he kept ignoring me and well I think you know were this going but sometimes we work up and muster some courage or else things will pass us by and we will always end up wondering. hahah but that MSN thing might work just as well :D

Answer #5

I think he likes you.

go 4 himm.

Ask him if he’s single.

Then just give it a shot.

and funmail me and tell me what happens.


Answer #6

honestly I don’t know if its a crush or hate either, but I think maybe you should find out and the next time you pass him by in the hall or in class or something ask him why he seems to ignore you and talk to everyone else. (but don’t be all prissy about it haha just casually ask. ) honestly I think he might like you but you never know. that the sucky part the unknown sometimes its nice other times it just jkhfsgakjfgka;gsddh.

Answer #7

I think that he likes you he is feeling the same way you are

Answer #8

same here…its happening to me to…but just be confindent around him and be yourself

Answer #9

well I like this boy an I wanna go back out with him but when I asked him he said that he dosent wanna say no but he dont wanna say yes its confusing dose he like me or hate me I need to know these things there important information to me I mean it feels like he’s my TRUE LOVE!!! I mean we always get along never fight an also we have couple fights were we go like you hang up no you hang up stuff like that I think he dose like me as much as I like him but I dont know an im scared to talk to my friends,an my mom about it but you know?

Answer #10

Wowwwaaa- similar stuff happens to me, which makes me wonder weather hes hates me which equals to him ignoring me or he like me back, he talks to everyone except me he avoids eye contact before he used to give me eye contact but now, he just avoids it I think hes gone shy but recentley started talking to my friends too, well a bit & hes only talked to me 3 times propperly & I can’t ask cusz hes way too popular too im not popular but im just quiet just like yuu. Goshh this is a sticky situation

Answer #11

he likes you. trust me, I was in the same situation as you. from what you have said he has a huge crush on you. and its normal for him to be shy and not talk to you. the boy I liked did the same thing. I think he wants to impress you, dont worry ALL boys do that. I am 100%s sure that he has a crush on you so ask him out and see what he says. if he says no then punch me in the face. but I know for a fact that he likes you. the same story happened between me and my crush and now were going out. =)

Answer #12

I think he likes you as well. Just to save yourself any embarrassement and awkardness though, strike up a conversation and see how that goes first. Be polite, smile sweetly and ask him something personal about himself or his family or something he likes. This will show him you have an interest in getting to know him better and make him feel more at ease talking to you. This is what happened with my crush and I. I was the one acting like your guy. And when he struck up a conversation with me the first time, I felt much more confident talking to him on my own. Good luck! =)

Answer #13

omg the same thing is happening to me I knew him in first grade and then I moved to a different school and I saw him and we talked and he added me on myspace in like fifth grade…then he doesnt answer my messages…we hung out the other day for like an hour b because we saw each other and he kept making fun of the way I stand and he kept laughin at me and trying to make me laugh…I talked to him on aim and he said that he liked me from first grade thru 5th till I moved…I had a boyfriend at the time and he had a girlfriend and now I dont and I dont think he does and he told my cousin he was gonna kiss me at his b day party in like 3rd grade and now me and him are gonna c each other in middle school and I don’t know if he likes me still…because I like him still…so im really confuseddd

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