Does my boyfriend really love me?

I’m 26 and I have been in a relationship now for a year. We met on a social site and one day we finally met. Everything has been wonderful up until now. When we met he would call and text me all the time and he would look at me with loving eyes. We’ve told each other we love one another for about 10 months now. But now for some reason I feel that weve grown distant. Maybe its all in my head but I’m not sure. He doesnt seem to want to kiss me or make love to me like before. It seems like Im a nimphomaniac compared to him. Hes not very romantic anymore either. I mean he used to leave me messages on the mirror and words on my computer but now when I look at him it seems as if hes tired of me. He doesnt look at me the same way. All I want is for him to show me he cares. He says he loves me and that hes not going anywhere. But I dont know…how can you really tell

Answer #1

try talking to him…and maybe you go hang out “with the girls” and him “hang out with the guys…and just let him be him…you know??? and if he really doesnt want to be with you anymore…he needs to tell you that…bc if not your going to be very hurt…just give it a little time…keep doing those cute little things you do that make him smile…

Answer #2

I stumbled across this webpage looking for ways to show my girlfriend I still love her. I’m a guy and I’ve been with my girlfriend for just over a year. When we first met we done everything together. I met her every day to walk her home from work, she met me from work and we’d talk about our days and hug it out and just talk. The time we spent alone together was amazing, too. Not just the physical side. We’d plan days out, we’d just sit all day watching movies or chatting and we’d be like best friends that have a sexual side. Over the months the honeymoon period started fading out and the excitement of being in a new relationship began to turn into routine. We’d do the things we used to do but find ourselves less intense with each other. I know most people think that this means the spark has faded out but I beg to differ. We’re still as happy as we were before except now we’ve both come to realise we don’t need to treat the relationship as something exciting but as something we both want emotionally. The initial “spark” that people talk about has faded in terms of the lust we once had but has developed into a caring, trusting but most of all loving relationship. We know we love each other and know that we don’t NEED to constantly be together to know we do. Since losing the initial excitment I have found myself more emotionally intune with my girlfriend’s emotions because the rose tinted glasses have come off and I saw her for the first time in the real light. It was at this point I realised “I love this girl body and soul”. After a chat in which she asked if I was bored of her I told her exactly what I just wrote and she told me she’d felt the same for ages and that she loves me too. Since then our relationship has been stronger than ever. There has been much more trust and communication now we’ve realised we’re serious about each other and we do still try and find ways of making things exciting every once in a while. There is still excitement there, of course there is, but it’s not the butterfly causing excitment of “my new girlfriend/boyfriend” it’s the excitment of “I get to see the girl/guy I love and be in their company for the day”. I personally believe that any couple that can feel more in tune with each other once the “spark” has worn down truely are in love. Those who say it before the spark has faded normally end up realising they don’t really know the person as well as they thought and when they see them in the light for the first time realise they don’t actually love the person. This is also taken from experience. So from a guys point of view if you feel there is no spark there but the guy is still with you and treating you as well as he has been he probably DOES love you but he’s not sure about how to say it. I wanted to say it months before I did but was too scared about how it would affect us. It went well. Talk to your guys about HIS emotions. Don’t just tell then how YOU feel ask him how HE feels too. If he feels comfortable enough to tell you (and mean it) tell him you love him too :). He’ll love you even more knowing the feeling is mutual. Guy’s are just as sensitive as girls, you know…

Answer #3

No hes not on myspace anymore we both agreed that our being on myspace would only lead to other people wanting to hook up. We both lost our jobs but he lost his first and hes been out of work for almost 10 months now and Ive been out of work for 1 month. The stress is of it all is killing us both and to top it off we both have kids. I realize that all that has happend in the past year has created a stressful environment for us but I’m starting to see little things about him I chose not to see before. I fell in love with him because he was handsome, confident, straight forward and funny and other little things as well. I normally look for a guy who knows what he wants in life is culyures and isnt afraid to try new things within reason of course. He seemed cool and confident when we first met but now I find that hes nonchalant and thinks romance is something you buy. I love him but other people ar telling me he might not be the one for me. My boyfriend says he has a habbit of ruining all his relationships one way or another. Hes gets agry easily and is not emotionally available half the time. On the other hand when we first met i was calm and cool and more and more carefree. Now i feel like I’m too needy and clingy and I hate that. I didnt think I would have to tell someone that loves me that maybe its not the best idea to have exgirlfirends numbers or not to hang out with them. I was married before and he has never been. Im used to a certain type of life style. One where we make important decions together and support ea other in anything. I dont know that hes at the same level as I am evev though he says he is. How do I tell him how I feel without sounding insecure.

Answer #4

Dear monaland, It seems you’ve talked with him and he states that he loves you and isn’t going anywhere. Perhaps the honeymoon phase is over with him. Things normally slow down in a relationship and things start to level out. It is very difficult to keep up a demanding sex life, work, responsibilities etc. Perhaps he is feeling some stress? Take it upon yourself to spice things up and be aware of what is happening around you. Is his job stressful, do you know his history…family past relationships, is he still on myspace etc. We should trust our gut feelings and ask the appropriate questions. Also examine your feeling very closely and determine if it is your insecurities that are the problem and speak with him about that. How can you really tell…only by asking. Sue…good luck

Answer #5

you should try an give him a bit of space an maybe do ur own thing for a while instead of spending evrey single day 2 gether. if he starts thinkin your distant from him he will want to do all them things with you that he use 2 do. just give him tyme and space an maybe u might need a bit of space to.

Answer #6

same thing is happening to me right crying over it right this minute..its really hard..I just try and distance myself from him a bit but it doesnt work..I cant take it but I guess I hang out with mates and cry alone and stuff like that to try and let it all out and feel better..its not working for me but I hope it does for you..xx

I tried asking him about it too but he just said nothings wrong…at least with your boyfriend you know that its probably the stress thats causing it..but I have no really your better off than me…so I wish you the best of luck and hope you have a better life than im having :)

sorry that was depressing..

good luck :)

nikki x

Answer #7

does my boyfriend love me

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