Does music save your life and why?

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yes especially when you listen to "How to save a life". to me I like music, music is the key for happiness and sadness.just turn on your mood and you find how effective it is.

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its just the fact that it expresses more feeling to me than anything else so it helps but I doubt it saves my life

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I wouldnt say it saves lifes but it helps with day to day issues

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Yeah. Things might go wrong and I might feel like committing suicide ( though I have never thought of something of that nature ), there are some particular music that you might hear that will calm you down.

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well thats like saying can art save your life
or can tv save your life.

I think it can only save your life if your contemplating suicide and you hear a song that makes you change your mind and realise how precious life is or something.

but really...some people may LOVE music. but its not that powerful.

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I guess it depends on the person.

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Well it really depends. Songs that have meaning behind it about life does give a the listener a better perspective and becoming more optimistic. It also can help you bring out anger/sadness/happiness. Music can also help match your mood as well.

For instance; I love listening to Iron Maiden, Megadeth and Pantera. The beat, lyrics and distortion from guitars makes me really happy and energetic.
If I'm sad; I'd listen to some pop music.

It all really depends on an individual. Plenty of fans say listening to MCR saves their lives. While I appreciate their music and doesnt save my life. However, songs like 'Cancer' is very inspirational and beautiful.

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No, it condemns it to the point where I think of keeling over and dying

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