Does marijuana help with depression/anxiety disorders?

Does marijuana help with depression/anxiety disorders?

Answer #1

The correct answer is…YES AND NO. I’m not a “pot head” and I don’t condone the recreational use of drugs. I’m a 47 year old healthy male and proud father of two great kids. I live in Dallas, Texas and I own and operate a successful business. I pay my taxes, go to church and try to keep my ears clean. I have struggled with anxiety since early childhood. 7 years ago I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder(GAD). Over the past 7 years, I’ve been prescribed 5 different SSRI medications (Zoloft, Lexipro, Effexor, Luvox, etc.). Every one of them exacerbated the anxiety and introduced me to the dark world of severe depression. Two of the SSRI’s caused me to have suicidal thoughts and caused panic attacks. I have long a family history of anxiety disorders. My grandfather, mother, brother and several cousins can take SSRI medications like candy with no negative side effects, but as it turns out, my nephew and I both lack a particular set of enzymes necessary to properly metabolize SSRI’s and other drugs. I found one prescription drug (Remeron) that has been tolerable, but less than truly effective. I have done everything right, years of counseling, exercise, CBT, meditative prayer, but I continued to suffer from anxiety and mild depression. A year or so back, I read an article about the medical use of marijuana to treat anxiety. I asked my psychiatrist for his opinion and he said he felt the study had merit. I asked if he would disapprove of my experimental use of pot to treat my anxiety. His response - “I am not opposed to the idea of medicinal marijuana use, but as your Dr. I’m concerned about the legal aspects and I hate to think that you’re contributing to the illegal drug trade. With that said, be careful and responsible and let me know your results”. - The following week, I smoked pot for the first time in 25+ years. I wasn’t sure how it would effect me so I only took one hit. As it turned out, one hit was all I needed (potent pot!). Since then I have smoked once or twice per week on average for the past 8 months (one hit). I only smoke at home in the evening and I stay home after I smoke. I have found great relief from my anxiety with this regiment. Like other medication treatments, I don’t believe pot is a wise or effective choice for everyone and I think it would be a poor choice for anyone with an addictive personality, but it has worked well for me. I’ve always been a fairly conservative individual, but my experience has completely changed my view on the legalization of marijuana for medicinal use and I like that it’s a natural herb rather than a synthetic psychotropic drug.

Answer #2

Depression: Maybe. While you’re high it may take you’re mind off of being depressed, or it could just intensify your bad feelings. Either way, you’ll just be depressed when your weed is gone. :)

Anxiety: In the right setting, yes. If you feel comfortable in your surroundings and are not worried about getting caught or anything, smoking marijuana can be pretty relaxing.

But with this said, everyone who said that it doesn’t solve anything and that you should get professional help for depression and anxiety is right. It’s never good to replace a problem you have with a new one.

Answer #3

yes it does help my birthday is 420 not having any effect on my opinion but I’ve been smoking for almost 8 years when I turn 18 it will hit that mark and I know for a fact its helpd me more than any thing I’ve ever known to be in or around my life if worse anxiety occurs take xanex bars???

Answer #4

yes it helps but for short periods unless your high all day. helps with depression by the drug releasing your “happy” chemicals in your brain and it helps anxiety disorder by making you pretty much chilled out

Answer #5

yes and no. when I was a big pothead I use to smoke to take away the pain and yes it did help for about 2 hours thats it.

Answer #6

No marijuana does not help with depression or anxiety disorders, self medicating is not the way to go here. You’re just high, there’s nothing actually helping the actual mood/anxiety disorder. There are drugs that will help. If you’re for drugs, why not go get the prescription kind? And generally counseling is your best bet…

Answer #7

One thing we do know is prescription drugs can lead to sever negative side effects and even suicide and most therapists prescribe these drugs for depression and anxiety. The military right now has a tremendously high suicide rate due to post dramatic stress and I have read several articles from x soldieries that after all the prescription drugs the VA gave them pot was the only thing that worked. I don’t believe it’s for everyone but I believe it’s the right of every American to self medicate. The government has no right to tell me how to take care of my body. If they do then shut down every unhealthy fast food restaurant, ban cigarettes and alcohol, make it mandatory to excursive three times a week and then stand back and look at our free America. Pot is a natural weed with no lethal dose, none addictive and according to the DEA equal to heroin. The rights of Americans who choose to use this natural herb for self medication is being trampled on, where’s the justice? Peace Love

Answer #8

Depends, from what I understand, sometimes marijuana can help relieve the symptoms, in other cases, it can exaggerate them. I have experience both at different times. I tend to smoke and then try to look at the source of my problems. I can’t say this for anyone else, but for me, smoking is liking adding a fresh perspective on my world, and it has helped me bring several personal and environmental issues affecting my mental well being to the surface that I don’t know if I ever would have realized sober. I’ve now been able to focus on resolving these issues and improved my quality of life. This is how I have used marijuana to help me, but I’m not about to say its a wonder drug. In the wrong settings, with the wrong people, with the wrong frame of mind, I can become more anxious and even paranoid than normal. My advice is to use it in a calming setting where you have little to worry about. I guess in a sense I use it in an almost meditational role. For me it helps, but I’m only one dude. I think it can help if you understand how it can help. Its best to do your research and to consult with professionals before using marijuana or any other substance to help with any disorders you may have. is generally a good place to start, as well as your own doctor or psychiatrist/psychologist. Its all about trying to understand how a drug will affect you, and if the affects can be used to help you. Its not for everyone, but for me, it works

Answer #9

no it dose not help depression. it only makes matters worse. been there done that it don’t work.

Answer #10

It doesn’t help. DON’T DO IT!

Answer #11

I am someone who has been diagnosed with an anxiety/depression disorder and also smoke marijuana. I smoke once or twice a week and it drastically helps. Not only does it help when I’m high, it helps for four or five days after.I get occasional paranoia even while high, but after I can tell my anxiety level is so much lower. Yes, if you are depressed about something weed will lessen the pain but won’t get rid of your problem, but in my experience it makes it much more manageable. This is just my personal experience with it and everyone is different. I truly can’t believe that a drug that helps so many people in so many ways is illegal. It has drastically changed my life.

Answer #12

I am 27 years old, I have never been a fan of smoking (not because it is wrong, but, when I was younger and smoked it the feeling did not agree with me. However, Since my employer shut down back in February I have slipped into severe depression and anxiety problems causing me to feel ill constantly and even developed some “blinking” problems. It was getting bad. But, I recently decided to call my younger brother as I know he does smoke it occasionally and asked him to give me some, so he did. I took 1 hit “only 1” within 10 minutes I felt great and even after that initial buzz was gone I continue to feel great through the rest of the day. I had no motivation AT ALL to go get a new job or even get out of bed before I started smoking this. Now, I feel better, have more energy and willpower I suppose you could say to actually do “stuff”. I am all around happier, and could not feel better about the decision. The only thing I have to worry about now is getting in trouble due too now what I think are ridiculous laws. But, I have told no one about it. I just continue to get the stuff from my brother and he gives me enough for 20 bucks to last all month for what I need. So, my opinion is that it works GREAT for depression, anxiety, any type of nervous disorder period. Oh yeah, my blinking problem went away almost immediately also. Was like a crazy OCD impulse I had no control over and when I tried to stop blinking it made it worse. So DO NOT BELIEVE THOSE COMMERCIALS ON TV!! The ones where the kids are melting into the furniture and shooting eachother or running over kids. It is all absolutely FALSE and NEG advertisement. Drug enforcement has tried to flip the scare tactics on people just like insurance companies have done by saying the new Obama health care reform is Socialized Medicine when it is FAR from it. You can only believe about 20% of News Media anymore. The problem is the 20% you can believe are the horror stories about plane crashes and mass murderers. I say smoke it yourself take a hit maybe two see how you feel in a few hours and then all day, if great, keep trying it! I don’t know why I did not care for it as a teenager and do now. But, since it helps me tremendously I don’t much care. Maybe it was something to do with my mental health then or something simple like metabolism? oh well. All I know is the experience has really opened my eyes to some ridiculous policies that on the Federal level need to be changed. Maybe Obama can lobby for this as well. The health care plan is great too people don’t be fooled by all the mainstream insurance marketers out there, and, the idiots that own businesses that do not even know the reform plan and try to say it’s bad without the knowledge! Those of you that work for factories not provided health care make sure too vote for it! Then you will be able to get the care you need! It is good stuff.

Answer #13

im stoned and im not depressed he he im high all day to take the pain away and im really happy lol

Answer #14

im not saying marijuana is for everyone but I believe that is a choice that individuals should be allowed to make. the government does not tell us that we cant smoke cigarettes cause the are bad for us do they? then why on earth can they tell us that we cant smoke marijuana? marijuana is far more theraputic than any cigarette that will ever be available. people who said “dont do it, it doesnt help” please speak for urself. maybe it doesnt help you but that does not mean it may not help somebody else, that type of negativity is just ridiculous.

Answer #15

I know in some countires marijuinna ( or a less strong version) is prescribed for certain medical needs and treatments. It has the ability to dimish some pain and as you become “spaced out” you forget your worries. Although remember- the worries will STILL be there when you come out of the intoxicated stage. It does not solve problems literally just masks them which gets no one anywere. Also smoking the stuff makes more people MORE anxious and paranoid. Really, my view= not a good thing. Councilling is what I would suggest if you’re having problems, it really helps :)

Answer #16

I believe it does help. I dont need a study to tell me yes or no. every individual is different. I smoked a couple of times per day for about a year, I recently have quit for the last 2 weeks and my depression which has always been there is out of control, not to mention I have not had a good nights sleep in two weeks. this is not a coincidence.

Answer #17

NO WAY!!! it doesnt help at all. and isnt marijuana illegal in the United States? if police catch you smoking it or whatever, u’ll get arrested. do you really want that to happen?

Answer #18

Sure it will, it would make you too lazy to care.

Answer #19

Well, for 20 years now I have been trying different treatment options and drug therapy for both bi-polar depression and anxiety disorder. I have yet to find anything that works very well. They all have something that seems to help but not consistently or for long periods of time. A year ago a friend got me smoking pot occasionally. It worked very well for anxiety and really seemed to be helping somewhat with bi-polar symptoms. Now after a year I smoke every night and my anxiety is significantly better but the bi-polar is only a bit better sometimes. I cannot say that there has been a negative effect other than because of the relief that it gives my anxiety disorder, I smoke more than I thought I ever would. I have replaced my anxiety medication with pot so this is something positive and I use a higher end vapourizer ONLY for smoking. The bi-polar does not get worse it just doesn’t get better with or without marijuana, medication, therapy, homoeopathic treatments etc…

Answer #20

I believe marijuana affects everyone diffrently according to your chemical makeup. I also believe,marijuana is an herb and prozac, zanyex is a drug. You have to take all in moderation. I believe that all of these substances give some relief with depression and anxiety. The main point is you need to figure out what is getting you anxious or depressed in the first place and figure out what would stop you from feeling this way and actually do something about. Until you figure out a solution to your problem, that is what weed, prozac and zanyex is for. To help perk up your emotions for only a periond of time and that is why you have to take prozac or whatever in doses just like weed. Legalize it!

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