Does c*m have a smell?

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Well. I've walked in on my older brother a couple of times after I heard a moan and asked what the hell it was (all moans sounded different and know I learned my lesson) and I smelled something strong that smelled a LOT like mushrooms, he doesnt have an std or fungal infection as far as I can tell.

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Is your next question going to ask, 'Does c*m have a taste?' Would certainly not be the first time that has been asked on here.


Why does sperm smell?

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Some say it has a very feint smell, some say it has no smell and some say it smells gross! lol

I think if the guy is healthy and has no STD's, fresh c*m should not have much of a smell to it.

I remember an old girlfriend once describing the smell as similar to the smell when you mix flour and water together.


Why do I smell so bad down there?
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Well, searching on the web for a more detailed answer to this question, I found the following, most of which have all been mentioned above:

- Bean sprouts boiling in water.

- Ginko trees in summer.

- Bleach smells like some kind of super, caustic cum.

- Some people claim that mushrooms smell like cum. (whereas others disagree but claim that mushrooms taste like it)

So, there ya go...


Why does my period smell so strong?

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no thanks

all my x, said mushroom soup

I cant quote them

why does pussy smell bad?
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yes and a weird taste too. smell your own and you'll know what I'm talking

Do vaginas smell bad after alcohol?

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I dont know, I dont tend to get to near to mine,

Leave that for the girls or homosexuals to judge I think1


Does the smell of woman's ejaculation same as pee?
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Yes it has a scent, it matters what the guy's diet is but it does have a smell. It may be either faint or strong. Fruits and veggies make it sweeter but meat and junk food makes it bitter.

Do guys like the smell of a vagina?

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Semen often has a smell the resembles chlorine or bleach. Some people would probley disagree with what it smells like, either way, it does have a scent.

Why does semen smell like chlorine?
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smell's like a fish market yuk.

Why do I smell like ammonia down there?
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Yee god's, what a question!

Period smell

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