Does it hurt to get your tongue pierced?

Does it hurt to get your tongue pierced?

Answer #1

yes it doe sand you can’t have any spices or they will get in your tuonge and you will scream like hell!

Answer #2

Nope..Not at all..For a coouple of days its going to be swollen…Just eat lots of ice and t will eventually go down..AS FOR THE PAIN..–THERE IS NONE..


Answer #3

No, it’s not that bad. I’m terrified of needles, and I just got my tongue pierced last night. I thought it would be excrutiating, but it was really quick, too quick to feel the pain. The only thing was right after, it hurt because it started to swell which is typical., so eat tons of crushed ice and anything else cold. You really can’t eat much cause it will hurt for three to four days so take motrin for inflammation, it’s working for me right now… good luck!!!

Answer #4

me and my friend are having our tounge done tuesday 27 november and loads of people I know have sed that the nose hurt more but I had it done and it didnt hurt. so all go 4 it it will look nice after xx

Answer #5

tounge pericing is the least painful pericing u can get it stins a lil bit but its not as bad as when you bite ur tounge by mistake thaks realy sore,its uncomfortable to eat for a day r two but the sweling goes down and its grand

Answer #6

hey i got my tougue periced yeah i am 13 but it did not hurt so nope it just feels liek you went and needed a tooth pulle douit by the denstise

Answer #7

wtff??? lol wow yew guys are mad dumb getting your toung piersed does not hurt that bad it does hurt yeaa but not enough to were yew cant eat or talk it realy does not hurt that bad it is fine after a week okayy I got mine done a few months ago so I would no

Answer #8

hey I was going to ask the same question because I am getting mine done but I feel scared.. if you get yours done let me know!!! thanks =) xxx

Answer #9

I had my tongue pierced about 4 months ago and the piercing itself didn’t hurt at all. However, my tongue was sore for about a week and a half. The swelling started to go down after about a week.

Just be careful eating and talking and don’t play with it too much. I played with mine and it healed kind of crooked. But otherwise I love it! It’s so worth it.

Answer #10

Lol, um yeah

Answer #11

depends on person it does hurt a bit but its not un-bearable…

Answer #12


Answer #13

Why are you saying that all the answers you don’t like weren’t helpful? Whether you like it or not, you need to here the damn truth. It’s really upsetting how people only hear what they want to. You shouldn’t ask questions if you aren’t prepared for an honest answer.

Answer #14

Everyone says it doesn’t hurt but I believe they say that just to act tough I got mine done and it hurt like crazy when the needle went in! But thats about it it was a little uncomfotabul afterwords but TOTALLY worth it I love haveing my tongue pirced!

Answer #15

no it doesnt hurt I got my tongue pierced yesterday and it didnt get swollen at all when you go to sleep make sure you sleep on your back bkuz it makes you feel more comfortable and the next day my tongue felt a lil swollen but it wasnt bad because I still ate solid food and it doesnt hurt except for that the bar is too big and it pokes my mouth when I chew and sometimes I feel like im going to bite on it but other den that nothing bad happens dependin on how swollen it is you culd eat my adviced use mouth wash everytime you eat but when your not eating and your tongue starts to feel a way use salt water make sure the water is warm and it will feel way better after never take out your tongue ring in the first week you get it on bkuz it mite close only take it out if you had it for a week and you want to get a smaller bar but other den that it doesnt hurt mines feel like its almost done healin and I only had it for 2 day its great I can wait to change the bar so my mouth can feel better IT DOESNT HURT REMEMBER that

Answer #16

Nope, Does not hurt at all! But Just Like a lot of them said above about the swelling..yes it does feel really sore. and they say dont eat anything spicy but i used hot taco sauce like a few days after i got it done and i didnt feel a thing. Make sure when you brush your teeth you brush your toungue around the ring well. and what i do is everytime I change to a new bar, I soke the one im going to put in and the one I just took out in peroxide! It just staralizes it so any food or what not isnt going back into your mouth. Good Luck!

Answer #17

im not sure if it hurts or not myself,but i knw ppl who av had it done and it dosent hurt at all they were all on soup for about a week but thts it after about a week u will get used to havin a bar through ur tongue. im getting mine done nxt august,and ive been told nt to panic because thers nothing to be scared of u dnt even feel it the onli pain u get is after its been dne. xabix

Answer #18

it feels a little weird having the bar throught your toungue, but the real pain is a day to a week later when its swollen its really annoying and dont talk to much or it will hurt more and DONT eat solid foods– i try to eat a burger-HELLL no i have to cut it in pices and it still hurt

Answer #19

I have just had my tongue peirced about a year ago and it did not hurt at all. The next couple of days after I got it done it was uncomfortable as it was all swelled up and it was hard to talk and such. I think the most pain that I received from it was the anticipation of it as it was freeking mee out but when it ws actually done the peircer told mee to count to five and it was done and I did not even realize that it was done already. So if you are thinking about getting it done, have no fear as it is not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Hell my 16year old daughter got her’s done and did not flinch and she is a big wuss when it comes to pain. But she did have pain in the following days when it swelled up.

Answer #20

Getting your tongue pierced is like a tiny pinch practically like the clamp hurts a lot more then the piercing itself, I’m an 18 year old actor and I needed it done for a movie im doing, they were gunna give me a fake one but I got a real one. The real problem was the swelling, dont talk to much that increases swelling rinse a lot with the gold/yellow listerine half a bottle that stuff and half water dont use it pure, its a pure antiseptic your tongue will turn white if you use it without water make sure to try not to sneeze also that was a big problem with me cause im allergic to a lot and it hurts like hell but yea goodluck !!

Answer #21

NOT AT ALL DO NOT LISTEN TO ANYONE!!! I was terrified to get mine done because of all the negative things people said on forums/message boards. I just got it done no more than an hour ago it was painless and still is so far

the only complaint I have is the bars so big, so its rubbing on my mouth. but I get that changed in a week so its no problem.

get it done if your old enough and go to a reputable place you should have no problems.

dont listen to anyone saying your tongue will fall off, it wont, if your being pierced by someone fully trained and look after it while it heals youl have no trouble.

good luck, hope this helps anyone who reads it

Answer #22

Don’t listen to anybody when they say getting your tounge pierced hurts because it doesn’t, unless you are a real whimp when it comes to pain. I have my nose and belly button pierced and neither one of them hurt and I hate pain. It takes like 2 seconds and your done. Of course it’s going to hurt a little bit afterwards but the pain only lasts for about a week and you’re good to go and later you’ll look back and be like…that didn’t hurt.

Answer #23

omg it does not hurt to pierce your tongue. biting it hurts 10 times worse than piercing it. the only thing that really hurts is the clamp ,and the swelling the next day. you should totally get it. once you have it, you’ll love it! trust me!

Answer #24

Getting ANYTHING pierced hurts. If you’re asking about the tongue specifically, well think about when you accidental bite your tongue - It HURTS doesn’t it? Now imagine a needle going through your tongue.

Answer #25

No it doesnt hurt that bad. Your tongue is like a muscle.But it does swell for like 5-10 days. Depending on how far back from the tip you get it.( fartehr from tip=longer swelling and more of it) The little dimple in yourt obngue is teh most common place. just dont think about it. If you keep on thinking how much it will hurt, how much it’ll bleed,ect. it’ll just make you nervous and take all the fun out of it. Then really what are you doing it for. But You cant eat solid foods for about 1-3 weeks so eat your fav foods such as chocolate before hand. Also sucking on cold ice chips helps. & cdrinking cold ice water in the morning will help bring down the swelling. Hope I helped. If not sorry. ~! sam

Answer #26

no it depend or how bad you can take pain but when the neddle goes though your tonuge you will be wondeing was that all. When I first got my done it only took a mintue just make sure the person that do urs goes fast

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