Does it hurt to get your cherry popped and how much blood is there?

ok! I have seen many different answers but I want to know seriously 1 girl thats not a virgin tell me…on a scale from 1-10 (10 horrible pain & 1 you couldnt feel it) how bad was it? and did you bleed a lot?? how much you think & how old are u? also, how many times did it take for your cherry to pop?? is it worth the pain to have sex if you really love the guy?? I need answers quick…sorry so many soo curious! LOL!

Answer #1

I pushd my cherry out and ate it with some ice cream, it tasted like a fetus

Answer #2

I like turtles

Answer #3

it didn’t hurt that much…more like a tingly was like a 2.. and you don’t bleed a lot.

Answer #4

how much blood is there supposed to be? I had sex a few days ago and im still bleeding a little. I dont know whats wrong..

Answer #5

hmmm… welll the first time I had sex, I bleed like I thought I started my period. it was both our first time, it just depends if he goes slow or not. and I thought I would hurt like hell but he fingerd me before so like the pain wasnt THAT bad, but I dont regret it at all.

Answer #6

I am still a virgin and I am a newly married. I thought I was ready to have sex and get pregnant but reading these comments is making me scared. It doesn’t hurt at all during my period soo I am wondering if your period doesn’t hurt then getting your cherry pooped doesn’t hurt.

Answer #7

ii Lost My V , when ii Was 13 ,, I Have to Say I Wasnt Ready But ii Diid iit ,, iit Hurt About 5/6 But iit Was Worth iit ,, ii Bled For A Bit But and Too Long iit diidnt Hurt Like A Period . But iit Still Hurts A Bit when ii Have Sex But Not Like Ma First Time I Am Still 13 And Have Had Sex About 6 Times And iit hurts A Lil Less Each Time ,, iif You Fiink you are Ready Then Go For it , But Dont Let Other People Tell you What To You .

Answer #8

I know you probly don’t care about my story or really what I got to say, but I am 13 and I went to my boy-friends house (who is now my ex). He wanted to finger me and I was like no. Then he wanted to just have sex, I was like true love waits. We’re to young. And I was like scared to death, I was kind of shaking. Well we did not do anything becasue I was scared it would hurt. And he dumped me becasue I wouldn’t have sex with him. And that goes to show he isn’t worth it one bit, even though I thought he was the one!

Answer #9

Okay it was last june i was 18 . in a scale from one to ten it was like a 6 but it was quicktly over. it depends on the guy ur doing it with , my hubby was really soft and it was great. i did cramp the next morning but it was worth it trust me.

Answer #10

i was sixteeen and it didnt hurt THAT bad .. but i wasnt having sex got fingered. It was a little painful afterwards. But i think it depends on the person.

Answer #11

well, I tthink it dependss because everyones differant. but when I lost my virginity, I got fingered first. and it didn’t hurt.

Answer #12

It really depends on how nervous you are. I was 17 when I had intercourse, two years in our relationship so my boyfriend and I had explored before, like he fingered me a couple of times and I bled from him fingering me. It was a sting that hurt as if I had been kicked down there. So when we planned it out and actually did it I didn’t bleed, I was relaxed and he took his time to make me feel very comfortable. So if you’re tense and scared it will hurt. Now two more years later and still together we enjoy the closeness. It was worth it with him because I love him, so girls please make sure you find someone who truly loves you and who will respect you; plan it out. Once you loose your virginity you will never get it back.

Answer #13

I think that form the scale from 1-10 I think the pain was that much it was like 4. but if you care about him as much as he cared about you than thats up to you if you would do it. and if he is the kind of guy that just want to do jut for fun dont do it you are going to regret it. so think before you do the first step in youre. becuase your hole life is going to chenage. so your making a big decision think carefully and do whats best for you. is your future.

Answer #14


Answer #15

I asked my mom about when she lost her virginity and I think she just over exagerated it to make me scared than told me to look it up…but when it all happened it hurted really bad and I was really scared and I got up and ran 2 the bathroom and my boyfriend was naked and all trying to make me feel better it wasnt funny at the time but now it is (and yes I was ready but I got scared when I started 2 bleed)

Answer #16

well uhm,, im still a virgin & this guy finger me and it didnt hurt but I think when I mastburbated one time I bled but I dont think my cherry popped yet, im not sure, but when he fingerd me 1-10 I think it was a 4. but now I think im ready for sex. im scared though like almost everyone els.

Answer #17

I think on the scale the pain would be a 7 or 8.

Answer #18

I wanna know what it feels like.. I no im young so all of yas dont need to be like “oh your too young dont worry about it” this is the place where I can be me without being embarrassed. thanks you guys. you really helped.

Answer #19

I’m 14, I think I’m ready for sex im just not too sure. I really really really wanna’ do it but I dont wanna’ go threw a lot of pain. xx

Answer #20

Hmm, Well When I was having sex for the first time ever, oh my gosh it hurt like crazy. Uhm I’d probably give it a 9 on the pain scale. There was only a little bit of blood though. I thought there would of been more. but I was sore for like 3 days, And could barely walk.

Answer #21

It was like a seven and I blead like a fountain. The guys dick was so bloody and he made me slurp it off his dick it was gross.

Answer #22

well when I lost mine the pain wasn’t that bad it was like a 4 or 5 caz the pleasure of it was greater then the pain and I did not bleed at all

hope this answers some of your question and an advice please make sure you want to lose your virginity for you do it and to a guy that really cares

Answer #23

when my boyfriend stuck his extra large penis into my vaaag ina.. I would say it hurt pretty bad. like a sword going into harry potter’s chest. but I would let harry potters ding ding go into my ling ling any day. I bled like niagra falls. his macoroni noodle caressed my kettle chip and it was a most invigirating feeling! his pinapple poked my cuppy cake and we made sweet sweet love in the rain like wild wildabeasts. we played broke back mountain all night long. his name was adam. and I his eve.

Answer #24

im 13 annd when my ex fingered me, it felt soo good.

Answer #25

okay It hurt Like hell I’m 19 in I just lost my’s in now I’m not happy with myself because I’ll waited all this time to have sex in I don’t even love this person but he love an it hurt to tell him I do than I don’t I think when you wait for some one also to come along than you wolud say man I should of waited don’t think I’m trying to be your mother our anything I’m just saying waiting for that person will feel more better than saying I really this guy In I’m let him have something that is speacail to me that I can walk around with smile on face. Than seeing girls that going through a hard time An saying that I have never had sex before guys love take girls Virginty I know look at me. grils we don’t think about the furture we think an that (moment satrt think) From all the love in the world

Answer #26

well…im 15 and lost my virginity about 2months ago in aug..and the truth I didnt fell anyhting because my boyfriend wasnt frcing his penis into my vagina…I bled for 3 days and thats normal if your a virgin. I mean it felt alittle painful about a 2 or 3..its lick a tingle afterwards but in my experience I didnt feel anyhting until I got home started to bleed. but it was worth it and it does depend on your body and the guy.. dont have him shove it and don’t be tense because then it will hurt like f**k. and the bleeding just pretend its like your period but for 3 days…nothing painful. but yeah it doesnt hurt u’ll probaly feel ticklish…but thats it and don’t worry about it..but if you are going to have sex make sure you use a condom…

Answer #27

I wud say on a scale 4rum 1-10 its a 4 2 me bc it didn’t hurt that bad but da guy I lostd it 2 he was really gentle and talkd me thru da whole thing I was sooo nervous bc I thought that it was gonna hurt bad but it didn’t he went slow and tell da dude your with 2 go in and out bc I doesn’t hurt as much but its nt all that bad and if it does hurt it onli hurts as he going in so there’s nuthing 2 worry about just relax and nt b so tense everything will b ok onli if you really trust da guy but about ma cherry popping it hasn’t poppd yet

Answer #28

15 & it didnt hurt at all , I was qoinq with this quy for a year & we ended for a short period & when we did qet back toqether & decided to “do it” it was GREAT , he kissed me all over FIRST than finqered that really qets you ready than just slipped it in , I bled 2-3minutes TOPS but not ALL qirls have a “CHERRY” to be popped remember that but TRUST it’s worth it ALL

Answer #29

this site is for advice! I dont understand how people keep saying there to young it has nothing to do with you, there oon this site to get adivce not to get judged and dissed cause there young, I lost my Viginity at 13 and I dont give a crap what people say about it its there problem not mine.

Answer #30

It does hurt the first time, though every person’s pain is different. Mine was probably a 5 or 6. It felt like a period cramp that didn’t go away, with some sharp pain at the very beginning. I didn’t bleed at all.

I am 24 years old, and have had sex too many times to count on my 10 fingers…

It only took once for my cherry to pop once we actually had intercourse, though he fingered me a little beforehand.

The pain is worth it, but I have to say, I truly believe the pleasure will far outweigh the pain if you are truly ready to have sex. (Just FYI: I wasn’t ready…)

Hope this answers all your questions.

Answer #31

Dont get worried about it, I lost mine when I was 12 and yes it was slightly painful but only about a 2-3 out of ten it wasnt that bad. I didnt get fingered before I did it and it still didnt hurt me that much.I bled for about 5 minutes and went to the toliet. we then carried on and it was amazing x

Answer #32

okay so some advice, you deff. wanna lose your virginity near a bathroom I lost mine when I was 15. to a amazing guy that understood it all. make sure your going to be with a guy that expects it all.. and expects all the blood and smell. when me and my boyfriend first started having sex I felt it pop.. it wasnt that bad I saw like a 4.. then I bled for about 5 min.. then I thought I was done so we went back to it, then I felt it pop again.. im guessing it was just finishing but this time it hurt like a 8.. and I bled alottt more for about 10 min.. then we went back at it again.. and I started crying cause it hurt so bad.. and I bled for about 45 min.. so it really all depends on your body.. after that I couldnt have sex anymore.. and I just went to bed it hurt so bad.. but like I said my boyfriend helped me through it all.. and im glad I lost it to him cause I knew he could handle it.. it is now a year later and im still with him.. weve had sex alott. and we’re still together. we actually moving in together next year.. cause I got pregnant. but I got a abortion because I have starting cells of ovarian cancer. and there was a 60% risk of me and the baby dieing.. so me and my boyfriend both decided to get rid of it, even though im completly against it.. so make sure your boyfriend really cares about you.. and that you love him. and everything cause virginity is a big thing.. I didnt relize it until I gave it up..

Answer #33

Well Im 18, and my first time did hurt! (it was so worth it though) and a few times after i was still sore too. There was no blood though. On a scale from 1-10, i’d say it hurt a 5. He took the time to turn me on, and took it slow with me. it depends on the guy though. But it was an amazing night, and I dont regret it. The pain was worth it in the end. We have amazing sex now.

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