What's your favorite game?

Compter, Playstation, whatever it is… What’s your favorite?

Answer #1

Dungeons and Dragons, HackMaster 4th edition. Old school gamer. Before there was 3D, before there was 8-bit…there was pencil, paper, books and dice! Huzzah!

Answer #2

Mine is just a board game. But it’s Sorry. I love it!! My mom claims that she’s the champ. But I beat her almost every time. We always play best 2 out of 3.

Answer #3

my favorite game is parallel lines grand theft auto san andreas and racing games boxing soccer and football ang shooting games

Answer #4

Archlord - MMORPG Day of Defeat: Source - FPS Company Of Heroes - RTS Madden 08 - Sports

Answer #5

Have you heard of Game Boy? It’s new from Japan I got this new game on it called Kirby and Mario. YAYYY! It’s so fun I play all day even at lunch and recess. I wish they would make it in color though it’s just black and white so annoying I know omg ughhh…

Answer #6

As of right now I own an Xbox360 for sure right now my favorite game is Bioshock it has a really great storyline awesome game play drivin storyline . And amazing graphics some games I am highly anticipating are.

Mass Effect Dark Sector Assasins Creed Half Life 2 The Orange Box & many more ;)

Answer #7

world of warcraft =)

Answer #8

Zelda Twilight Princess(Pretty much all Zelda games) (Gamecube) Super Smash Bros. Melee (Gamecube) Legend of Dragoon (PS) Sonic(Any of them) (Sega Saturn, Gamecube) Starcraft: Broodwar (PC) Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction (PC) Soldat (PC) Halo(2) (Xbox) Dark Alliance 2 (PS2) Soul Calibur 3 (Gamecube) Pokemon Emerald (

Answer #9

PS2 - The Kingdom Hearts series and God of War I & II

PS3- Rainbow 6: Las Vegas, Madden 08 (waiting for Heavenly Sword and Assasins Creed to release played the demos)

Wii - Zelda Twilight Princess Mostly all of them for the game play and storylines that’s involved, makes you acutually use your brain.

Answer #10

Half-Life 2, Halo 2!

Answer #11

But that’s not a name of a game!!!

Answer #12

guitar hero 3: legends of rock for wii

Answer #13

al halos and games like starcraft

Answer #14

World of Warcraft! :D

Answer #15

dont matter to me lnog as it involes WAR im in love with it

manly computer war games tho more RPG like

Answer #16

soul caliber 1 for dreamcast, unreal tournament 1, PERFECT DARK, etc.

Answer #17

Starsiege: Tribes - PC.

Answer #18

WII:Pokemon Revalution

Answer #19

Twilight Princess hands down oh and the Sims

Answer #20

guitar heroIII and I have a lot! lol

Answer #21

Many of it

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