Does he even like me?

This lad, I really like.. He told me he liked me (the weekend just gone) and I told him I liked him aswell :\, he sends me really nice texts at times, and other times he just seems a little off because on msn he takes ages to reply sometimes, but then later he will be really really nice to me. But he knows I like him & he says he likes me, but nothings been mentioned about it since ? :s I dont know what im meant to do next ? ? Help.

Answer #1

ask him out and if he says no then he’s a loser

Answer #2

haha yeah ok then :)

Answer #3

Im gonna have to agree with stavosh, the old fashion way is best. because you can actually watch their reactions when you talk to them and see body language and see if he get nervous and thinigs of that nature and have a “talk” instead of MSN and texting. Yes, she is coming here tonight at 6:15. Im not nervous, just more afraid of how things will happen. It is such a crazy story. Her dad raised her to never cry and I have never heard her cry. She cried for 2 days straight on the phone with me and called all her family and told them what she did and her dad called me saying that she is truly sorry and she needs someone with her but im 3 states away right now due to military purposes, and I cant be there for her and I think she is just confused. and we got the ticket a week before I found out everything!! I have never been so lost and confused in my entire life. You have no idea!! I havent slept in 32 hours!

Answer #4

Yeah I know what you mean. its just that with my last boyfriend he always said I love you to my face but I never said it back for about 2 months because I didnt want to fall for him to quick or anything to ruin it and then as soon as I say it back to him, I find out hes cheating on me. messes with my head thats why im so :S about this one. ermmm we been really close for about a month or so, but we been known each other about 5 years, :)

yeah I know what you mean, its EXTREMELY hard to forgive someone when they cheat on you, because everyone says “once a cheater, always a cheater”, wether its true I dont know =/, but its horrible when someone cheats on you because when you move on, and find someone else its harder to trust them aswell. she doesnt exactly deserve you if she treated you like that, but its your choice in what you do :)

Answer #5

I know it’s touogh in person with people. But it is the best way to see if he’s into you and if your really into him, whether it be you getting nervous or getting butterflys around him. I dont get butterflys with anyone except a few! And it shows me a lot about how I feel about certain people. How long have you guys been talking?

And I have no idea what to think. I think she is truly sorry but I mean come on how do I begin to over look the fact of that she has done. the guys she cheated on me with she said she wasnt talking to him anymore and I believed her. next thing I know she’s been spening the night at his house and stuff. it is all really confusing, but I can tell she is really sorry but none the less I cant begin to forgive her anytime soon. we’ll see what happens

Answer #6

Well if you’ve known him for 5 years then you guys just know enough about each other. Ever hung out with him outside of school? Your still very young though. I would be careful of how close you get too soon. Cause if you keep getting hurt by the time you meet someone you want something real with its gonna be difficult to trust them and thats the worst trust me haha. I guess well see what happens with bree tonight. it should be interesting.

Oh trust me I’ve been through the though process of her not deserving me. She doesn’t but I think that what she has done has opened her eyes and she is more serious now and she is realizing she is losing someone who is a complete badas* mofo haha.

Answer #7

NOOO haah I think you under stood me wrong. haha nothing like that hes not that sort of lad lol

Answer #8

thats weird because exactly the same thing happened to me about 2 months ago, but hmm if shes cheated you and everything thats out of order. shes coming to see you tonight?? yeah I know what you mean, but I dont eve know how to play hard to get im sh*t haha. ermmm no I’ve never seen him call anyone babe really. :s

Answer #9

hmm suppose your right, I know what you mean but its just different for me when hes online im just focused on him haha, sounds abit gay like but yeahhh. hmm, but in a way I dont know because a date would just seem weird, its like hes asked me to do things with him but I’ve been really ill recently and had a lot of things going on & I dont want him to think I dont like him..

Answer #10

Yeah I know I’ve been friends with the lad for 4 or 5 years! never said I was asking for anything like that did I, im just wondering if its actualy gona get anywhere or if im wasting my time thats all because I dont like being messed around by lads if thats ok

Answer #11

I’m gonna have to go with a yes he does like you..BUT..When he takes ages to reply, what kind of things do you say to him waiting for his respone? If there is one thing I love its giving relationship advice. I’m the online hitch haha

Answer #12

msn is a bad reflection of how people feel for you imho. When I’m behind a screen I get sidetracked all the time. Work/ Private stuff mixed. Things demanding attention. Maybe you should try the old fashioned way? A date?

Answer #13

I dont say anything big to him, its just like a random conversation.. nothing about “us” kinda thing. but then when he comes back hes always like “sorry babe xxx” and stuf and im like okay :S haha. online hitch- sounds goood haha

Answer #14

Dear, let me give you one solid piece of advice about men. If they really like you, you will know. Let him come to you and you will know what he wants. If his intentions are good he will get past you relatives ;)

Answer #15

sorry its taken me ages I had a doctors appointment :(

Yeah I really want to try it :) think we both might get something out of it

Yeah good good :) , yeah I dont get why people do it either, they get nothing from it but looking a complete as* hole :)

Answer #16

yeah I know I know pretty much everything about him, yeah I have, but not a lot and not properlyy, he always asks me to go like ice skating and stuff (because hes really in to it and goes all the time), yeah, he got messed around quite abit by his last girlfriend aswell =\, so its bit weird but for the 5 years I’ve known him I’ve never seen him mess a girl around touch wood haha.

Yeah im sure it will be interesting, im sure it has opened her eyes, but then again I dont know what people feel like when theyve cheated on someone ‘because I aint got the guts to cheat on anybody. haha let her do most of the talking though if she wants you back & dont let her off lightly :) good luck lol

Answer #17

yeah well he said he likes you and he knows you like him. Maybe when you’re feeling up to it, you should go do something with him. Yeah I agree that MSN isn’t really a good way to measure how people really feel because a lot of people will leave it on all day even when they aren’t there. My sister will turn it on and then go watch tv and randomly check it every once in a while. He might just turn it on and get distracted with other things. Lots of people do it.

Answer #18

:) good

then my previous statement still stays. msn is a crappy way to tell if people REALLY like you.

Answer #19

Let’s see. If you are as old as you say. take it easy. Just work on being friends, guys in general don’t gush at least most don’t. If he was too gushy you’d run anyway. If he says he likes you. that should be enough for now. Don’t go on about it. What do you want? his undying love? life isn’t like the stories you read. If this relationship is to be then it will. Just like I said work on being friends first. Get to know him. after all that’s what lasts anyway. Good luck.

Answer #20

sounds to me you are already in over your head, he asked you to do things? wait WHAT?! I don’t understand kids these days (yes I am that old I fear) Just because there is a screen in between does not mean you have the power to ask anything from others or be careless in what you say you will do. Did you promise him things? I’m not being judgmental, really, just trying to get your facts straight. If you feel the need to talk this over via FunMail you are welcome to :)

Answer #21

fair enough then.. I think one thing that puts him off abit is the fact he knows one of my brothers and sister quite well, and they wont stand for me being messed about kinda thing :S

Answer #22

Well if there is one thing I learned in past relationships or even the stage working up to maybe being more than friends is to not get too into it too soon. I put my heart into a relationship and was cheated on last week. and saw that it was going on for weeks yet she lied to me and I found out the other day. but here is the catch, her plane comes in today at 6 pm to see me! believe that? im still in shock. long story!!! I would just work on getting to know him more. Dont make it so easy for him. play hard to get girl. guys love it but hate it. play hard to get to see if he thinks your worth fighting for. if he back off toss him to the curb! But be bareful on the way you talk to him. does he call all girls babe?

Answer #23

Hmm yeah maybe, but im sh*t with things like this ha owels. oh my goddd thats mad that is bless. I bet she truely is sorry, she probably realised what she had done to you & what it had ruined if you get me, and omg thats just crazy ha. id be like you, I wouldnt of slept for bout 32hours either!! I hope it goes okay though when she turns up :\, and im sure everything will work out for the best, what do you think??

Answer #24

It sounds like you and this “lad” might be a good match. Maybe hang out with him properly? mano why mano ( one on one if your espanol is on the weak side) lol. I think you should definitely go for it! sounds real. and you guys have both had past relationship problems so it would be easy to undertsand where each of you are coming from.

Oh trust me I plan on bringing down a storm when I see her. she will be doing the talking because she has a lot to explain and I have a lot to listen to. I too have never cheated. I dont know why people do it.

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