Does hair improve after anorexia

I was anorexic and am pretty much recovered now but my hair is much thinner than it used to be. Does anyone know if it will eventually go back to the healthy, soft, fast growing hair that it was before anorexia? Thanks

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Yes it your health increases so will your hair and the condition it is could always get folic acid supplements as well (this helps improve hair condition)

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Keep in mind while everyone here says it will take time that time is relative. You are really looking at quite a few months for things to change because your hair and nails don't actually grow that fast. So it isn't as if 2-3 weeks is going to fix everything. I know in 2 weeks my hair might grow half an inch, maybe.

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Yes, over time your hair will improve when your body becomes better and you get the proper nutrients that you need. Give it time, it will return.

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Yes it will. It will just take time to recover just continue eating right. Get some hair and nail vitamins. You can buy these at Wal-mart.

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