Does getting snakebites hurt?

Does it hurt getting snakebite, because I'm getting them tomorrow and im terrified of needles??

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I just had to say something about your username americanidiot Love GREEN DAY
My punk sister.

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lol snake bits are a pericing(I think I spelled that rong) lol but its below the bottom lip, on each side. I dont have them but I really want to get em parents sed I have to wait and then theyll talk bout it wit me, im 13, I have to wait till im like 15, errr it sucks but I really, REALLY want em. I just gota keep begin..but I dont want them to hurt..does it hurt really bad? I really dont like needles but I have two pircings in both my ears and the bottom hole are gauged to 6'inchs.

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Wow.. um okay. Snakebites DO NOT hurt. It simply feels like youre popping a pimple... so naturally it will hurt a tad bit, but you will survive. Afterwords though it hurts like a mother and they get infect easily if you do not take care of them extremly well. Trust me I would know, I have them a little infected right now.
And no, kissing is the same. Of course at first it will be uber weird but after a while, you'll do fine

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I'm getting snakebites soon. I hope thay don't hurt too bad. P.S your username I americanidiot. LUV GREEN DAY!!!

wich hurts more

ANSWER #5 of 11 have no idea what a snakebite is...I get the feeling it's not actual bite from a snake...

I'm slow...somone tell me what it is??

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is this a new medical thing that they are doing? should I be scared? are they giving snake bites for free in case you had this crazy notion to go into a giant jungle hole and you dont realize whats down there? SWEET I WANT ONE!! LOL MAJOR!

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Chances are it won't be too bad.

Naturally, women have more pain tolerance than men do, and just like any piercing, it's going to feel like a pinch. Haven't you ever bitten your lip or tongue before? It will likely feel very similar to that. I don't know that I'd say it feels good, but I don't think it's going to be excruciatingly painful.

If it's anything like getting your tongue pierced, the needle shouldn't bother you, you probably won't even see it, afterall.. look down, can you see your lips? Just look straight ahead, and you'll be fine.

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now for my second question...: doesn't that make it harder to kiss?!?

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A snake bite is a piercing below the bottom lip, one on each side, proportionally.

See attached photo.

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ok so im 21 and for my 22nd birthday im trying to get snake bites done I honstely dun like needles but I have hd my ears pierced three times on each ear at the and two wholes on the bottom of each ear and then I had my belly button pierced at the age of 17 I never even felt that I felt a small stinging sensation with I had the top of my ears pierced but it didn't bother me and when I tried to pierce my lip myself it didn't bother me I just felt the pop but not any pain but then again lol I pierced it to far into the center and I wanted it in the area I woudl have it if it were a snakebite

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im 13 ok I want snake bites really bad but im totally scared of needles and stuff I don't know why but I have a tattoo on my hand like two inches big maybe im a guy and I have both of my ears pierced do you think it would hurt me

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