Does garlic cause insomnia?

What are your experiences with garlic? Has it helped you sleep? Has it caused you to lose sleep? I was reading that it has a reputation for doing both. If I want to sleep better, should I stop eating garlic...or should I eat it to sleep better?

Post your experiences :) Thank you.

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It keeps me awake! You can do a trial of eating/taking garlic an hour or two before bedtime to see how it affects you. If you determine it is a problem for you, I would stay away from it.


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If I eat raw garlic, I can count on a sleepless night - but it's WORTH it!

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wow, ok I eat LOADS of garlic as a chef (I love it!) and I have no trouble sleeping because of it. If I can't sleep its usually because of stress, too much alcohol, too much caffeine (anything more than 5 hours before you sleep will keep you up, and yes a good sized chocolate bar has as much caffeine as a small coffee)
What helps me to sleep the most (after an esp stressfull day) is rehydrating! You'd be amazed how much drinking water can help you. not to sound new age-y but out bodies don't work as well when we're not hydrated. And if you're drinking sodas on a regualr basis the caffeine sucks the water out of your body! also, try getting into the habit of taking a good quality mulit vitamin if you're not a big veggie eater as well., works wonders for feeling better on a daily basis.
I also have a friend that swears on eating organic honeycomb to helo her sleep. hit your local health food store, most clerks know their stuff.
but I beg of you try anything and everything before you go to sleeping pills, they work but not forever and it's not the same as real sleep. good luck! :)

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I ate two spoonfuls of garlic together with rice and a few dishes for dinner last night and I had problem trying to sleep that night. I was rolling left and right in bed for the longest time. I suspected it must be the garlic I ate. I've never had problem trying to get to sleep before.

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Garlic is good for your immune system in general. But I have a bad taste in the moth and severe thirst in the morning. For me, guided hypnosis was really helpful. It's the first cure. There're a lot different therapists out there but my favourite one is . Different voices and background music for all the sessions.

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