Does every girl finger themselves?

I read about it all of the time how these girls are fingering themselves and stuff but I just cant do it. Should I? I dont feel that comfortable doing it but I want can I?

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If you are talking in the literal sense of fingering yourself, you don't have to. a lot of girls can't get themselves off through fingering (ex me) and they just stimulate there clit. I have found that I don't get any pleasure in fingering myself (I don't know y) but when my boyfriend does it its totally different. So try different things only if your comfortable with it.
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You shouldn't do anything you're not comfortable with. Us ladies are all different, and we all change at different times and points in our lives. If you're not feeling any sexual sensations yet then you're probably not going to enjoy fingering yourself. Masturbation is for people who want to feel pleasure but are usually by themselves. If you're not ready to masturbate then don't. You'll know when you're ready. Reading about other girls fingering themselves doesn't mean you have to. You're time will come when you feel comfortable and want to.

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Not all girls do, some do. If you don't feel comfortable doing it then don't. Wait until you feel comfortable to start fingering yourself. When you are comfortable you SLOWLY put your finger inside your vagina, and do a in and out motion. If you go to fast, hard, or deep it might hurt because you have never done it before or had sex before.

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fingering your self is just another word for masterbation and its completely natural and its heathy for you
you should do it and you will when your ready

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Then go ahead and do it, IF you feel comfortable..

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butt I havee with my boyfriend soo it wouldnt hurt I went through that already

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