Does brown hair go ginger if you dye it blonde?

Does brown hair go ginger if you dye it blonde?

Answer #1

I use 2 have brown hair, it was pretty dark, an I wanted blonde streaks and it turned ginger it looked a mess!!, so just be careful if you do decided 2 dye your hair blonde! xx

Answer #2

well I have stripped my hair today because my hair had all sorts of colours in it and it turned out blonde on the top and gingery orange all the way through. if I leave it till friday could I get a live blonde and put that on my hair and would that get rid of the gingery orange could anyone help

Answer #3

Yes. Usually you have to bleach it twice to get it to go light enough to then dye it to the desired colour. If it’s dark brown then you may have to bleach it three times. Of course this is really not good for your hair but if you straight out dye your hair blonde without bleaching it twice first it will most likely go ginger or will justt plain not work! Best to get it done professionally if your going to dye your hair blonde as home bleach kits and dye kits are usually really damaging to hair and can often go wrong (I know someone who’s hair went green and anothers had her hair snap off due to the bleach!). Also the first time you bleach it it will most likely go ginger and that’s why you need to do it twice but you need to seperate it to avoid your hair snapping. Good luck x

Answer #4

I was considering doing mine tonight, I’ve got 3 lots of bleach and 2 boxes of a medium ash brown (I’ve got really long hair) but I’m not sure.

I’m naturally very light blonde, but died it black years ago (very big mistake!) and then purple. and red etc etc. My hairs been everything, and now I’ve got a nice mixture, along with about 2 inch long light blonde roots, I’m really nervous. It’s going to be so patchy, my roots will be WHITE, the ends bright orange and the middle yellow… I’m seriously undecided.

I’m scared about the snapping off problem as well, I have lovely thick, long hair, I want it kept that way, but my natural colour! Ahhh!

It doesn’t help how I went to a hairdressers and they refused to do anything except add a few highlights, which went very orange/coppery. I’m fed up, seriously.

Answer #5

hey, I used to have midnight blue coloiur in my hair, I then used 2platnium blonde dyes and I had lovely blonde roots and orange hair, I then tried dying it blonde again with absolute platnium, I used two dyes each time as my hair is quite long. that night because my hair went orange with blonde roots I used two different shades of brown&now my hair is a gorgeous aubern/ginger it’s starting to grow out no tho but because it’s light enough am dying it all blonde tonight. bit of advice just take the bottom layer or a strand of your hair and put the blonde dye in keep it in for recommended time&wash out see what the turns out like and if it’s nice dye it all over you can’t go wrong there.

Answer #6

Yes, your brown hair will definitely go through a ginger stage.

I have just gone from medium chestnut brown to light blonde at home. It can be done, it just takes a little perseverance - don’t expect your hair to be the perfect shade after just one packet.

I made the mistake of purchasing a honey blonde colour to begin with, which left my hair an unattractive and highly undesirable carrot orange. I would recommend buying an ash blonde, as I have since discovered that this has a blue base which minimises orange brassy tones (I used Clairol Nice and Easy Natural Light Ash Blonde). Be patient - it took seven packets of Nice and Easy and six horrifying shades of orangey-yellow to get my hair colour right.

Despite the instructions on the packet, which state that two boxes can be used at once for longer than shoulder length hair, I was frightened of the effect so much dye might have on the condition of my hair and therefore spaced the treatments out over seven days. My hair is still in reasonable condition (it wasn’t that great to start with) and in hindsight I think I was kidding myself to assume spacing the treatments out would really make any difference. Be careful with your scalp. The burning on the third application was almost unbearable and from then on I made a point of avoiding the root base altogether.

Finally I purchased Jerome Russel’s BBlonde (which contains quite a lot of bleach) to add some very light (almost white) highlights, which would probably have been impossible to achieve with Nice and Easy. Unless you know what you’re doing, get someone to help you with these otherwise they can look very unnatural.

The result – gorgeous multitonal blonde. The price – less than £35. It is a fallacy that a great blonde look can only be achieved by visiting a professional.

Answer #7

hi im no hairdresser but today I dyed my hair blond from dark black well tried to anyway , first I dyed like half my hed blond (stupid idea ) and left for 40 mins as required , washed out leftover dye and I had half a hed full of ginger hair , so I went to my local salon asked for advise and she told me it was on my own hed if I wanted to dye it back black again as it was the only way but my hair might be so damaged it would snap off at the roots , so I did this with clairol perfect 10 and it worked a charm but I have left a patch of gingery / brown / blond on the side of my hed as this is where I want it dying blond in the future , so I guess im saying you cant go straight from black to blond easily , so my advice would be go to the salon

Answer #8

dont worry I’ve bin through that stage I’ve had my hair purple then I died it black and my roots started to show and I wanted to go blonde BIG MESTAKE I dide my hair blonde but it didn’t go blonde instead it was orange and my rots was yellow I cryed and cryed now my hair is ginger and I wanted blonde so I have to die it again for it to go blonde

Answer #9

hey, well my natural colour is light brown / ash blonde. + I dyed it semi-permanent purple, and then permanent conker colour. so my hair was a reddy / orangey colour. last night I dyed it ‘dark blonde’ as I wanted to go back to my natural colour and the red didn’t entirely wash out! in certain lights I’m ginger!! tomorrow I’m going to the hairdressers to get it cut, maybe they’ll suggest something. I’ve heard putting ketchup on your hair brightens the blonde, and that works as I’ve tried it for my highlights.

Answer #10

I have died my hair lots of colours and the last was a reddy brown so it faded to brown with a ginger tint to it. I wanted to go lighter like a light brown/dark blonde.. I used a hair stripping kit my roots when bleach blonde and rest orange.. I then used a ash brown hair colour.. I still have tints of ginger in it but it looks ok. Im going to get a ash blonde or golden blonde so I can loose the ginger tints. I was scary doing it, but as long as you have a few days to have a break an re-dye it then you’ll be fine:)

Answer #11

Hey everyonee, about 5months back now I dyed my hair dark brunette from a medium/light blonde. it worked great and I loved it until it started fading, it went a bitt weird so I decided to go back blonde, baddd idea. I used clariol pre lightner and I was absolutely shocked when I had bright yellow roots + bright gingery hair for the rest. I cried. I did a dark blonde root touch up on my awful roots so atleast the colour was now even, then I dyed an ash over it which slightly calmed down the colour. I’ve started to realize now that its gone a bit gingery again and my natural colour roots are showing through. so tonight im going to do a nice’n’easy clariol natural medium ash blonde to hopefully calm it down. the worst thing about alll this is that I have to go to school like it, whatever happens. when this is done, IM NEVER DYING MY HAIR AGAIN.

Answer #12

I used a strong bleach on my hair that was a very dark black and was very long, half my hair fell out and it went a light yellow colour. then I dyed it blue and its perfect colour but terrible condition and breaks so easy. so yes if you want it blonde go from a natural colour hair first and slowly lighten, dont use bleach unless you want your hair to fall out

Answer #13

Hey I am going through this problem right now, I have dyed my hair countless times from black to pink and all the colors in between! Right now my hair is ranging from a dark almost black brown to light brown almost ash blonde tones and that is after a light bleach wash done 4 months ago which is when I went to my hairdresser who told me that I would have to wait a minimum of 4 months to allow my hair to strengthen before anymore bleaching could be done. I plan on going back in two weeks and I am going for a full bleach, tone and dye to get it to a lovely light blonde and then over the course of the months leading to summer I will get lighter shades of white highlights done: this is my plan which will hopefully work!

basically yes your hair does go ginger after bleaching at home kits (it did when I bleached my black hair to go pink) trust me though a hairdresser can test your hair for you in a salon to see if your hair can be put through the damage of bleach and chemicals so I would advise at least a talk with a hairdresser before doing anything at home.

To get rid of the ginger more bleaching is needed but you should wait quite a while between each bleach and deep condition every day after you bleach as trust me your hair will start falling out.

(Best way to deep condition: buy a really good treatment, the money is worth it, put it in and wrap your head with cling film or in a shower cap and leave for a minimum of 30mins-1 hour as the cling film/shower cap traps in the heat and allows the treatment to do its job)

I will never go black or another dark colour after this: its just not worth it!

Answer #14

im kind of dark brown and have had blonde highlights before but now they have grown out because I wanted to be one colour.. which is my natural brown.. but now I want to go fully blonde.. really light blonde but not ginger. im considering going to a hairdressers to get it done.. but I really dont want it to go wrong..

Answer #15

my mate wanted blonde hair so we decided to dye it to make her go blonde. the only problem is that we used a pre lightener + blonde colour to lighten it then we bought a blonde dye to go over the top of it. it now turns out that she has beautiful blonde roots but ginger hair. can someone please tell me how we can make her hair all a beautiful blonde colour from the ugly/embarrasing colour she has now? .

Answer #16

brown hair has to go through red to orange to yellow then to blonde. Once it is blonde (more like a pale yellow) you can then “tone” it to the desired colour. If you want it to be very light, you can tone it with purple (often called “ash”) and this takes out the “warmth” or yellow out of the hair (yellow+purple=brown) and you will left with a very pale nice blonde. The same works with orange and you can tone it with a blue. You will get the same result, but it will be a much darker blonde, and not as nice. Now that the colour lesson is over, here is some advice!! It is very very hard to acheive a nice blonde at home. You need to use hair lightener, which is general you can only purchase is 10vol (hairdressing term). This will lighten a few shades, generally leave most people with orange hair. Also its hard to purchase toners yourself. Hairsalons have up to 40vol, which will lighten anything, even dark asian hair. Also they have a huge range of toners, so you will leave with the perfect blonde. Start by getting a half head of highlights, and do it gradually. I am naturally medium dark brown, and have been platinum blonde (very white blonde) with just one professional application (would take 2-4 go’s at home). Just a word of warning, you have to put protein back into your hair, lightening is very damaging to your hair, it loses a lot of strength, and can snap off, sometimes right at the roots!

Answer #17

I dyed my hair loreal excell 10’ chocolate cherry (redish brown) a few months ago, from my natural medium blonde colour. I then dyed it red, but I want to go back brown, will it work ?

Answer #18

Hi xtanya2009, I’ve got a similar problem. I’m in the process of trying to go from dyed dark brown to blone, my natural colour is dark/mousey blonde. When I’ve been to the hairdressers they just put high lights in, I even took a photo of the colour I wanted and it’s nothing like it! My hair is a nice colour at the ends, cus used to be bleach/platinum before, then where the brown is its gone ginger!!! And it’s worst on my frindge!!!

Have you decided or done your hair yet? I’m also in a dilema, don’t know what to do???

Answer #19

Hi xtanya2009, I’ve got a similar problem. I’m in the process of trying to go from dyed dark brown to blone, my natural colour is dark/mousey blonde. When I’ve been to the hairdressers they just put high lights in, I even took a photo of the colour I wanted and it’s nothing like it! My hair is a nice colour at the ends, cus used to be bleach/platinum before, then where the brown is its gone ginger!!! And it’s worst on my frindge!!!

Have you decided or done your hair yet? I’m also in a dilema, don’t know what to do???

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