Does bashing someone get you respect?

I hav been takin crap for a long time from this group and i have had enough they keep trying to pick fights with me should i bash 1 of em nxt time will it earn me any respect note: this is at school

Answer #1

Just beat them up, especially if they’re really popular. If they gang up on you just be like “oh my gosh you stupid pansey, you can’t take me without your friends?” or say the same about a knife. If they’re hotheads (as they probably are) and people are around (if you’re fighting around anyone they’re pretty much bound to watch), they’ll lose the knife and/or tell their friends to stand down and then you can just proceed to beat the crap out of him. Plus, if they pull a knife, they’ll get in serious trouble. Just try not to get stabbed.

And maybe you should learn about hand to hand combat, not only to use if need be, but to scare bullies with. If they’re trying to beat you up you can be like “Did you know if I karate chop you in the throat you’re voice box will collapse and you’ll basically drown from the blood going into your lungs?” It’s true! If you show your enemy you’re well educated in the art of war, they’ll be scared of you, because you actually know what your doing, unlike most people who get in fights, who just grab each other and basically wrestle… Also, if you smack someone in the ears simultaneously with the palms of your hand their ear drums will like explode. These are some pretty hardcore moves that result in permanent damage/death, so I’m not saying you should use them, but they’re good to know. Basically just go for the stomach. Fake a punch to the head and when they move their arms to block their face then just punch them in the gut/below the sternum and knock the wind out of them. They’ll probably stop. And yeah.

Answer #2

We’re humans. Not gods. Not perfect beings. Don’t fool yourself into thinking we’re some sort of high almighty creatures of perfection. Who cares. Fighting is perfectly fine. And how is that even sinking down to their level? They’re just trying to make him feel bad and look dumb in front of other people and stuff. Beating the crap out of them would put them in their place.

Answer #3

Start learning some kind of self-defense…..I recommend Aikido, it teaches you how to defend yourself, without using excessive violence. You’ll feel 100% better.

Answer #4

no fighting doesnt help i would just go straight up to them and say “ iwould sink down to your level but i goin be a better person” then walk away

Answer #5

That depends of if the group is popular or not. if there not that popular you might gain a little respect for a day. but if there really popular you wont get respect. you’ll just get your butt kicked. if there popular they can have the whole school turn on you in a second. Just ignore then and they’ll go away :) Peace

Answer #6

you go boy! :) if they bug you, then bash them. i’m a girl, but i don’t take crap frm anyone! i did beat, well actually, yelled the crap out of this one girl, she started crying…i have the respect from her now. i actually like it better now that she left me alone, and then moved! YESSSSS! haha. anyways show them whose boss, and make sure you don’t get beat up urself

Answer #7

There are some guys who will leave you alone after you “prove yourself” by fighting them. There are also other guys who fighting them will just escillate things to the next level (ganging up on you, pulling a knife, etc.)

You will find life goes much easier if you walk away from every fight you can. Of course if you are cornered and can’t avoid a fight defend yourself as well as you can but fighting isn’t always a dependable way to resolve conflicts. The only justification for violence is self-defence.

The policy in schools these days is to suspend anyone who fights; it doesn’t matter if the other guy starts it or if you were just defending yourself.

Answer #8

Probably. Just make it swift.

Answer #9

heck yaeh don’t take crap from any jacka**!!!!! I would, and I am a girl!!

Answer #10

Bullies man oh man where to start. ok first of all fighting will not prove anything!!! it dosn’t matter there popularity or size fighting just leads to more fighting! my advice, don’t face these kids and don’t recive punishment which is what you would get if you did deck them. go to a teacher your trust their there to help and they help a lot. if you don’t want to be called a tatal tale i advise you ask for ur name to be non-spoken.

Hope that helps

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