Does anyone think myspace is boring now?

Ummm do you find myspace boring now?

Answer #1

a social site is worse than boring, it’s inane. Scrolling through the ‘browse people’ arena turns up jokers trying to be 1) hot, half-dressed and ‘sexy’ 2) satanic imagery

  1. offensive, hateful handsigns in photos 4) too many unattractive males who cannot spell and 5) idiots who ignore sincere friend requests. Not to mention desperate looking overweight people of both sexes who feel compelled to show us their flesh. It is sheer desperation to get that 15 minutes of fame. It is extremely difficult to get added as a friend; it’s like you have to sit and send a zillion requests to get one add. I rarely have anyone send me a request. It’s a Catch 22, because a few I have added as friends then commenced to harassing me as if they owned me for adding them as a friend. Strangely, I garnered a few friends by sending a request with an insulting message attached. a social site is QuirkyPlace and has no redeeming social value. It should be deleted entirely.

The people behave as if a social site is an elitist, hoity-toity club for cool people. I am very good looking and have a witty bio and excellent photos, but am mainly snubbed.

When I do get a letter, it’s just plain retarded and/or badly written or from someone who wants to get to know me. Of course, they are always in a far off state nowhere near me. It’s got totally worldy ads and deceptive trade practices going on also. Beware of any ‘quizzes’ or ‘questionnaires…they invariably lead to asking for your cell # and provider. Then an unauthorized charge is tacked on your cell bill. FLYCELL.COM is the big offender; check out the Rip Off Reports listing, they are many.

I got on a social site out of boredom and want to defect for the same reason. They won’t send you working deletion links; I got emailed deletion links that were just a runaround, so I simply left the profile up. All in all, a social site gets old quick and is kiddy stuff.

Answer #2

nahh, myspace will always be tight, as long as yu have a lot of friends, if yu dont then its dumb, but yeaa! :) lol

Answer #3

yea myspace is gettin lamer da all hell yo! it got old last year and I deff agree with her myspace is trying to hard to say cool

Answer #4

yeah it is kinda boring I want like some kute white guys to add me I want more boys’ as friends then girls because girls’ are too catty.

Answer #5

yeah I think most people are over it there has been to much crap going on with myspace ya no like that poor girl gettting beat up just for leaving some rude comments and around where I live there have been girls acctually going to juvy for death threts on myspace! And me personally I’m done with it after 1 simple mistake 1 simple picture ruined my life I think it’s all just way to much drama!!!

Answer #6

not if you have friends but I hate constantly worring about if its updated and stupid stuff like that

Answer #7

oh yeahhh.

it’s beyond lame. <3.

Answer #8

hell yeahhh! Theres nothing to do any more butb sit there && read your messages or change your layout.


Answer #9

Yeah, MySpace is trying too hard to stay cool. Its just not working - MySpace is old news.

Answer #10

yes myspace is sooo gay now its been tryna stay in in like’05 thats when I first made one I mean its altight once in a while but no one goean on there and e more its all about AiM now I just go on myspace to play this game on there so yes myspace is gay and is now dryspace!!!

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