Does Oregon drug test mothers and babies?

I don’t smoke but ate some food cooked with THC about 2 days ago and I’m due to have my baby in 12 days. I just heard today that Oregon drug tests everyone. I’m not a cronic user just had some in food so help with back pain and nausea. What can I do?

Answer #1

Oddly enough, my class recently had a discussion about this. As far as I know, and for most states/locations, drug testing mothers while in utero or post natal WITHOUT informed consent is, for the most part, illegal. The only state thus far to actually uphold any similar laws relating to this issue has been South Carolina which has had a number of publicized cases since the early 1990’s which were consistently challenged by mothers, legal and medical professionals, etc. via the Supreme Court. Since you ingested THC you would appropriately test positive for that chemical. For legal advice, seek legal counsel in your state–someone who is familiar with Oregon laws. You can also try contacting the medical facility or birthing center at which you plan on giving birth to get information on their OB policies prenatal and postnatal (routine testing on the infant, etc). You should always go to your obstetrician or PCP to get medication that will help you with pain and or nausea–something that doesn’t have the potentially toxic effects to a fetus as THC can. Best of luck to you. -S

Answer #2

call and tell a doctor

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