What are some good songs to cover?

what are some good songs to play, my band wants to cover some good songs that everyone likes, because we know like all underground stuff, does anyone know some songs that everyone likes and knows and would sing along?

any kind of help will be greatful
thanks - Vinnie

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Anything by Aerosmith or the Beatles
American Pie, by Don McLean
Joan Jett, I Love Rock and Roll
The Knack, My Sharona

Catchy stuff that people usually know the lyrics to and will get the urge to sing along.

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Ummm here are my favorites:
The band called Sixx A.M. heroine diaries
their songs- Van Nuys and Life is Beautiful!!! they rock!!!

Good song to sing at a talent show?
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I'd say just about anything from Three Doors Down. They are mainstream enough for everyone to know the songs but still rock enough to where you would probably be able to have fun with it.

Good songs for modern/lyrical dance

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FREEBIRD!! PLAY FREEBIRD!!! Just a joke. It seems like most people know the stuff of Social Distortion's self titled. And they are kind of sing a longish. One of my favorite live bands usually will cover a couple of Johnny Cash tunes and some Ramones, psycho billy style. That usually gets a reaction cause most people know that stuff too.

What are good rock songs without curse words?
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Your picture makes me think hardcore band.

Cover Beneath the sky or BMTH lulz.

Good acapella songs?

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Well if the singer is a girl sure go with Flyleaf but if its a guy that would be pretty gay lol... I'd say to do some Drowning Pool, Godsmack, things with lyrics that are pretty easy to hit so you don't screw up. =D

Good emo/love (acoustic possibly) songs???
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"Animal I Have Become" Or "Pain" By: Three Days Grace, they rock and I bet you guys do too. :) They're very well known also, so I would perform one of their songs. They have some pretty good lyrics. Ooh ooh ooh! (Sorry I got excited) Um, another song that has some pretty awesome lyrics is "You know what they do to guys like us in prison" By: My Chemical Romance. That is like my favorite song. It's awesome, people should fall in love with it. It usually takes me a long time to really love a song, but that one I instantly fell in love with.

Hope that helped!

What are good songs to pump you up for sports?

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If the singer is girl:
1. Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne
2. 1, 2 step by Ciara
3. Long wayt to go by Cassie
If the singer is a guy:
1. Girlfriend by Bow Wow
2. Smack that by Akon
If there are 2 singers and 1 is a guy and the other is a girl:
1. So Amazing by 50 cent ft Olivia (this song is the best!! you guys should cover this one.)
2. Bestfriend by 50 cent ft Olivia
3. Like you by Ciara and Bow Wow

mezzo-soprano in need of a good rock song to sing
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what about this song,
Rock Star by Nickelback. I like it and I am sure your audience would love it.

What are good rap or hip-hop songs for a dance?
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Wait For Tomorrow. By Blessthefall. That Kicks A**.

Any good songs to sing for competition for an Alto?
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wait && bleed by slipknot is the shyt!!

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well yeah but this band is different and stuff
I already have a psychobilly band,and we have covered ramones and johnny before
just I dont watch mtv very much so I dont know whats "hot"

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Baby. You Wouldnt Last A Minute On The Creek by: Chiodos
Smile In Your Sleep by: Silverstein

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