What is the point of rap?

does anyone hate rap? almost everyone loved rap a few years ago, im just wondering if anyone hates rap? whats the point of rap?… the 1 AND ONLY song I like is stronger by Kanye West! it’s ok… and quite catchy and cool music!

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Is is true that most rap is about money,sex and drugs but some rap isent just about that its about their life and anyway,I think rap is catchy I dont tent to listen to the people rapping I just luv the music they sing to in the background :P

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The meaning of Immature does not in fact mean: people who know how to have fun.

Please see below for the real description/definition of the word IMMATURE.

  1. Not fully developed. Young and not fully grown or developed.

  2. Childish. Lacking the widsom or emotional development.

  3. Stylistically crude and imperfect. Not yet having attained the perfection of a fully developed style.

I’m not trying to be a smart a**. I just want to be sure you know what you’re talking about. You should probably choose wisely when choosing a word to describe yourself. Again, please don’t be offended. I absolutely LOVE country! I believe you can be open-minded and still not like rap. Thanks for your time and opinion.

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I LIKE RAP. Unfortunately, a lot of rap is very degrading to women. A majority of them are about drugs, money and sex but there are some that are very meaningful. If you think people who rap are weak, try it. It actually takes a lot of talent to write a good and meaningful rap song. It takes a lot of talent to rap. These guys make it sound so easy but it’s really not and requires a lot of time and practice.

Rap is just another type of music. I think I’m pretty open-minded to everything due to the fact that I like all type of music. It’s easy to hear a few songs and assume you don’t like it but if you actually give it a chance, you’ll find there’s a reason why it exists.

Saying you don’t like rap is immature. It’s like saying that you don’t like all black/white people just because you’ve met some bad ones. Not everyone who is black/white is going to be exactly the same. Some are good, some are bad.

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I hate rap when they are rapping about them being in a club, claiming they got some. in fact its not only rap that does that. music is about the meaning of it .

Answer #6

people let out there feelings through rap its an art like poetry

Answer #7

to laughymaffy246: FEMALE idc what ya name iz…anyway I sed you too dumb 2 own one bc yo question was really dumb so get ot str8 and get a life

Answer #8

female you are way 2 dumb 2 even own a computer- not all rap iz bad- in fact rap iz fun 2 listen 2 and tha beatz are funn- BTW kanye is a hip- hop artist not rap artist so there goes that 1 dummy

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I absolutly hate it listen to the words of any rap song today…really listen to it…it makes so fcking sense! all this crap about cars, chicks, sex, drugs, guns, amd SHT!!! sure some people like that stuff and get off on it but it rally makes no sense

Answer #10

I hate rap, I dont get the point…

is it influencing guys 2 use women, or influencing people 2 use drugs, drink, and have sex.

seriously does anyone know what the point of rap is?…

I listen 2 music that actually has a meaning…

Answer #11

To laughymaffy246.

I’m sorry I offended you saying that it’s immature to not like rap. I meant to say try to be more open-minded. I totally respect your opinion but it seems you just repeated what I’ve already said. I did say a majority of them are about none-sense stuff but there are some good ones. It’s ok that you don’t like them. I can handle that.

I can’t help but laugh out loud at your comment about how you’d rather be immature then to be mature and be like everyone else. If you actually read everyone’s comments, you’re actually just like everyone, not me. I do apologize if I did offend anyone but it doesn’t matter what you all like or don’t like. I’m just saying that I do like SOME of them. I personally think that rap artists are extremely talented. Period.

Answer #12

dude the united states was founded on violence so saying that rap influences that is pretty dumb, considering movies are even worse. and if you dont like rap dont listen to it its really that simple, plus trying to find out why people like rap isnt going to make it go away itll probably encourage people to jam to it more

Answer #13

The point of rap music is to make money. That is it. Very few rappers nowadays have any substance to what they are saying. It is all about making money and saying what they think will sell. If the media outlets stop playing the garbage rap then maybe rap will change. I dont see that happening though. So rap is going to continue to suck.

I like real rappers. Its funny how a lot of people who dont like rap somehow still like eminem. How is he different from the other rappers who only rap about sex, drugs, and women? Can someone answer that for me?

Answer #14

almost all mainstream rap is lame, but if you think about, almost all mainstream rock is lame too. don’t be so closed minded, if you’d actually listen to 80’s/90’s rap you’d see it wasn’t all about clubbing and sex and girls.

and just so you know, the ONLY reason kanye’s “stronger” is cool is because he sampled ALL of the music from daft punk’s song called “harder better faster stronger”. hence kanye’s phrase in the song: “does anybody make real sh*t anymore?”

Answer #15

saying you hate rap is immature


uh, not really. it’s my opinion. if saying that I dont like rap is immature, then saying you do like rap is immature, because it’s my opinion and your opinion. so apparently we are both immature… I actually am immature (who wants 2 be mature anyway) I’ve been called worse so whatever…

and im not saying that all rap is crap!!! im sayin most of it is! the people who actually rap about meaningful stuff is the “good rap”. but I still dont like it.

GO IMMATURENESS!!! WHOO! id rather be immature and express my opinion, then mature and go along with everyone else!!! =D

Answer #16

to funadvice: me get a life? im not the 1 sayin that im a robot… yea I have no life, btw my life is becky…

to lostwife: I know what immature means, im not stupid even though people think I am cough, funadvice. anyway how do you know that im not immature? I AM childish and I dont care. and why do keep changing your mind? first you call me immature. then you say im not immature. then you say I should be more open-minded. then you say I am open-minded. if you r going to insult me, at least have the decency 2 stick with it. thank u! haha and btw I put that quote there 2 make fun of u… I know that isnt what immature means.

Answer #17

I think damn near everyone that has said something in this whole question is an idiot. Don’t care what I think, great, I don’t care. Rap has the same point as every other genre out there. Opinionated made a great point, saying you don’t like rap is immature. Just like saying you don’t like a certain race because of something a FEW people did.

Anyone that has a problem with what I said, or thinks I’m wrong, please funmail me or something. I like arguing my views on hip hop and have no problem proving you wrong and have you wanting to piss yourself over it.

Answer #18

I like a variet of music, like country, rock, pop, some metal, alternative, etc. im not closed-minded. I just dont like rap.

whatever im still immature. period. hahaha

Answer #19

not all rap is about sex and drugs. most rappers well true rappers rap about there life what they went through what theyer going thruogh stuff that is real. yea some guys talk about woman but they only talk about woman who are slutty. and theres woman rappers who talk crap bout guys and you guys aint sayin crap 2 them. kanye west is not really in the rapping part hes hip hop mostly.

Answer #20

I HATE mainstream rap, I listen to underground stuff, like Immortal Technique. listen to him. Unlike Soulja Boy and Lil Wayne, he is actually smart

Answer #21

laughymaffy246. I really like your sense of humor. I don’t care what anyone says about you. I think you’re pretty smart.

Take care.

Answer #22

I Do Alittle. Its Fine If Its Not Sexist Or Anything Thats About Poping A Cap In Someones Arse. .-.

Answer #23

I like rap so I don’t know? lol…

Answer #24

I hate rap. -_- Though Eminem isn’t all bad.

Answer #25

rap is crap. it sucks so bad. I hate it there is no point to it except about bad stuff.

Answer #26

I hate the modern-day mainstream crap that passes off as ‘rap’ these days.

Answer #27

I don’t really like rap. I think sometimes it degrades women. Everyone likes different music though. :)

Answer #28

I kinda do.

Answer #29

I have no bloody idea, rap is just a mix of words, whats the oint of wasting ya breath when ya can easily talk?

Answer #30

remember, you can’t spell “crap” without “rap” XD

Answer #31

fo sho. I can’t stand to listen to rap its so annoying.

Answer #32

I’m going to be nice…I dont like rap, but I do listen to it anyway, I’m going to keep my huge opinions about it, so I won’t get my butt kicked…haha.

Answer #33

if you want to find good modern hip hop or rap you gotta look itno the underground stuff

Answer #34

listen to jay z, or lupe fiasco, or kanye. their songs aren’t really about sex, drugs, women and what not. I think rappers these days just rap for fame, the money and all. which makes other people hate rap even more, with the lyrics and all.

but then again, that’s just my opinion.

Answer #35

well some people have there own taste in music. stop bein a racist b*tch about it. & get over it. its music for god sake. you don’t see people saying “Whats the point in rock ; I hate it “ & so on. gah you needa grow up.

Answer #36

How am I racist? Please tell me because I really need a laugh. By the way I’d like to inform you that rap is NOT a race. So please tell me HOW I am racist because I don’t like rap.

Answer #37

OH IM SO SORRY MAY GOD STRIKE ME NOW!!! im sorry I said he was a rapper. im sure you know EVERYTHING. silly me not knowing that he wasnt a rapper, im an idiot…

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