Does any body have any cool interests?

Interesting thing or people some cool I know you all have them?

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I play guitar and sing in my spare time, what little bit I have; I'm always on here helping my friends with their problems. I actually consider that to be a cool interest, too.

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Softball, volleyball, laying out and tanning, swimming, music, photography, FA, myspace, my boyfriend, dogs, animals, God, church, etc.

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umm I dance and play guitar. I am very interested in humans as a subject to study. I read a lot about psychology and biology in my spare time..

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jrock is japanese rock. I could give you a few bands if you want me to. my most favourites are, The GazettE, Alice Nine, Rentrer en Soi, Dir en Grey, Antic Cafe. but those are only a few. if you want more ask. I literally have hundreds.

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well I don't know if this counts but I breed rats. I luv them =D all the little babies! and me and my friends have a really weird obsession with disney movies. like when ever we hang out we HAVE to watch a disney movie. I'm always the one getting up and dancing to the stupid things. lol its jsut really fun because everyone know the words. I think that if everyone watched disney movies that the world would be a better place. lol and no one would ever expect that from me, most people just think im a funny crazy freak on pot. but im not. guess thats why my friends love me

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I don't know if you'd call them cool.
I love jrock. (japanese rock). I listen to it right now. well jpop right now but most the time it's jrock. I used to listen to english music, but after a while I started to hear the same thing over and over. guys talk about girls like they're toyz and girls talk about guys like they're toys. HUMANS ARE NOT TOYS!!! so I switch to cleaner music. it really good too. sorry, I always have a story to tell.

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Wow, everyone says japanese rock! My interest is swimming with dolphins(: I live on Curacao(a tropical island), and we have a Dolphin Academy here, and I'm part of the Dolphin Club. (Stupid name, I know.) Anyway, being part of the dolphin club means that we get to swim with them at least once a month (normally twice), we learn a lot about them, and we even teach them tricks and stuff. Sometimes we help out the dolphin trainers during the show. (Dolphin Academy is part of the Curacao SeaAquarium, and we have shows twice a day, for tourists.) It's an awesome hobby!

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if playing sports hunting,and fishing are considered cool interests those are mine

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My animals, fishing, trap shooting, shooting my bow, playing poker, Hockey, riding my motorcycle.

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