Does an ear piercing ever go away completely?

I still have a scar in my ear that I can feel, even though it's been more than five years since I removed the ear ring...does an ear piercing scar or hole ever go away completely? If so, how long does it take?

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um as far as I know the mark will stay there forever, it allows for easy repiercing in the future

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it will eventually close up enough that a earing wont fit there but it will likely always b there

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PS- Can we see some pictures of you with the earring in, back in the day?


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I had an earing almost 30 years ago and you can still see where the hole was.

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I mine when I was 13..
and the hole are exactly the same..
I can put an earing in whenever I want to,and it doesnt feel as if it had been trying to heal
its their forever...peace

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same here mine are still there and I just started wearing them again and have had no problems with it.

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maybe it depends how long the earing hole was being used,from the time it was done,
more use,,less likely to heal
more use,from initial time of piercing,,less likely to heal

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I thought that they heal. My sister stopped wearing earings for a month or so and the hole started to close up. I'm not sure then.. since everyone is saying it doesn't close =\

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It will eventually close up so that you can't fit a normal gauged earring in there, but the scar tissue will likely always be there.

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it will close
the scar will get lighter and less visable with time
but the scar tissue will always be there
so if you can feel any little bump or anything in there from the peircing
thats never going to away
and it actually makes it HARDER to peirce the next time around
and it will hurt a bit more than before

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