Does a Rapper Have to Sell his Soul to the Devil to be on Top?

im Wondering if it is really true if you have to sell your Soul to the Devil to Be Raw in Any Type of Music?

Answer #1

of course not, I know a few rappers that are pretty famous and they never sold their souls, one of them is all about god actually

Answer #2

well neither the devil nor god exist in my opinion and you cant sell your soul a lot of them though sell themselves and allow themselves to be all about the money, ratings, ect, and nothing about the music rap that does this will sing all about crap like money, fast cars, killing, shooting, drugs, ect and have scantily clad women dancing in there music clips to help sell them thats the time when what there doing has nothing to do with “music” and everything to do with money so the music itself, has no soul, it has no real meaning rap music doesnt just do this though, many other genres do aswell but the top isnt whats important its about loving what you do if you make it all about the money, the meaning and soul of the music is gone

Answer #3

im not going to say none of them has, but NO they dont, people who do that are Satan worshipers, not rappers. they make it big, b/c they entered the music world at the right rime or they came out with the right song at the right time. jazlovestoskate, music does have meanings to them, they hold different meanings to every individual, whether the rapper or whoever just did it for the money, it doesn’t change the effect that it has on people. but to answer your question, no…some may have done it but that was their choice and that’s what they wanted to do, not b/c they are rappers or whatever.

Answer #4

the hell a real rapper wont give a dam about money and selling himself tho most do but real ones dont

Answer #5

you might have to sell your self pride but not your soul. but the record companies probably destroy your soul so to answer your question yes.

Answer #6

It is a common practice to make a blood oath to get wealth and fame. The Demon wilol serve you in this world, and you must serve it in the next world. I know someone who did it. They went to the top of the rap game and then they were murdered. They spirit world is real, and you will be a slave in the next world for such a pact. His name was Biggie Smalls(we called him fat chris!) and he loved himself more then anyone!

Answer #7

.iim hearing this everywhere!.iim tryna become famous && on top!.

Answer #8

Well the best rappers of all time admitted they have - 2pac,Biggie,Jay-z,Eminem,Dmx so the answer is yes. Not all rappers sell their souls, but if you wanna be at tha top of this world the devil always demands a sacrifice.

Answer #9

To any of you who dont believe in God or the devil, don’t you think your comments are irrelevant??

If you want to be at the top of your game in any genre of music, you HAVE to sell your soul and, in many cases, sacrifice a loved one. This type of success doesn’t come for free.

Thats why you see all the freemasonry hand gestures that come with your favourite artists, aswell as the paganisms, symbologies and satanic agendas that flash before you in their videos and concerts.

The hypnotic powers they recieve is why so many of you are mind controlled to thinking your favourite artists have your interests at their hearts. Like they really care about you. They posess the same hypnotic powers that Obama has.

I know of three emcees who are posessed by a demon spirit named the ‘Rain man.’ Two of which openly express this, they are; Jay z and Eminem. The other is Kanye.

You guys should find out what Master of Ceremony originates from as well as what eminem means.

This here is no joke.

For aspiring artists.

You can still make a good living and be an artist IF YOU’RE EXTREMELY TALENTED without selling your soul and be able to create your own music so that you call your own shots. As long as you are happy to possibly never reach a million dollars in your career.


Answer #10

I don’t know.. well I do.. 1st all its not just in rap music its in music period.. ROCK POP HIPHOP BLUES EVERYTHING.. even kATE PERRY SAID SHE SOLD HER SOUL TO THE DEVIL IN A INTERVIEW LOOK IT UP ON YOUTUBE..your see it.. some rappers did as well, Tupac, Snoop Dogg, DMX, Bone thugz, Eminem, Even KANYE WEST.. he admitted it at a concert look that up on youtube as well.. And many more not just rap.. I think it started with the heavy metal music all that screaming and head bustin and screamin out demon and all that crap.. but now its in every genre but Christian and gospel.. THE REASON SATAN USES MUSIC TO GET TO PEOPLE IS BECAUSE IN THE BIBLE IT SAYS THAT HE LOVED MUSIC AND HE WAS BEAUTIFUL SINGER HE LOVED MUSIC AND HE HAD A BEAUTIFUL VOICE.. see music is a spirit.. and the devil uses it to get everyone.. see?

Answer #11

I mean…If you REALLY want to be that TOP RAP ARTIST then yes,YOU HAVE TO SELL YOUR SOUL but there’s always a sacrifice; The one you love the MOST must die,It’s an ancient VOODOO ritual that the Music people behind the scenes are very knowlegdable about.BE WISE and GOOD LUCK!…P.s.SEE YA AT THE TOP!

Answer #12

Common sense should tell all normal god fearing human beings that these people had to sell their souls to the devil to reach the riches that they so much desired if you believe in god and the devil(WHICH you SHOULD) then you would know that lucifer or satan whichever you prefer to use was the leader and organizer of music in heaven so when he decided how powerful and influential music was he started to munipulate music in an ungodly way that’s why he was casted down on heaven and so what do you think this great organizer of music continued to do here on earth??? Use music and artist as a tool to influence weak minded people he wouldn’t use me or you he uses people who have riches and major influences on the masses of people think about it so of course he would use soulja boy think about this why does rick ross lil wayne soulja boy birdman the game 50 cent young buck young jeezy gucci mane all have to have crazy tattoos that’s the mark of the beast and basketball players

Answer #13

No don’t sell yourself be your Own Man with common sense put your faith in god If I were you sell your Soul to God to be on top. By L-twan

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