Does a parent have to watch an 'r' rated film with you?

I'm 15,nearly 16.My friend whose the same age as me,and me,want to go see a rated 'R' movie on Saturday.My mom said I could and everything,but shes going to have my little brothers with her,so theyre going to go watch a different movie at the same time as the one I want to see.
If my mom is there and buys the tickets,Can my friend and I watch it alone? or does a parent have to actually go in and watch it with you?
My moms going to be there,but shes going to be with my brothers,watching their movie.

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no your mom actually has to "go in and watch it with you," even if she does buy the tickets for you and your friends. sucks I know. but what you can do is have your mom buy tickets for ALL of you (you, mom, friend, brother..) to see YOUR movie, but then your mom and brother can just go and walk in to another theater to see the movie they want. I know it's sneaking and that's not really allowed, but I do it all the time with my dad.. he just buys the tickets as if we were all going to watch the same Rrated film together, but once he's inside he goes to another movie..

hopefully that wasn't incredibly confusing..?

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u can go I think idt they reallyy care.. wait ya as long as she buys the tix... because how wud they even know who theyre 4 like they dont go in the movie saying are u 17? during the movie

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UGH let's try this again..

BASICALLY when you are all at the ticket booth your mom has to purchase the tickets as if ALL of you are going to watch the Rrated film together. the ticket has to physically say that SHE is going to be watching that Rrated film with you kids. but once you're actually inside the theater, you're in the clear and you can separate from her if you want.. and her and your bro can go watch their movie..

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Why the heck won't it let me type rated "R?"

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this is what you do: they might card you and you dont wanna get caught. so you buy tix to go see a PG-13 movie thats playing around the same time as the rated are movie. you give the guy the ticket and walk into the PG-13 theatre. wait like 2 minutes and then go to the bathroom. when you come back from the bathroom just go into the rated are movie door. they won't even notice.

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I don't think it doesn't really matter. Not sure though, because me & why friends go to matinee movies houses if the movie is like rated are or something. lol.

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I believe that in the U.S. if it is rated are that you can't get in if you are age 17 and under without a parent ID is a must

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ohk, unless you live in a tiny town with like 100 people in it, no one actually checks this stuff and no one is going to question your mom which theatre she's going to go into... Just buy the tickets you need, get into the theatre and go your seperate ways...

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Your mom has to go in and see the movie with you.

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