A list of the types of Doctors?

I want to be a doctor but I don’t know what type. Can someone think of a list of type of doctors and what they do? please and thank you!

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another one would be a plastic surgeon

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sure, hope this helps!=D

  1. psychology- kind of like therapists, or shrinks, more talking than medicine
  2. neurology- brain doctors
  3. psychiatry- different form #1, these doctors are like psychologists, except they also deal with giving like prescriptions and stuff
  4. Ophthalmologist (or something like that) - eye doctors
  5. veterinarians(if yur into animals)- animal doctors
  6. pediatricians-doctors for young children
  7. podiatrist- foot and ankle doctors
  8. dermatologists- skin doctors
  9. anethesiaologists- anethesia specialists (or something…) 10.Dentistry- teeth, gum, and mouth specialists 11.allergology- doctors that study allergies and hypersensitivity 12.Andrology- doctors that study the male reproductive system
  10. Angiology- doctors in this field study the arteries, veins… the curculitory system 14.Cardiology- docters here study disorders in the heart and blood vessels

there are lots more at the website:

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General practitioner - just your regular doctor

Specialists Anesthesiology – general anesthesia or spinal block for surgeries and some forms of pain control Cardiology – heart disorders Dermatology – skin disorders Endocrinology – hormonal and metabolic disorders, including diabetes Gastroenterology – digestive system disorders General surgery – common surgeries involving any part of the body Hematology – blood disorders Immunology – disorders of the immune system Infectious disease – infections affecting the tissues of any part of the body Nephrology – kidney disorders Neurology – nervous system disorders Obstetrics/gynecology – pregnancy and women’s reproductive disorders Oncology – cancer treatment Ophthalmology – eye disorders and surgery Orthopedics – bone and connective tissue disorders Otorhinolaryngology – ear, nose, and throat (ENT) disorders Pedriatics - children’s doctor Physical therapy and rehabilitative medicine – for disorders such as low back injury, spinal cord injuries, and stroke Psychiatry – emotional or mental disorders Pulmonary (lung) – respiratory tract disorders Radiology – X-rays and related procedures (such as ultrasound , CT , and MRI ) Rheumatology – pain and other symptoms related to joints and other parts of the musculoskeletal system Urology – disorders of the male reproductive and urinary tracts and the female urinary tract


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based on the first answer, I just wanted to say that a psychologist is not a doctor, it’s a person who’s earned their Ph.D or something equal to it in psychology. They have not earned a medical degree, and do not make anywhere near what a medical doctor (MD)would make. Psychiatrists (who are MD’s) deal with the same thing as psychologists do, however, they deal with the more medical part of the patient’s care (prescriptions, drugs, etc) and only give counseling or therapy if needed. Psychologists do the more therapeutic part.

I also am interested in becoming a doctor.I have found some specialties that I think would interest me personally, and I’ve also used this page as a guide to find them. If you find a general definition for a doctor and what they do might interest you, look them up to see what more specific things they do (if they perform surgery, are just physicians, treat a specific age or gender, etc.) these details are very helpful.

I don’t want to be a surgeon, so I chose specialties that don’t use surgery, unless they sub-specialize. (like pediatrics; it has physicians and then with a little more education if you want, you can be a pediatric surgeon)

I personally have narrowed my choices down to being a physician in:

anesthesiology (caring for patients before, during, and after surgery to ensure the most comfort for the patient [ie from pain, waking during surgery, things like that])

Gastroenterology (doctors dealing with your digestive track, they sometimes perform procedures, which are different from surgery, that help show the inside of a patient so they can better try to find problems and or treat a patient better)

Pediatrics (doctors dealing with newborns, children, teens, and young adults [ages 0-18] and anything that may effect them. Usually a primary care doctor.)

Psychiatrist (I’ve already pretty much explained this one)

Radiologist (Uses technology like X-Rays, mammograms, CT scans, MRI’s to help other doctors determine what could be wrong with a patient. Where I live, these guys make an average salary of 415,000)

Urology (Deals with problems in the urinary tract of both genders, including the bladder, male reproductive system [these guys are like obstetricians/gynecologists which deal with the female reproductive system] and they also deal with all the organs/muscles inside the penis)

I hope this helps explain a few things that may help you in your search for a specialty, but look up different stuff online (ie look up an oncologist [a doctor who deals with cancer and its affects). The Internet is an amazing source, also if you go to the doctor, ask them about their job and what they do and just different questions to learn about doctors in general.

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maybe um…the ones with the needles that give shots to people and they hurt but sometimes you get lollipops and I like lollipops because their sweet and tasty.and they tatse goood, and I mean like when your high and that felz gewd, yu know?

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I want a list of all doctors and what they do and dont make a list if you dont know how to spell or dont know what you talking about period. thanks =]

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ooo I would love to become a Doctor that specializes in Infectious Diseae , a Diagnostician , Emergency Medicine or Intensive care would be both fun and exciting

Answer #9

how much money would an average general practitioner earn in a year in the uk

Answer #10

a medical director sounds intresting!!!

Answer #11

an eye doctor is an optomotrist…I would imagine a rather weird career…as well as a gyno

Answer #12


* [+] Allergology
* [+] Andrology
* [+] Anesthesia
* [+] Angiology
* [+] Aviation medicine


* [+] Cardiology


* [+] Dentistry
* [+] Dermatology
* [+] Disaster medicine
  [+] Diagnostician


* [+] Emergency medicine
* [+] Endocrinology


* [+] Gastroenterology
* [+] General practice
* [+] Geriatrics
* [+] Gerontology

G cont.

* [+] Gynecology


* [+] Hematology
* [+] Hepatology


* [+] Immunology
* [+] Infectious diseases
* [+] Intensive care medicine


* [+] Medical genetics
* [+] Military medicine


* [+] Nephrology
* [+] Neurology
* [+] Nuclear medicine


* [+] Obstetrics
* [+] Oncology
* [+] Ophthalmology
* [+] Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
* [+] Otolaryngology


* [+] Paleopathology

P cont.

* [+] Palliative medicine
* [+] Pathology
* [+] Pediatrics
* [+] Podiatry
* [+] Psychiatry
* [+] Pulmonology


* [+] Radiology
* [+] Rehabilitation medicine
* [+] Rheumatology


* [+] Serology
* [+] Sexual health
* [+] Sports medicine


* [+] Toxicology
* [+] Transplantation medicine


* [+] Urology
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Answer #14

Oncology - Cancer

Hematology - study of bood

There’s lots of types but I think if you want a challenge, Neurology would be a good field. There are a lot of people that have medical problems and can’t get a diagnosis because doctors don’t know what’s wrong with them. Usually, the last stop in a list of referrals, is a Neurologist. A lot of times, it’s a neurological problem. People are releived to, finally, learn what’s wrong with them.

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