Do you dislike meat?

does anyone on here dislike meat and if yes why?

Answer #1

yes I to hate it 4 the animals and it not fair. just 4 some meat luvers out there it probably wont help because they can’t stop eating it anyway one reason is because do you know what they do to poor cows. when they get old or to injured to live they hang them upside down and knock them out at least try to. some cows are still alive and they get put into this machine and they get chopped up 4 dog food. I know it’s not our food but still. and another thing they do to pigs is the put them in cages and the pull off there tails. for chickens is they keep them in a coop and they have bearly enough room to even move around and they get chopped up 2 for dog food because there 2 bruised to be used4 human food. I don’t eat eggs anymore either cause they are chicken abortions. goats get hung on fences. another reason is cause its bad 4 you. beef can get you mad cow disease only like 5 in a million get it though. one vegatarin saves hunderds of animals. some of my friend became it after hearing this. I can’t stand animals get abused and killed its just sad and unfiar. a few times I creid watching that aspca thing on tv. I’ve been offered 200 bucks to just eat onepiece and I don’t ever aceppt.

Answer #2

I dont eat meat because I feel bad for the animal. I mean I luv animals so I don’t eat them… (Y) (-.-) (Y)(Y)

                would you eat this rabbit? :(
                           (if it were real?)
Answer #3

meat isdisgusting has horrible taste and it looks revlting to be honest and have you seen how some animals kept they dont have there five freedoms its not right! ad saying that some of the animals that are used for dairy products are not treated correctly either! xxXxx

Answer #4

mmm…I love meat. Meat of all kinds. Well, maybe not all kinds. Just the basic stuff, like cow, goat, deer, poultry, fish, and venison. I also think it smells wonderful on the grill. I don’t really feel that sorry for the animals; we raise them, and trust me, they’re not as helpless and innocent as they may seem. They can still fight back =P

Answer #5

I do feel a little guilty if I start thinking about the animals life which was taken in order for me to eat it. But Im not going to lie,I Love Meat. I try not to think about the animal that was killed.

Answer #6

well I hate meat beacuse it makes me think of all the animals they kill to satisfied meat eaters and well im not saying its a bad thing I just dont like the idea of poor inoccent animals being chopped up and eaten and anyways it also smells horroble blah!!

Answer #7

oh I love Meat the people who dont eat meat are missin some fun veggi has no taste

Answer #8

I haven’t eaten meat in decades.

I always liked the taste of meat but I gave it up mainly for health reasons.

When I first quit eating meat I did miss a lot of dishes but as a vegetarian I’ve learned to like a lot of new dishes and I’ve become a lot more adventurous about food. I especially love ethinc foods like Indian, Greek, Chineese, Tex-Mex and Thai cuisines now.

Answer #9

I think it is naty too so, I might be a vegan! especially after I saw what happened to some downer cows on da news!

Answer #10

I dont really like it because you r eating a helpless animal and it is kinda gross looking =[

Answer #11

I don’t like meat (cow or goat) I don’t like the smell and I just dislkie it. XD

Answer #12

I Dont Eat Meat

I Feel Sorry For The Animals Lol x

Answer #13

you can’t beat a fat steak, yumm

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