Do you think this was mean of him to do?

This guy that I kind of USED to like awhile back & I were in Spanish class, and he won Bingo, so he got this massive chocolate bar. And I was sitting behind him and he turned around laughing say.

"Do you want some?"

I said no, he asked me probably four more times. I'm really conscious about my weight, because I AM heavy, but he was messing with me, because he knows how I feel.

Then in music, he could tell I was mad and he was waving at me, and doing those kissey faces like, 'hey sexy, I'm so hot' faces. It irritated me. So I just ignored him.

EMP if that was wrong.
I just got done crying, not because he was making fun of me, but because he didn't even have a reason to, and he just wanted to make me feel bad.


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Lol, moshposh is right... guys dont exactly get on your nerves for no good reason...

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He was either being mean or he likes you and doesn't know how to show it

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this guy is wanting your attention soo bad... he won't do the extra mile if not for having those cutie angry face..

smile! =D

remember NeYo's "When You're Mad" song?

there you go.. xp.

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Lmao, he definitely doesn't like me.
He thinks I'm fat and gross I'm sure.
He messes with me because he thinks he's cool.

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sorry about it! :( but I think if he keeps doing it, then don't act like it bothers you. boys do stuff like that if they like you or they know it annoys you. hope it helps! later! :)

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