Do you think Slipknot is selling out?

Slipknot has,in my opinion,done wonders for modern metal music.They have a good sound,great talent,and meaningful,rebelloius lyrics.

But here lately,and especially around the release of Vol.3:The Subliminial Verses, Slipknot’s been coming under a lot of fire from their fans and critics for supposedly ‘selling out’.

Granted,I feel like Taylor & Root’s Side-Project Stone Sour has affected and even influenced ‘All Hope Is Gone’ & ‘Vol.3’ a little,but their is still a clear diffrence and distinction between the two.I mean Stone Sour is defintley more mainstream then Slipknot.In all my years of listening to the radio,with the exception of Vermillion Pt.2,Psychosocial and Dead Memoires,I have NEVER heard a Slipknot song played on the radio.

I honestly feel that the acoustic tone-down may have been a little expiriment,but I really enjoyed it.I think it showed us a more softer side of the Trash-Bin beating, screaming,gut-busting riff makers.

I think in true turn that the reason the guys may be tuning in down a little now is due to their age and their family life.The guys aren’t as young as they used to be,and they’ve been in this industry since 1998,any band is lucky to survive 5 or six years anymore.They’ve paid their dues to the music industry by entertaining us and I think now it’s the fans turns to cut them a little slack.Granted,we shouldn’t just let them fall by the wayside and go all mainstream on us,but we shure as hell shouldn’t be booing them for trying new things.

If Joey hadent played trash bins,he would’nt have figured out what great asset to the drums they make.All music is like this.If people whouldn’t have taken chances,Metal would have never existed and we’d all still be running around in knee-length skirts and saying ‘’yes ma’am and no ma’am’’ all day.not that theres anything wrong with that,granted,but it’s not my lifestyle.

anyways,sorry I wrote that book up there.what I want to know is do you feel like Slipknot is selling out? If nor or so,justify your answer.

Thanks =]

Answer #1

selling out? They’ve been playing the same garbage since they started!

Answer #2

there music has changed from their first CD compleatly not so hardcore it seems the band had begun to care more about physical apperance and “cool concerts” there music isnt them personaly I doubt that they even write it anymore their sell outs only way to put it ,

Answer #3

They haven’t just changed their music “alittle” it went from slipknot to stone sour #2.But I can’t blame them, corey’s voice is jacked up from all the screaming and drinking for all these years. Although I don’t like that they’re making radio friendly songs with their album going #1. I think they have sold out, but their old stuff are good enough to keep me happy

Answer #4

Slipknot,Corey in particular has shown a disgust for bands that have people write their material for them.I do not think Slipknot will EVER have anyone writing their music for them so long as one of them has the hands to write.All their lyrics and riffs,et.c are thiers.

I had this discussion earlier with my boyfriend,a metalhead himself and we both seem to think that the reason their going the way they are is because they are maturing musically.They are realzing that while jumping on Joey’s set and headbanging or screaming till your lungs collapse is great,there’s always room for improvment.

I also feel that their acoustic sets showed a softer side of them.You can still be metal and be acoustic,it’s all in the lyrics and the ‘eerieness’ of the acoustics.

Okay,I’m writing a sequel to the book I posted today so im gonna shut up now. xD

Answer #5

Man I thought I was a die hard Slipknot fan,I don’t think there selling out,they’re doing there best,what they love,you notice they haven’t broken up since kicking those other dudes out and since then there music is still the fu*king best,so NO Slipknot is still Slipknot and will still to me be the Lord of Metal.

Answer #6

I don’t think they’re selling out but they are getting older and I think teyre style is changing

Answer #7

No. Selling out, to me, is making music for the only purpose of making money. If they LIKE what they’re writing, and are writing it because they LIKE that music, not because they want millions of dollers, then they haven’t sold out. Now, if they write something they really like, and it just happens to be obscenely popular among certain groups, well, then, that’s just peachy. shrugs Sure, they have toned down a lot since when they were younger, but that’s to be expected; few people can hold on to the aggression from their early 20s, and that aggression is channeled into their music, and that’s what made it sound the way they sounded. They’re a lot mellower now.

Well, not on stage. X3

Answer #8

I think they are selling out on accident. What I mean is, one famous loser decided to like them, and American fangirls and boys decided that they had to be JUST like them and started listening to them. If that makes sense. P.s. 1999 slipknot owns

Answer #9

Slipknot will ALWAYS be great. Just because they’ve changed their sound a little doesn’t make them sell outs. A LOT of bands change and are still awesome. Sometimes change is what’s best. They’re the ones writing and making the music so it’s all up to them. As long as they’re proud of their work and think it’s great, that’s all that matters.

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