Do you think shows like Jerry Springer & Maury are FAKE?

I honestly think mostly EVERY show on television is a set up. Dating shows, “reality” shows, just everything is scripted and unreal even if they’re entertaining to watch.

So do you think shows like Jerry Springer and Maury is real or fake? Who the helll wants to expose their personal business like that though?

I guess Maury you can understand because the show have you embarass yourself on T.V. then give you something free in return. That’s fair. But Jerry Springer…? eh…

Answer #1

Jerry Springer is fake, Maury isn’t.

Answer #2

yeah I thought so.

Answer #3

I agree with Steph

Answer #4


Answer #5

Jerry springer is fake because I saw behind the scene of jerry springer. It’s so fake!! Maury I think is real

Answer #6

Exploiting them for our entertainment…how sweet in a cruel way…Well I’m sure they try Maury because he’s a lot easier to reach. And I’m guessing DNA test and lie detectors are costly so they go through the embarassment to find out the truth.

Answer #7

Jerry springer is fake because my friend went on that show before and everything is set up, but Maury is not fake

Answer #8

life itself is fake. we can act the way we want, and fee the way we want, and claim to be whoever we want. Meeting a new date is fake, because the date claims to be so politically correct, against racism, etc. ALL FAKED-UP.

Answer #9

yeah, they have to be fake. well, I don’t know about the fighting (punching, etc; that’s probably added as you go along), but the rest is fake.
anyways, fake or not, I could definitely live without those two shows. I’ll just stick with The Simpsons and Family Guy.

Answer #10

I can honnestly say that Jerry looks fake because of the fighting and arguing, Maury is or “seems” real because of all the propaganda and propaganda dectors (lie detectors), Tyra Banks talk show is real because my friend won free tickets and went on the show, Steve Wilkos (former Jerry Springer security guard), his show is real but not entertaining 4 me, VH1 shows like 4 the love of Ray-J or I love Money2 is fake because you can juss tell by looking at it. so well dere ya go.

Answer #11

Well I know for a fact an NO DOUBT tha the muary show is completely real, an the reason is becuase muary has made point after point that he dedicates his show to finding out the baby’s father because he does not belive it is right to go on living with out the truth on a subject like that…. He is really one person that cares. Yes it is exspenive for DNA results, however havnt you noticed that the same guy that always has the results is the same person every time? He has sponcers that work with him in finding the real parents. Plus all the TV rating’s pay for it. Muary gets that stuff for cheep cheep!! Plus he is a father of a child that is not his but has raised this child an has been the ONLY father in it’s life, so he belives that children should always know the truth… He is extremly out there to deicate his show for DNA test’s with out a doubt. Plus My best friend got caught up in this an she was on the show an it was totaly NOT a setup!! An I wanna give a shout out for MUARY for what he does!! He has made my lil cuz’ns life so much better from what he does!! He saved there family!! Thank You Muary for dedicating your time an $$ for what you do for others!!!

However the Jerry Springer show… huh? Well thats a good question I would love to know the truth bout that… Even tho pep’s be saying hat it cant be cuz why would some people put ther biz an problems out there like that? But then again look at most of the people that go on that show? Plus people would do crazy things to be on tv? Now im sure that they ge paid for being on there an for getting Jerry more ratings an just to be on TV you get paid (most of the time)? But yea I so don’t doubt that these craz people would go on TV an make them selvs look stupid just to be on there!!!! An I personly think that they r nuts, but look at the world today do you really belive that ther r not crazy people that wouldnt do it? But I do also believ that the stories r probly juiced up some an have been ploted a lil more than what they appear to be just to get more ratings…. Like when the fight bell goes off Im sure they know that they need to put on more of a show an is ploted that way… But yea loooking at the people that go on there i have no doubt in my mind that they r dumb enough to do poop like that….

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