obssessed with this anime show called Naruto?

Okay so I am obssessed with this anime show called Naruto and in Naruto there is a criminal orginization called Akatsuki (Aka-ta-su-ki) And the leader of the orginization is named Pein he has orange hair and 18 piercings on his face. But he is an anime character I know he is not real but I love him. I am obssessed with him. My friend Sarah loves a guy from Naruto named Sasori and we cried for almost a half an hour about them. I always think about him too. People make fun of me because I like an anime character. Do you think I am crazy?

Answer #1

screw that I fell in love with Ichigo from Bleach (yes I would fantasise that he woule come rescue me and we’d run away together lol I know! it’s terrible but it happens) and I LOOOVE naruto because of his spirit and Saske’s eyes…f*ucking anime! I hate it because it makes me so emotional! I don’t know what it is but damn japanese people really know how to strike a chord, especially when it comes to loyalty. I’ve been trying to get my boyfriend to watch Bleach and Naruto for almost three years, he wouldn’t even budge until I got overly excited about Ultimate Ninja 3 (naruto game…duh) and we started playing he looves it now, especially stince I started getting into the story line. the first time we played for 17 hours so now he can’t wait to watch it, and he gets jelous when I’m like all about how cool Gaara is and how hot he is with all this gothy makeup and bad-a$$ ways lol I’m a dork, I’m trning 21 tomorrow and I work in a law office okay…I LOVE anime and I tell everyone I’m a ninja, screw what they think…


ps-besides! look at all the stupid reality shows people get obsessed about like Flavor Flave (however the F*ck you spell his name) and soap operas…they suck compared to anime characters! at least those characters are worthy! they’re honest, loyal, noble, and really cool and dorky.

Answer #2

your NOT WEIRD!!!…well, maybe a LITTLE, but I’m that way too…:) except, of course, that since I’m a guy, I’ve actually crushed on almost all the girls ( except for Sakura and Ino…not saying why unless asked, lol)…so much so that my lil bro calls me “mega-perv”, lol. (yay, homage to Jiraya! XD) Hell, I was even pissed off at Temari when she kicked Tenten’s butt during the Chunin Exams…but I’ve changed my mind since then…her being on the Leaf’s side now certainly helps, lol. And I’m TOTALLY obsessed with the series, lol. I bet I could kick the crap outta anyone at a trivia challenge (unless we’re talking about the new chapters released in Japan…haven’t read those yet…) And yes, I DO have a life…and a good memory…and a computer…and an active imagination, lol.

Answer #3

Omg I know exactlly how you feel I used to like Kakashi then Gaara then Itachi then Pein then Sasori then Hidan then Pein again. I kind of switch back and forth I like the bad guys they are so cool and hot. But I have liked Pein for a very long time now so yeah.

Answer #4

I know anime is so addicting when my friend Cody told me about Naruto I watched one episode and got obssessed with it. Then I got my friend Sarah into it she is just as bad as me. She has a crush on Sasori.

Answer #5

lol that’s kinda weird… My little sister watches that stuff. I honestly don’t see what’s so cool about it. I’d rather watch Spongebob Square Pants over that stuff anyday.

Answer #6

You’re not crazy. I’m not a fan of Naruto, but I do like some anime. You don’t really grow out of anime, they make some for adult too.

Answer #7

I can tell you a lot of things about naruto thats how bad I am my friends cousin Faith has about the same knoldge about this anime and thats a lot she actually gets the manga and she got her dad to buy here all the naruto videos. Im not that bad about it though. I can kick the crap out of any one in the games sep for the newer ones cause I havent played them.

Answer #8

No way… I like Itachi Uchiha, Gaara, Kankuro, Deidara, Kisame and Naruto of course…

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