Do you think boss is on warning

Steve asked if I could email you a copy of the letter he wrote to the ceo back in december 2007. Only for the letter he is sending you he omitted the names of the people involved and the companies names. He replaced them with new company, old company and female boss, as you will see when you read the letter. When you read the letter let me know what you think - give details.

Background: this female boss ever since she came aboard has done nothing but harass the staff and customers. if the staff would talk to one another throughout the day she would bother them about talking to one another and make them get back to work - it was like being in jail. the female boss has a way of twisting and turning the truth. this female boss has gotten people fired by lying (she even got steve fired for unjust reasons).

Then when steve was unjustly fired he wrote this letter to the ceo at the corporate headquarters. and followed it up with emails and phone calls. he spoke to the second and third in command. But he did not think this was enough so he sent this letter in february 2008 to the home address of the ceo.

Then a couple of weeks after he sent the letter to the home address of the ceo, the female boss had her yearly review. steve’s ex-coworkers said the female boss is much better, but has her moments, but they still don’t like her and want her out. do you think she was put on warning? what do you think of the letter.

December 22, 2007

Re: female boss - branch manager

Dear mr. Ceo (new company):

First I want to say I was looking forward to being part of the new company. But due to the fact that female boss was trying (and succeeded in getting me) fired I will not be able to be a part of the new company family. And no I am not a disgruntled employee. Female boss has a way of twisting and turning the truth and deceiving the higher ups (old company higher ups*). Also female boss is supposed to come in early and stay until closing. Female boss comes into work at 9am and leaves every day at 3pm or 4pm to go home - eastern standard time.. Female boss never does any work, female boss passes the buck to everyone else in the branch but takes all the credit.

Here are some things she has done to customers and my coworkers (including me) :

(1) I was safe deposit attendant. Even though my background is managerial. One customer (male) came into the branch to go into his box. I signed him in and he and I retrieved his box from the vault. When he went into the coupon room he realized that his cousin (male) was waiting on the banking floor. He asked me if I could watch his box while he would go and get his cousin. I told him that I could not do this but I could go and get his cousin, which I did. As his cousin was walking to the coupon room female boss ran after him. And as the coupon door closed, female boss knocked on the door and asked the cousin if he was on the signature card for the safe deposit box. The cousin said no he wasn’t so female boss kicked him out of the room. Of course the cousin and my customer was upset. I decided on my own to check with retail operations and they told me that only the person who is on the signature card can retrieve the box but that person can bring in as many people as they want into the coupon room.

(2) and one couple came in with their five year old daughter to go into their safe deposit box. The daughter held my hand the entire time she was at our branch and walked with me wherever I went. Female boss said to me in a nasty tone of voice: “you are not allowed to walk with her” the couple was upset because every time they came into our branch and I gave their daughter my undivided attention she came out of her shell and made many friends at school.

(3) female boss told one of my coworkers when female boss and the coworker had a disagreement that this coworker needs to go to cigna behavioral health. And female boss printed out and handed to my coworker two pages off the internet from the cigna behavioral health website on who to contact at cigna behavioral health.

(4) about three weeks ago sujanna (one of our assistant branch managers) was at the branch managing alone, female boss left early to go home. And our coffee machine was broken so I told one of my coworkers I was going next door on my break to get coffee. Sujanna was looking for me . I came back about 10 to 15 minutes later and sujanna comes running over and tells me I need permission to go out. We snapped at one another. Sujanna told female boss what happened and instead of female boss ignoring it or saying why don’t you and steve work it out or the three of us could sit down and talk she called me in to her office with sujuanna and wrote me up and threatened me. When I said to her how come you are not writing up sujanna and telling her the same thing.. Female boss said oh I am dealing with her. I said to her well if you wrote her up and are dealing with her the same way you are dealing with me then let me see the document that sujanna has to sign concerning this incident and she said “don’t worry I am dealing with her” I don’t think there was a document. How come I was singled out and sujanna got off scott free.

(5) then this past monday because I did not stand across the street to watch my coworker open the branch because it was bitterly cold outside that is when female boss wrote me up and terminated me. She twisted and turned the incident to the old company higher ups and my side was never asked. And the only reason I was there that early is because our branch has a weekly monday morning meeting otherwise I would be there at 8:30am. And no one in my branch wants this meeting except female boss.

(6) about two weeks ago in the morning I asked female boss if her scotch tape dispenser needs scotch tape and she replied: I am a grown woman I don’t need any one asking me if I need scotch tape. Let me tell you on a professional level I am here just to work.

(7) my coworkers are so afraid to have conversations with one another because they are so afraid that female boss is going to say something or write them up.

(8) customers are closing their accounts left and right and opening them up in other banks (I.e. Hsbc, citibank, etc) in our area. And the reason is because they do not like the way female boss treats them.

(9) last year the our branch was closing at 3pm due to the fact the computers were being upgraded. Due to the fact that I did not know we had to stay a little later I told my mom that I would pick her up at 3:30pm. Female boss told me around 2 to 3pm I could not leave early I had to wait until everyone left. I told her I made arrangements to pick my mom up at a bus stop and there wasn’t any way I could get in touch with my mom. Yet that day female boss left at 3:15pm. My mother at the time was 80 years old. Priscilla (our other assistant manager) was kind enough to let me leave to go get my mom. Priscilla said to me and (and told female boss the next day) “steves mother is 80 how can steve leave his 80 year old mother on the street corner.”

(10) a few months ago female boss yelled at one my coworkers in front of a customer. This coworker is a teller and she had a customer at her window. And then not to long ago female boss told this coworker of mine that this coworker is very unprofessional. Please keep in mind this coworker is the most professional person I know and she is quieter than a church mouse trying to avoid a cat.

You have to understand something I have tried (in the past) to talk to the higher ups at old company, even old company human resources but they always take her side. Telling me to mind my own business. And the kicker is after this happened I was told by the old company higher ups I should have come to the old company higher ups and my coworkers should have gone to them as well. In the past my coworkers were going to talk to the old company higher ups but didn’t because nothing would have been done. The old company higher ups think female boss is right and we are wrong. Female boss has made trouble in the other branches she used to work at. One person that worked with her at another branch said “thank god she is no longer at our branch”.

I really think I was fired unjustly when my side was not even asked. Female boss plays judge and jury and hands down a verdict and deceives the old company higher ups into thinking she is right and the staff is wrong and are dim-witted.

The reason old company (not new company) said that I was terminated was because this past monday when the branch was to be opened I said that I would not be the lookout because it was cold outside. I think this is unfair to fire me because of this. I was told that I put my life and the person opening the branch at risk.. And this was reviewed by old company hr counsel, and old company hr counsel decided to terminate me without even speaking to me. Instead of being fired the individuals who know how to open a branch should have said “steve lets sit down and go over the procedure for the future. First of all I really do not know branch opening and closing procedures. Keep in mind hr would not have know about this if female boss would have just sat down with me and gone over the procedures with me.

Also I single handley organized the entire branch. I alphabetized all the signature cards (safe deposit signature cards as well as the signature cards behind the teller area) ; I organized the business files in the file cabinets, I organized the storage room.

Thanks for reading and please have a representative from new company meet with every employee in the branch. Do not go by the old company higher ups and female boss they will only twist and turn how she treats the staff.

Sincerely, Steve

Answer #1

I know this is a very important topic for you, and so I took the time to read Steve’s letter.

First, Steve’s letter is too long. When people see that much text, they usually dont want to read it, or they tell themselves they;ll read it when they have half an hour and a cup of coffee. Then they put it off, and never end up reading it properly. So Steve’s first lesson is that he has to be concise, in order to grab the attention of the reader.

Next, I found his arguments petty and a little simple minded. Let’s talk about the little girl whose hand he held. The bank isn’t a day care centre, and Steve’s concern should not be whether the girl has made more friends at school because he spends quality time with her. This is going way outside his job as a safety deposit box manager, notwithstanding how humane he thought it was. He should not have brought that up in his letter.

When you list grievances with a company, you have to be very careful and extremely professional. Steve’s letter is not professional. It sounds like kids complaining to parents. She hit me, tell her to stop, Not fair.

The female boss - well, there are millions of bosses like that all over. How to effectively deal with them? In the instance of the cousin who was kicked out of the room, the complaint should have come from the customer, to the branch manager. It rarely works for one person in a department to write a scathing letter full of “he said she saids.” If people start quitting because they don’t like working for her, or if turnover is higher, that’s usually how it’s noticed. But believe me, that female bosses boss would have a very good idea of how she runs the place, and I suspect it was acceptable.

To also freely admit that you refused to be the lookout because it was cold outside, Steve, is quite something. What were they supposed to do? Look for another employee with a thicker coat? Close the branch because it was too cold?

Singlehandedly organzed the branch? Putting things in alphabetical order is not how I would define “organization” of a branch. Organizing the branch would mean analysing each department’s work flow and how effectively and accurately it gets passed to the next department.

CEOs do not want to hear about scotch tape dispensers and how its too cold outside. You are all adults working for a bank, and there is a hierarchy within the bank. CEOs have supervisors to deal with the troops and who’s unhappy with whom. I think the whole thing was handled in the wrong way.

This is all my opinion after working in offices for 20 years and being both an underling and a manager. I just don’t think Steve should continue this way. Sounds like he’d be better off working in a smaller organization where the rules are more lax and there is less structure. But he has to be prepared to take on more responsibility.

Answer #2

To pinkpearl. I first want to say I do thank you for your answer. But I checked with an HR represenative where I work and they said when a letter is sent to the CEO’s home that CEO takes the letter and the complaint very seriously. In addition I forgot to mention that in the past customers have spoken directly to the CEO at the Corproate Heardquaters about the female boss. But when Steve was let go he realized he was the only one that would be able to get the higher ups to see how this female boss is treating staff. And I guess between Steves letter detailing every thing this female boss has done and the customers complaints my HR told me she is probably on warning and that is why she changed her behavior a lot. Steves excoworkers told him that the female boss has changed.

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