Do you think admins should remove blatant boob shots?

The typical criteria here for half naked photos is that if you see the same on the beach, it stays up.

I’m okay if it’s an actual shot of a girl in a bikini on the beach or something, but when it’s a shot of a girl’s boobs in a bra without even a face attached, I think it’s pretty obnoxious.

So the question is: do you think admins should remove pictures which are focused solely on a person’s breasts?

Answer #1

I’d say it would depend on the pic and also ones profile. If its a spammer, then yeah, remove it. If its just harmless fun leave it.

Like the post above me, there’s a fine line with censorship.

Answer #2

no. it doesn’t bother most people, if you find it annoying then don’t click on it.

Answer #3

I don’t see the problem. They want attention, and they’re getting it. Win-win right?

Answer #4

Yes. Okay if they have their face in it fine but if your main focus goes towards their chest and there’s no face then I feel like it should be nuked.

Answer #5

I vote yes…if a girl needs attention that badly then she should really be working on her self esteem issues, not showcasing her chest on the Internet.

Answer #6

I think I saw the same photo ( or photos ) ..yeah , if the point of putting a photo up is to let others know what you look like, to put a face to the discussions they’re having, then I say TAKE EM DOWN, unless, of course you want someone to just think you’re a couple of “boobs”! I’d rather see a pretty face, even in real life,rather than blatently promoted body parts…

Answer #7

yes I do

hm. wouldnt men ,or some women, get sick of boobs after seeing them millions of times are they really that frikkin great?

Answer #8


That is a degree of censorship that shouldn’t be promoted. The idea of censoring a photo because it doesn’t have a head on it??

Next we will censor photos of ankles only because they might cater to people with foot fetishes.

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Answer #9

I agree with ally_xo

Answer #10

I have to vote no…just because censorship is really a slippery slope.

Answer #11

It doesnt bother me… I would worry if she was younger though (under 16/18)

Answer #12

I vote yes!

Answer #13

I think they should. Mainly because this is a public community and there are a lot of minors here as well as adults. So it is not appropriate

Answer #14

I vote yes, and I agree with irrismith that the photos should be used to put a face to these posts. I don’t think I want to talk to a pair of boobs.

Other kinds of photos we load up usually reflect our identity - our design work, families, pets, beliefs, etc - so if someone loads up a photo of her boobs INTENTIONALLY, without her face in it, I think I would consider that like any other pornographic photos that are banned on here. FunAdvice isn’t a meat market. I think this also applies to photos of guys who pull their shirt up and pull their pants extremely low to show off their abdomen. If I see even the tiniest hint of pubes, I’m going to vote for that photo to be nuked.

Answer #15

Yes- crossing the line into pornographic.

Answer #16

well like stated miles above if its no more than what you see in a bikini then it shouldnt matter if its that big of a problem just ban them!:)

Answer #17

Yes, if the girl is exposing too much. And especially if they’re underage. That shouldn’t be allowed at all as far as I’m concerned.

Answer #18

I think so. The point of this site is not your half naked pictures. Its for advice.

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