Do you think a 14 year old can get a baby sitting job?

I love kids. Little kids and babies. I play with my boyfriends little brother and hes only 3 and he loves me. (which really doesnt help me “I want to have a baby now” problem)

Anyways. I want to baby sit…

And I dont want to say anything to my mum because she’ll say I know nothing about taking care of kids.

But she doesnt realize even tho I’ve only had a few encounters with babies and little kids, and I’ve never changed a diaper, and have only bottle fed a baby like 4 times. I know everything to do…

And I know this sounds bad, but you learn a lot from tv and movies. But I just seem like I’ve always known. I know how to take care of kids.

But mum says no one will hire a 14 year old.

Because my 16 year old sister had a hard time…

I know I can take care of kids…

Do you think its possible for a very mature 14 year old to get a baby sitting job? And if so, how can I prove to people I can?

Also, im going to say this now before anyone asks.

I cant baby sit my boyfriends little brothers.

A- his oldest little brothers is 10

B- whenever im there, my boyfriends there, so whats the point? He can watch em

  (he has adhd with no meds so he shouldnt be watching them anyways.)

C- his mum was diagnosed with breast cancer, so she doesnt work anymore… And probably wont be working for a long long time

So what do you think.

Can I get a job? How can I prove im old enough?

Answer #1

it is possible because me [14] & my 3 sisters are going to set up our own business to baby sit, my 2 sisters are already doing work with children and they are on their corses and that but me and my other sister only baby sit family/familyfriends but we get taught a lot by our older sisters. maybe if you have any older sisters you could do the same ? :)

Answer #2

I’m sure you can get a babysitting job, but it might be difficult. I think I was your age when I first started babysitting (I’m 20 now), but for me it was easy, because my mom was a child care provider, but she only worked during the week (no nights or weekends). The people were extremely nice and became good friends of ours, but because I had been with her so many times to help her, I knew what to do. So whenever they wanted to go out, I would get to babysit.

Can you post flyers somewhere? I know the grocery stores here tend to have bulletin boards where you can advertise.

The only reason I think it will be difficult is because it doesn’t seem like you have any experience, so you’re going to need someone (the child’s parents) to teach you. Even though you think you know what to do, it can be a lot different when you actually have to do it. I’d definitely encourage posting flyers though :)

Once someone calls you, maybe you can give them personal references? (To prove you’re responsible).

Good luck! If you want to ask me other things about it you can.

Answer #3

Sure. I started babysitting at 12.

Answer #4

yup. I started babysitting when I was 13. you’ll be fine.

Answer #5

where can I find a website that has an application for a babysitting job or is hiring a babysitter?I’m 14 years old and I’m very good with babies and 0-7 years old

Answer #6

if you want some one to babysitt for you im here well my number is going to be right here 559 458 5760

Answer #7

my older sister moved out… and she didnt do much baby sitting

Answer #8

you can baby sit. I am 12 and I already baby sit around the town just tell your mum about me and she will surley say yes.

Answer #9

tell you the truth I have been watching all my cousin since I was 10 because my relatives like to pop kids out like theres nothing else. im 14 now and I love any kid or baby I can get my hands on. my friends and family always tell me im going to be a great mom. I think you should be able to baby sit as long as you are willing to do it and have a lil fun with it rather than just doing it for money. it always makes things better when you enjoy it and know how to handle the lil problems you may have with lil ones my cousin is always looking for a baby sittin job and she always askes me to help because she is 12 almost 13 and dont look like she knows anything about kids. but she knows how to keep them doing something or making them laugh. she gets on some website and makes flyers to hand out to people. It works too.

Answer #10

I babysit and I’m 14 ,, well first you have to find a friend/family member who has a baby in there house (I mind my friends baby niece mostly) and do a bit of babysitting with them just to prove to your mom your able ,, then after a while you can start babysitting other people ,, and yeahh ,, well hope I helped (dunno how long ago this was asked but hopefully I’m helping someone reading this :) ) x

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