Do you think I could beat up a wrestler?

Do you think I could beat up a wrestler or do you think I am weak and not able to win a fight? I am just curious . I am actually trained in kung fu and karate. Could I beat up a wrestler ? I am bored and couldn’t think of a different question to ask. I am a green belt in karate and blue sash in kung fu. Wrestlers aren’t trained like us they are big and slow. Who do you think would win me or a wrestler? I maybe stronger than I look.

Answer #1

A Wrestler - I think you could beat up. Mainly because they do not know real fighting and it’s all tricks and scripts.

Now a UFC fighter - no way. You would get demolished.

Answer #2

One cannot tell by simply looking at your picture - the wrestler could possibly have a lesser, equal, or larger background.

Answer #3

it depends I mean which wrestling class are u talkin bout I wrestle 135 and I took tae kwon do at the age of 10 and studied kung fu boxing , pankration, jeet kune do , now do mma so honestly I doubt it even if you mean just wrestling and not them actually throwing a punch or kicking I doubt it buddy it depends on how good you r wrestlers practice on each other all the tym while most martial arts school dont do sparring much and dont do nearly as much hard core training as wrestlers against someone who been wrestling not very long then maybe yea you could but against someone like a state champion (which btw is damn near impossible 2 achieve 2 just let alone place) then HELL NO

Answer #4

you’d get your butt handed to you by a wrestler. even a high school wrestler who is much smaller could take you to the ground and keep you there. unless you are talking about pro wrestlers in which case you’d probably still get beat up. I think your karate classes have given you a false sense of confidence about getting into real life fights…a real fight is nothing like a “karate class”

Answer #5

It depends on what each oponant knows about each others fighting style. To be able to defeat a wrestler you must first be familiar with their techniques so you know how to properly counter them. I have studied in Goju Ryu for almost 5 years and I still see just any regular wrestler as a tough fight (I love using pressure points though, the looks on their faces in priceless when they are in pain)I would suggest you look up on common wreslter/street fighters moves and find counters that both are easy and effective. Just remember, never try to look good in a fight, focus on ending it without being lethal.

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