Do you play WoW and what are your characters?

I just started playing WoW—I’m a level 4 Undead Rogue. Does anyone here play WoW and what characters/levels are you at?

Answer #1

I play a bunch xD

Ishmail 76 rogue Windessence 80 druid Capitanmorgn 80 DK Oneshotyou 19 hunter twink Froid 80 DK Selaphiel 80 warrior Sigea 80 Paladin

haha they are all on aggamagan cept for froid

Answer #2

yessir… I do…

  • 70 Human Warlock ~Zanthell~ Boulderfist US PvP
  • 50 Night Elf Hunter ~Llehtnaz~ Boulderfist US PvP
  • 41 Human Warrior ~Groddoc~ Boulderfist US PvP
  • 30 Blood Elf Priest ~Valerias~ Frostmourne US PvP and at the moment im working on an Undead Priest named Scyllar on Frostmourne.
Answer #3

i play on a PvP server at my friends house. my characters name is ‘Nasir’ after the legendary rapper Nas ‘Nasir’ Jones. i just started and imma lvl 9 human paladin

Answer #4

Yeah i play alot

I got a..

-70 Night elsf Hunter (Erunn)

-70 Night elf rogue (Peekaboo)

-70 Gnome Mage (Coldheat)

  • and a 70 Human Pally (bubleandherth)

And i got..

-30 Night Elf Druid (Kereldiang)

  • and finnally a 56 Dreniie Shammy (i’m gonnagetu)

if u wana find me i’m on the Sever Ravencrest and i play the allince and i’m mostly on Coldheat or Erunn Add me up :-)

Answer #5

Sup i play WoW but maybe not for long if u read my thread i psted Anyway

Alliance characters on Kael’thas

lvl 70 Gnome warrior “Sbg” lvl 19 Nighelf rogue “Fleshwoundz” Twink lvl 19 Dwarf hunter “Peenutbutter” Twink

Horde characters on Kael’thas

lvl 47 Orc hunter “Tankshot” lvl 19 Troll rogue “Hotchocolate” Twink

Other characters:

Stormscale—-> lvl 26 Human pally “Xclusiv” Draenor———> lvl 19 Unedead mage “Darkvenom” Twink

                          lvl 23 Troll priest "Someblackguy"
Answer #6

I have a few on Naz’jtar, a PVP server. I am on the Alliance so Horde beware. I have a level 40 Rogue named Jawkitch, and a 18 Hunter I am slowly building as a bg 19 twink named Jeezusnuts (If a boar named LilBastrd ever chews on your backside, that’s me). I have other alts and a few on other servers but I play these the most.

I have been ganking and sapping horde for about a month now, and I still need to break my serious noob status. But this game is addicting and you learn fast. Look up our guild, Wasting Time. We spawned some level 70’s from our guild but they are now in their own new raiding guild.

Answer #7


I don’t but my best friend does. He’s a level 70 paladin something or another. I think it’s the highest level you can get. He rides animals and stuff :)

Answer #8

I play a level 70 alliance mage on the Dalaran server

Answer #9

i dont but my bro plays like nonstop

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