Do you make your bed?

do you ever make your bed in the morning? are you a boy or girl? why or why not?

Answer #1

I make my bed & im a girl. but I dont know… I like it when it’s messy but not too messy you know?

Answer #2

Yes, because disorder really bugs me… :[

Answer #3

I do my bed because I like it when my room looks nice and tidy so yeah I like to do my bed in the mornings or whenever it is messy!! :)

Answer #4

pretty much never. I’m a girl, and I just don’t have time, or I don’t really want to. I’m a teenager so I have an excuse to be messy, that’s what we do.

Answer #5

I do my bed casue if I dont do it so well I wont be able to sleeo on it ,,andi m girl I take the covers away and let it get it fresh then I go back and do it all nice again from teh start when I get inside it at night I thank god we hve beds people sleep on grass and asphelt and I do my bed well to sleep on it you make your bed ! you sleep on it

Answer #6

NO I never make my bed! and im female I prefer it to be messy when I get in it because I find it more comfertable with it being messy!! also my pillows are really comfy messy aswel!! because they mould (duno ow you spel it sorry) round my head and I can fall asleep str8 away!! but when my beds made I cant get to sleep becasue my pillows will take ages to get comfy!!

Answer #7

NEVER and I will never I’m a girl and the reason I don’t make it is because I’m just going to sleep in it again in the night

Answer #8

I don’t because I’m always so tired and lazy in the morning.

And I’m a girl.

Answer #9

Yeah I Do … Im A Girl … Because I Hate My Bedroom Being Messy (:

Answer #10

No im a girl I have to get to work and I dont have time?

Answer #11

Depends if the maids in that day… but me personally no… LOL ima guy :P lol

Answer #12

not always. only when I like have to & I dont really do a good job because what’s the point if you’re just going to sleep in it later on.& imma girl

Answer #13

Dear ilovealiciakeys, Yes, never miss a day. Sue…good luck

Answer #14

Yes guy It’s the law!


Answer #15

No I did’t, & No I don’t make my bed. It save time getting in &out.

Answer #16

Yea I make my bed everymorning because it just looks messy when the bed isn’t made.

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