Do you like tyra banks?

Do you like tyra banks, why or why not?

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She has to ask personal questions and be the way she is in the show to make more exciting. PLus people want to know personal questions if they're not ready for that then they shouldn't be in her show. or just say its too personal.

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she asks people way too personal questions,
she flirts aot with her male guests and even kissed a few of them on tv
and she dizzy
in my opinion I dont like her lack of respect

looking good isnt everything there is to a person, some of you said shes a role model...I dont see much in her character that I would want

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I like her. She's a good role model in my opinion. I watch her show everyday when I can, unless I have class at that time.

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she kin of freaks me out a bit lol

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I absolutley love Tyra Banks, not only is she stunningly beautiful, shes funny and has an amazing personality, and America's Next Top Model is like my favourite show!

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