Do you hate Asians?

I was just wondering whether white/black/Hispanic etc. Americans hate Asians. Im Asian but I dont live in the US

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Answer #2

I hate asians because im asian!

Answer #3

I’m hispanic and no I don’t hate asians, one of my best friends is asian.

Answer #4

I h8 em there all ways meen and treat my contry like dirt

Answer #5

yes. yes I do. not so much hate… but a mild irritation. being honest

Answer #6

im asian and racists should GET A LIFE AND STEP INTO REALITY

Answer #7

asians are awesome they mak great porn strs just jking lol

Answer #8

I don’t hate Asians at all.I love almost all races.Of course the only people that answer this question is going to say they love Asians. A lot of people that I’ve known don’t hate Asian per se that just don’t like the accent.

Answer #9

no , why would I .

Answer #10

NO. What a queston!!! BRAVO!!!

Answer #11

I’m white and I dont hate asians.. some of best friends are asian.

Answer #12

I’m asian and white, and I don’t hate asians! I only have a few asian friends but it’s not like I despise them or anything!!!

Answer #13

No… if someone hates someone just because they are a different race, it’s because they are something called rasist. And that’s so not right! So no worries… not ALL of us hate Asians =]

Answer #14

I have a really good asain friend, and another boy im friends with is asain. my asiansensation. lol but to answer the question- No, I deff do not hate asians.

Answer #15

oh and also even though I’m hispanic, I’m from america and trust me, 99% of us don’t hate asians.. we’re nice :]

Answer #16

thats just sad and im asian but if you hate asians ,blacks, or any other race think about it if you were asian how would you feel if people despied you becuaz your asian.I reckon people who are racist can GET A LIFE and step into reality cauz just becauz sooner or later your gonna see them in lots of places. In nz there is a race called maori they do the haka and stuff but @my school mostly maori people call us chingchong or whatever but I dont care becauz any way teachers dont tell them off or anything and cauz I got great friends who support me and will backtalk to the people who insult me just becauz im asian

Answer #17

nooo. theyre so adorable! Do other races hate white people?

Answer #18

I’m english and I don’t hate Asians. One of my best friends is Asian.

Answer #19

anybody that hates a whole group of people probably just needs luv. I agree with everythingnice. Nope no problem with my Asian brethren.

Answer #20

I’m white and live in the U.S. and I don’t hate any race that isn’t my own. It’s stupid to hate someone just because they’re skin color is different than yours.

Answer #21

some guy told me australians were racist

I went like “really…?”

which made me wonder whether people in australia (and america) were really racist to asian people like me

Answer #22

I’m from the deep South USA where racism was born and people here don’t generally hate Asians. In fact, I wish we had more in my area so I could make some friends.

Answer #23

nope I dont hate asians and I live in the uk but I do know a lot of people that do and they say its because they take over everything [ and thats when I stop listening to them] and I think its total crap tbh. what made you ask that anyway?

Answer #24

I do not care for Asians at all. I apologize, but thats just the plain truth, and I am not alone. I am Hispanic, and live in Southern California. In the area I live it is divided between Asians and Latinos. I do not necessarily hate Asians, but I hate their behaviour,especially among the people who have just came over. They are usually rude, will cut in front of you if you let them, speak amongst themselves in their own language, even though you are sitting right in front of them. There is much more, but I think I have made my point. I have noticed that most of your responses here are positive, I hate to be the one that throws reality in the bunch, but Asians are not well liked at all, and it is a growing trend.

Answer #25

I’m not asian, but don’t ya see the way they dress? They know style and their good looking hair! I love anime and without asian people, anime wouldn’t exist.

Answer #26

It’s hard to explain.

There isn’t a definite answer for this question. First off, let me say that I’m an Asian male. I was born and raised in the United States, and hence am quite the ethnocentric American. No, I don’t hate Asians. But there are a lot of Asians from overseas that can irritate me. Of course, there are ones I like too, but some of the ones–like the ones aznhtr mentioned–can be quite rude for American standards. The same goes with any other person from any other country. It’s not so much a matter of race that people hate as much as culture.

I get a ton of racist remarks when I speak Mandarin. I get no racist remarks when I speak English.

It’s truly a shame that the world is so unedcuated.

Answer #27

im hispanic and I dont hate asians at all I have asian friends there cool ^^

Answer #28

no way because I AM asian!!! most of my frends are asian and my fam is asian! and and and JACKIE CHAN ish asian

Answer #29

no I dont hate individual asians I hate there race thooo there waling and what they do to animals its cruel and unfair I like many asians but its the cruel m**rs who do that sht to innocent animals!!

Answer #30

im white and I love black and Hispanic people. but I hate asians!

Answer #31

I will HATE them until the shed their ignorant, racist behavior. Until I see things change I will go out of my way to make life uncomfortable for them until they wake up. I tactfully attempt to make every white person I meet understand just how phony these people are. Asians brought this upon themselves.

Answer #32

well I do hate asians, they are trying to take over the world. they should all piss off back to their own country.

Answer #33

I dont haet asians, I hate asian friends, but I think that the reason why people would hate asians is cause they are jealous that they are so smart. they are like dominating the technological world with cars, robots, etc. I think that’s pretty cool.

Answer #34

nope,asians are one of the best people in world,they are very nice and kind

Answer #35

Of course no

Answer #36

No I dont hate anybody because im educated AND im pretty sure people from Spain hate asians… I saw a few clips… on youtube.. I think they also hate black people… =S…

Answer #37

Well, first of all, I AM asian, so, no, I don’t hate other asians, lol. And to the person who asked whether other races are racist to whites…yes, I’m afraid so…:( However, just like everyone’s saying here, not EVERYONE who’s not white hates whites…but some do…North Korea is a WHOLE COUNTRY of Asians that have been tought through propaganda and such TO hate/ be distrustful of other races, especially American whites…and some of my best friends are white…:( I’m just glad my family history’s from SOUTH Korea, lol (the one that’s like America).

Answer #38

I’m white and so wish I was asian!! I live and love japan and everything japanese! I’ve lived in american my whole life! never been out of the state before. but japan is all I think about!! look at my page!! nothing but japanese! even the guys!!! I’ve learned 372 japanese bands and singers cause english music sux @$$!!! Japan is my life and I so wish I was japanese. I thinlk nose sugery and eye surgery may work too! I’ve actually thought about it.

Answer #39

For the person who said we are racist in Europe, well, I am from Spain, Europe, and of course people don’t hate Asians here. Why that kind of question anyway?

Answer #40

Which country you from mattq1? maybe some asians treat you guys like dirt but certainly not all. im asian and I hate racism aight

Answer #41

nope, im black, and i have 3 best friends that r asians (ithink its fine to have more than one bestie). 2 who have been with me since high school and one who has been with me since college…one of my asian besties, Korean, says that its true most asians do hate black ppl, but in any case, i feel that there are people who just dislike others because of things they have been told of. Im not saying its bad, i mean its apart of life, but it happens.

Answer #42

Its ironic that you ask why people hate asians, maybe a better question is why asians are so cruel to people of color?? Especially when you ugly mf’s are dark complexioned yourselves! I spent time teaching English there, and was treated horribly. I had no idea your people could be so cruel! your treatment of animals is criminal!! I didn’t hate Asians until I went to Asia and found out what your REALLY like. I now despise ALL things Asian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer #43

sorry, but i cannot stand asians. I hate how they come to america and dont speak our language, are completely ignorant and annoying. plus they smell awful. f them. white power i cant stand your race more than any other

Answer #44

so many racist people on here -_- I’m asian(:

Answer #45

and no i don’t hate my own race.

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