Do you find that people on here are much nicer then on Yahoo?

I think everyone one on this site is generally nice and sincere.On Yahoo answers they are usually you find this to be true?

Answer #1

ya, my yahoo account was deleted because I was telling someone that what they said was mean. AND THEY DELETED IT!! it made me so ticked.

Answer #2

Yes the people here are nicer. Yahoo Answers has some fatal flaws that promote trollish behavior. For example, since reporting is anonymous, you end up with a lot of people just reporting everything for fun. They like to target high profile posters, so if you have a lot of points, they’ll come after you.

…and since Yahoo has a ‘suspend first and never ask questions later’ policy, just about everyone who posts in religion or politics ends up with a deleted account eventually. That makes a lot of people mad, and so they come back with troll accounts.

Plus there is no real recourse to being reported. If you complain, the complaint doesn’t actually go anywhere. You just get a form letter response.

Also, their silly point system encourages quick answers rather than good answers.

Yahoo is so aweful (and yet so popular), that I registered hoping to resell it.

Answer #3

You know What! I agree with you that generally, the people on here are much nicer then yahoo answers. I was on yahoo answers awhile back and allot of people seem to be more hostile and so forth so I just stay on here. Its kinder and more open since you don’t get too much of the hostility on here like you do on yahoo answers.

Answer #4

yes and no. I mean I have a yahoo acount and they are mean 2 me but sometimes on here 2. :(

Answer #5

I like yahoo because its not as strict, but this site is nice

Answer #6

fun advice is great and fun too, I love it here and I feel yahoo is kind I don’t know??? the are rude

Answer #7

Also, the advisors are pretty quick on the draw and delete/block questions & answers that are abusive or break the terms of use for the site.

I dont think Yahoo is moderated and kept an eye on as well as it is on here.

Often abusive or unnacceptable questions/replies are deleted so quickly by the advisors that very few members actually notice these questions in the first place but they are definately posted on a daily basis.


Answer #8

I don’t have a yahoo account, but agree most people on here are pretty friendly. :)

Answer #9

the advisors are smart and do a good job.

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