Do you blame Bush for the last 8 years?

This question is obviously geared more toward people who are not satisfied with the last 8 years of American government. Who do you blame for many of the current problems the US is facing?

Do you really blame Bush himself all that much? I’ll be honest, I don’t. I have no love for him, but I blame members of his administration, and I blame the Republican dominated Congress pre-2006, Democratic Congress post-2006.

The Iraq war, for example, came mostly at the behest of war profiteers Cheney and Rumsfeld. And that war, as well as the Patriot Act and tax cuts for the rich, all happened because the Congress supported them. People blame Bush for wrecking this and that, but the truth is, he’s been a puppet of his warmongering, BIble-thumping administration.

And even more important, Congress has almost never, EVER stood up to Bush on anything, no matter which party was in control. They went along with him on everything he’s tried to do. Hell, the Patriot Act wasn’t even his idea, and yet is passed Congress without a single member having read it through all the way.


Answer #1

I think the main reason the republican race ended so quickly is the format of winner take all. If they had proportionate delegate distribution, it would have gone on a lot longer. If the dems had winner take all, Hillary would have won on super tuesday.

Answer #2

lol… I am pretty confident, but I was just following up on mjax post talking about a change in presidency. I wouldn’t consider McCain much of a change.

Answer #3

I totally agree that bush has been a puppet. a clueless dupe for the cheneys of this administration. I have previously stated that bush is childlike in his quest for popularity from the “in crowd”. the president doesn’t have the power to start a war. and the pre and post congress has done nothing to stop the powers that be. I blame his administration, congress and the americans who voted for him the second time around. fooled me once, shame on you… fooled me twice, shame on me…

Answer #4

“I wouldn’t consider McCain much of a change.”

I love hearing people like Ann Coulter and Rush LImbaugh squawk about how McCain is a traitor to Republicans, a liberal in disguise, blah blah blah blah blah blah…it reminds me that the Democrats aren’t the only ones divided in this election. I’d even say a deeper rift exists among Republicans right now, despite how quickly their primary was over.

Answer #5

Bush is just the front man for the neocons. He doesn’t have the brains to pull off what they have done. The real culprits are Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Libby, Pearl, etc.. They had set there sights on Iraq, and controlling the mideast long before they took office. Google the Project for a New American Century. And Cheney has been a big proponent of the unitary-executive since he was cheif of staff for Ford. He saw what happened to Nixon, and thought that he was wrongly persecuted, and that the president should not have to answer to anyone. His vision came to fruitition with the empty suit named Dubya.

Answer #6

Bush is not responsible for EVERYTHING that has happened in the last 8 years, but he does hold culpability for the following:

  • The war in Iraq
  • Massive run ups in government spending due to his guns and butter policies. This spending is subsequently responsible for the fall of the dollar and the current economic pains we are going through right now.
  • Massive expansion of ethanol which has devastated many farming communities as corn for ethanol has been substituted for food crops
  • He is responsible for legislation that has eroded our freedoms at an unprecedented rate making it possible to be arrested and held indefinitely without charges and without legal representation indefinitely

The gimmicky tax refunds will barely help pay for the higher food and fuel costs his asinine policies have created.

Answer #7

Totally agree with your analysis, only a couple of caveats…I think the bible thumping is more pander than zeal. The Patriot act definitely not only signed before careful examination…was co written by the future homeland security czar, Michael Chertoff.

There isnt a love loss for George Bush. He is a grinning idiot. He is only a puppet…just as Hillrod or Toady McCain will prove…probably Obama as well but there is a sliver of hope with him…as long as he doesn’t invite Clinton for VP…then I fully expect John Hinckley’s ghost(I know he’s yet to die) manifested into some unsuspecting fundamentalist manchurian candidate with powder residue all over himself.

The American people are the most to blame for suffering a two party system. We’re long past due picking up the trail to the real culprits…we’re too busy bashing each other about the head to notice the rancid odor wafting up louder than ever before.

Answer #8

I don’t blame Bush for everything. The economy was already slowing when he took office. Obviously 9/11 was large enough an attack that it took years to plan and execute. The tech bubble of the 90’s couldn’t last forever.

I do blame the Bush administration for ignoring the threat of Bin Laden and Al Qaeda. Bush basically ignored all the warnings from the terrorism experts in the Clinton administration because they were in the Clinton administration and he only listened to his own incompetent cronies. Speaking of incompetant cronies he did appoint Michael Brown to head FEMA in spite of having no knowledge or experience in managing emergencies; this added to the costs human and material for the aftermath for Hurricane Katrina. Bush did take advantage of post 9/11 jingoism, xeonphobia, and dodgy intelligence to sell the Iraq invasion to the American people. Bush did start an expensive war and refused to fund it because funding it would require him to raise taxes which of course is something no Republican wants to do; deficit spending is so much easier; leave the tab for future administrations.

Not everything is Bush’s fault but with all the problems he faced he solved none of them; he only added to them.

Answer #9

actually its WAY more comlicated than that, No , I do not BLAME it on him , its our economy, its falling apart, && not just in the us , look at the other countries for example , canada= BAD MEDDDICAL SERVICE ! that also means more taxes to them, I think that it would be right for US the people to give solutions to help the problem , for example , Obesity is one of the top things , people have eating problems , I think I would bebetter if they had more clinics they can do to loose weight without surgery && look at the models today , I think its AN horible influence on kids wannting to be so skinny , they have to go extreme dieting , Therefore I think all models that are 18+ have to at start at size 3. A healthy WEIGHT !

Answer #10

I really woudn’t know how to answer that! LOL! I live my life! It was matter of opinion and votes that left him in so yeh…uh I guess some things I would and some things I wouldn’t!!!

Answer #11

No,I blame the Bush administration.

Answer #12

How can you blame a “not very smart” person for “not very smart” things? I don’t blame him. I blame people who voted for him and who supported him in his actions

Answer #13


lol but yeah hope that answers your question =P lmfao

Answer #14

Bush may have not been the brains behind the operations, you can call him a puppet, but at the end of the day he is the president and he chose to go along with whatever his people wanted… Just because a man has no backbone to stand up to people doesnt mean he is not responsible for agreeing to whatever they say… he had a responsibility to the country and the world in a certain sense and he screwed up big time… as for the Democratic congress… I have no words for their spinelessness…

Answer #15

Lots of very good answers, thanks. Wish I could rate more than 3 of them.

I almost wish Bush was purely responsible for everything that’s happened the last 8 years because then it would mean a simple change of presidency would eliminate the problem. But the problem affects the whole system and government. A change of administration will help, I just wonder if it will help as much as many Americans expect it to.

Answer #16

here’s hoping you’re right :)

Answer #17

I think there will be change, but it may not come fast enough for some people. And the GOP will certainly blame Obama during his re-election campaign in 2012 saying he has been ineffective, while ignoring the huge mess he was given by dubya and pals.

Answer #18

I blame our political system. It is corrupt. AND it needs replaced. Everybody knows how to take advantage of the system and it is no longer useful to the majority of American people. It is NOW time to start new. We should start by getting rid of the two parties.


Answer #19

lol Jimahl, I like how confident you are Obama will be the next president…

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