Do you hate Hannah Montana?

does anyone hate HANNAH MONTANA???//

Answer #1

well not Hannah, I mean she’s only a character in a tv show (which I never again will watch) I’m just not find of Miley, I don’t think she has talent…

Answer #2

I hate her… Like honestly… She Sucks at dancing.. Her Singing Isnt that great at all.. Her Show Is pretty Gay… Iunoo I just dont like her at alll.

Answer #3

I HATE THAT GIRL!!! The only reason why she’s famous is because her dad’s rich$$!! I mean if my dad was rich I could be even more famous than Jessica Alba!!! I think Selena Gomez is so much better!!! No offense to those who love Hannah.

Answer #4

All of you people that are cuising need to stop its okay not to like her but you don`t have to cuis im not trying to be your mom or anything but still please stop.

Answer #5

No I don’t I love Hannah Montana, people who hate her are just stupid girls jelous cause she dated Nick Jonas(kinda inmature), and Nick is the one who dumped her, she said she got dumped, and is staying single, and it’s not her fault the papparazzi like takin her pics, so is stupid to hate onsomeone cause she dated a boy you might never get to know deeple , and get to have a friendship with jost my pov

Answer #6

ya..I like her but im mad at her for liking nick JONASSS :-( aah w.e lol I hope she doesent turn out like britney spears or her sister

Answer #7

duh, ya! She is rude,stuckup,stupid,GAY,retarded, and is not talented. How many pictures have you seen of her kissing other girls who are not in of her family?I’ve seen about 6. and she blames Nick Jonas for he pictures of her. on of her pictures she was toppless.and it wasnt the Vanity Fair one.She is like Zac Efron, he is Gay too. Hannah Montana has the talent of your butt!!!

Answer #8

I don’t like her personally, but I hate how all of you people are saying she’s famous because of her dad. her father was a one-hit-wonder country singer way back in the early 90’s. the kids who actually like hannah montana are like 8-13 years old. they have no idea who her dad is. so how is people like her because of him…

Answer #9

I don’t like her acting and most of her outfits when she sings.

she can’t really be funny on the show, and some of her songs and dance moves are even kind of… different.

Answer #10

I do now.I used to like her but this whole best of both worlds tour and so out of hand..I mean a the movies..why not do that for someone who’s bigger than stupid Hannah’s like grrr..she thinks she’s all that..

Answer #11

I honestly love the show, she’s a good actor and everything. I’ve lost respect for her, though.

It’s just the Jonas Brothers I cant stand ><

Answer #12

No I do not hate her I love her and the jonas brothers a lot of these people are really mean she does not lip sing and she is def not going to end up like brittany spears she’s a good dancer shes pretty she is famous because of her dad but she didn’t ask him to pay for the role on hannah montana that show is not retarded I think making the concert a movie and putting it in the movie theatre is a good idea and if you used to like her then don’t stop liking her her and the jonas brothers are very talented

Answer #13

YES!!! I HATE her,and it’s reallly annoying because people say I’m just “jelous” of her,and why in the world would I be jelous of THAT(by that I mean her)?!?

Answer #14

I think she’s quiite cheesy now! but thats just my opnion! I used to like her but now not soo much

Answer #15

Yes, I hate that lip singing want to be ugly snob will bad fashion sense please tell me if you agree because its all true I hate here!

Answer #16

hannah montana/miley cyrus I think she has good songz but I thinkmiley lookz ugly w/ blond hair

Answer #17

I dont lke her…but I lke her show…

Answer #18

omg yes. she’s so fukkin annoying !!

Answer #19


Answer #20

I dont hate her … why dont you lke the jonas b

Answer #21

She’s ok. Not the best, not the worst.

Answer #22

I 100% hate her!

Answer #23

I actually think that the people saying they hate her are jealous.

Answer #24

be nice to hannah/miley I dont enjoy here music cause I think its cheesy but GOD made us all special!

Answer #25

I hate her she lost her respect for those pictures and I think she isnt as talented as what she is getting

Answer #26

I like her. She’s really pretty, I think. She’s a good rolemodel.

Answer #27

People I don’t hate her but ramen and jasmine are going to kill her

Answer #28

yo me and my boyfriend love that hannah montana song. and no we’re not 14.

Answer #29

I do. My lil sis luvs her and I just dont understand y! It is so annoying going into the house with her show on or her cd on.Ahhh!!!

Answer #30

Nooo!!! I love Hannah Montana!!! Do you hate her?

Answer #31


Answer #32

she is terrible…plus her dad is the reason shes famous in the first place

Answer #33

yes I do she sucks

Answer #34

ugh. I used to like her. but I lst repsect for her. she’s a stupid slut that can’t sing. I think she needs to go find something she’s good at.

Answer #35

but I wouldnt say I HATE her, how pathetic is it to hate someone you dont even know??? but im SERIOUSLY not a fan. (( who even watchs disney channal???))

Answer #36

I agree with what you are saying ^^ but I think they mean that she became famous because of him - meaning he got her famous, into the ‘fame’ world…Which is totally different to saying that she is famous because of her dad. Of course the young kids aren’t going to know who her dad is, it’s all about the Hannah Montana, not the Miley Cyrus’ Father’s world.

Answer #37

I HATE MILEY CYRUS WITH A PASSION she needs to fix her teeth and learn how to sing the worst part about her is she is only famous because of her rich a$$ dad

Answer #38

I love her she is amazing and if you dont like her you can go do your self”: ). and I love the jonas brothers.

Answer #39

I like her she can sing good and she is a good person
joeluver futuremrsjoejonas
back off joe is mine!!!<3

Answer #40

be nice to hannah/miley I dont like her voice or music cause their cheesy but she is a christian and God loves all

Answer #41

I HATE HANNAH MONTANA !! She totally lip-syncs and she needs acting lessons. I feel really bad for the kids that actually look up to her!!

Answer #42

yes… I don’t like the jonas brothers either

Answer #43

No, I Like Hannah Montana, And Her Name Really Is Miley Cyrus, She Changed It Legally From Destiny Hope Cyrus, To Miley Ray Cyrus… Sure Some Of The Things You Hear About Her Somtimes You Don’t Exspect, But She’s A Teenager… If You Dont Like Her, Why Go On About Hating Her, If You Really Hate Her, You Will Not Leave Comments Like These, Because You Have Better Things To Do, And I Knoww You May Hate Me For Saying This, But Leaving A Message On Here PROVES You Like Her, Or That Your Just Jealous… Because Your Searching For Hannah Montana. Think About That. Oh And By The Way… If Miley Is Reading This… YOUR ROCK, Egnore All Of These Haters, Id’ Like To See Them Sing On Stage… HA! I Bet All The Haters Don’t Have The Guts To Do What You Do… Oh, And Pps: You Were Great At The Nick KCA Awards!

Answer #44

OK FIRST OF ALL HANNAH MONTANA IS NOT A REAL PERSON. she is a character in a series/tv show. it doesnt matter… in a few years she’s going to be like britney spears. haha 1 day at lunch we were talkin about hannah montana, and my 1 friend (who’s a guy) said “I hate hannah montana, she’s retarded” and my other friend (who’sa girl) said “hey I like hannah montana!” then my other friend (who’s also a guy) said “dont ya think she’s hot” and he said “yeah she’s hot but she’s just going to end up like britney spears” I mean dont get me wrong, I used 2 like her, but now she’s kinda stuck up. and pretty soon she’s just going to be a screw up, wannabe pop star like britney. no effense britney fans (if there are any anymore)

Answer #45

Hannah montana sucks is only famous cause of her loser one hit wonder dad who probley begged disney companies to give her a show cause she act so she goes around acting like a slut to hide the fact that she has no talent and too stay in the camera spotlight when real singers and actors or actresses could be getting famous Demi lovato from camp rock is better than she is

Answer #46

I wouldnt say hate. But Im not fond of her. I dont believe shes talented enough to be as big as she is. And Her Father’s fame is 90% of the reason she’s Famous in the first place. I’ve never seen her show,So I cant really say what I think about it,but as far as her music goes,I dont believe she has any “outstanding” talent,she’s not a great dancer,and a lot of the music she performs isnt even written by her.

Answer #47


Answer #48

yes! I do hate her a lot!lol

Answer #49

UHH DUH !!! you really have to ask?!?!?!? :P

Answer #50


Answer #51

NO. Hannah is awesome! I love her. Sure, she has had some mess ups in the past, like those pics, but she is a great singer and actress.

Answer #52

I hate her so much!

Answer #53

I like her show but all the romors about her are making me not like her

Answer #54

yes since when she became popular

Answer #55

Yeah I totally do I find her annoying

Answer #56

no I just dont like her but dont hate her either :)

Answer #57

nooo I love hannahmontana

Answer #58

I don’t hate her..but I hate her music. I don’t think she can sing at all.

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