Do we teach spelling and grammar in schools?

When I was in school Teachers used to teach spelling and grammar to the children. Now, in today’s society with text messages and such, I see written language mutilated on a daily basis. Whether it is simple spelling errors, confused words, or ending a sentence in a preposition; I can’t help be be outraged at how young people have a seemingly complete lack of respect for language.

I might be a little crazy, but please someone tell me, why don’t people take an extra 2 minutes to proof read their texts and Internet posts? Do they not understand that using incorrect grammar and making egregious spelling errors make them seem unintelligent?

Answer #1

It annoys me too. I’m 14, and speaking to almost anyone of my age group, there’s always spelling mistakes (which I don’t mind so much) chat speak (which I HATE) and grammar mistakes. I really dislike when people mix ‘their, there and they’re’. They’re not that hard to get right, seriously! I like to write in a decent manner online; it makes me appear more mature and I know for one thing that if someone types properly, I instantly have much more respect than ‘4 someone how tlks like dis’. I know people who write like that in English class, I mean, what the hell!

AnimalInsanity x

Answer #2

How I right depends on what I am writing it for. On here I try to use FireFox’s built in spell check b/c I can’t spell worth crap. (Yes, teacher taught me spelling In school. Just always have struggled with it. So I used technology to compensate for my lack of spelling ability). But say I’m talking on an online game, 1/2 my sentence is slang / abbreviation / acronyms or leet speak - almost doesn’t look like English.

Any when I am typing an email at work to a client my hole writing style changes, much more professional and I proof everything before I send it.

Written communication is the same as spoken. I talk completely different to my co-works as I do to my friends, or my parents. Depending on who you are communicating with your style of communication is going to change regardless of whether its written or spoke. With how technology is now, just as much written communication takes place as spoken.

But I must agree some of the people on here need to make an effort to make their writing more legible.

Answer #3

It’s the same as asking why people use slang. Slang has been around pretty much since the beginning of languages, and it isn’t about to disappear any time soon. The language you see online and in texts is a form of slang. Just as slang of a particular language is quite easily understood by those who use it, texting and internet slang is understood by those who use it. Perhaps it only hinders those who do not understand it. I really do not see the point in whining about it. If you believe texting and internet slang makes those using it seem unintelligent, then do not use it. It really is not complicated.

Answer #4

I agree that teenagers [dont care enough in our texts and internet responses, we just need to get our point across and thats what counts]. Unfortunately, many times getting your point across is hindered by bad spelling and grammar. Why, just today (on this website, in fact) I was reading posts and had to stop and try and decipher what people were trying to say. And I’m not talking about replacing for and to with 4 and 2 or abbreviations like people and lol.

And in response to [walk in the shoes of a teenager for a full 24 hours and then you will see why we do what we do]– I’m only 20… not too far removed from being a teenager myself.

sigh Maybe I’m weird, but I am very, VERY disappointed with my generation.

EDIT: for some reason every time I submit my response it changes p p l to people and removes my quotation marks hence, the brackets around the quoted bits.

Answer #5

honostly it dont matter to me. I may not be perfect spellin when I text and whatever. but when spelling really counts I do it right. just cause they dont do it perfect on here doesn mean they are stupid. you dont know how they spell outside of this site. theres a lot more things to be worried bout in life besides spellin. I do think a person should learn to spell right but as long as they do it right when it counts (school papers forms etc) the other shouldn matter

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