Do you think this is better than y!a

I came on here after I kept on getting suspended on y!a

Answer #1

Unlike the Yahoo co-founders, the co-founders here are NOT billionaires. That changes you, from what I understand. Having worked at Yahoo nearly two years, and been a consultant for that company, I can say they had some incredible talent.

A lot of which has moved on to other projects, jobs, and even started & sold companies (my former boss at Yahoo, for example, took over a start up & sold it for nearly 200 million last year).

However, their idea of “customer service” stinks, and nobody I’ve ever met has said something good about it. As a result, with a site like Yahoo Answers, you’re 100% certain to have issues, because to me, a site like this is all about intelligent customer service…I personally reply to emails people write us, and try to read as much as I can on the site.

Of course, Yahoo gets about 15x the amount of visitors, questions, answers, etc, as we do…so, if we were that big, we’d have to put in place more intelligent solutions OR we’d have similar issues.

And, from one or two people that came here & did say they got suspended, etc, from yahoo answers…it may happen here, as well, just read the rules & follow them, and it won’t. :)

Answer #2

This site is allot better then yahoo answers. I was on yahoo answers and didn’t like it much. This site is allot easier to navigate.

Answer #3

Well, I came here from Y/A because I got tired of trolls having my answers deleted, and the Y-team wouldn’t do anything about it

I still go there, but I like it here better

Answer #4

First of all - I never got suspended

People sometimes didn’t like what I had to say and reported my answers as abuse. The answers got deleted, I lost the points, and all my appeals were ignored.

I have a doubt I’d get suspended here, I don’t do anything other than offer advice to the best of my knowledge, and the founders of this site are much easier to deal with - they actually respond to you.

Answer #5

well this is better it just is idky it just is! lol :)

Answer #6

why did you get suspended , if you do here what you did on y!a , you might get suspended too , and yea , this site is better

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