Do strippers have to give lap dances?

Strippers, I want to become one if I cant get into Playboy. My question is do all strippers have to give lap dances? because if they do I don’t want to become one. I mean it’s a good job getting paid about $1000 a night

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A lot of down sides to that job too….I would look for a job that lifts my self-esteem, is respected by all, and leads to a positive future.

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As usual I’ve come across this question probably WAY too late to actually be able to give advice to the original poster, but I’m going to answer it anyways in the off chance that some young girl with the same question stumbles across it in the future…


While there may be a stripping job that doesn’t require lap or private dances, they are probably very few and far between for two reasons.

One, the club usually takes a large portion of the lap dance fee. Thus why would they want a girl on the schedule who from the start is limited in the amount of money she can make for the club?

Second: Most strippers WANT to do lap dances because thats where the real money is made. As I responded to another question about stripping… figure if you have 20 guys at the stage during your set, most of them are ONLY tipping one dollar bills. Now a few of them may throw down a couple bills, but some of them aren’t going to tip at all. So you don’t make the money there. The big money is made from stacking lap dances and the only way you are going to get a lot of guys to want to buy that lap dance is to either be rather raunchy on stage, or to sit and talk and flirt with them individually at the bar between stage sets.

You seem like you don’t have any trouble getting nude in front of strange men, but are concerned with the more sexual aspect of stripping but the problem is, there are ALWAYS girls out there who aren’t concerned with that, and while on stage will put their genitals into the customers face, or touch themselves. Heck, I’ve even seen girls insert their fingers into their vaginas and anus! So when it’s a choice between you being up there dancing and looking oh so pretty, and the skank who is practically masturbating, who do you think the pervert, that came for the sexual atmosphere at the club, is going to give his money to?

My point is, lots of girls think that stripping is simply a matter of dancing around nude and being showered in money, but the simple reality is that stripping is a dark, seedy, sexual world and there is IMMENSE pressure on the girls to compromise their values.

Not only that, but by being constantly surrounded by that deviant sexual atmosphere it becomes normal to you. I know lots of girls who when they first started where shy and modest on stage, but after a year or two of seeing other girls get raunchy, hearing the disgusting sexual conversation that goes on in those clubs 24/7, and having guys continually asking them to do more, they become used to it, and end up grinding against the aroused crotches of customers and bringing those men to release for an extra $40 more.

If you or any other girl reading this are thinking about stripping, please, please, please realize that there is SO much more to the “job” than just being naked in front of other people. It has nothing to do with the beauty of the female form, and everything to do with a woman being a sexual object for the amusement of the customer (mainly men). I would also ask you to think about why it is you think that stripping is a viable “career” option in the first place. What is it about society that says you, as a woman or a girl, are only worth something if you’re sexy or wanted by men? And is the satisfaction brought by the opposite sex’s lust really fulfilling? After being in the business for a couple of years; from what I’ve seen I’d have to say no. If it was, the dancers would be well adjusted happy girls, and sadly most of the time they are not. Drug and alcohol use and abuse is rampant among strippers and their personal relationships are notoriously unstable and/or unhealthy.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that all strippers are destined to become full on prostitutes, that for the most part is a fallacy. BUT, there IS an extreme amount of pressure from club management, your peers and the sexual atmosphere inherent in the clubs to skirt that line and do things that you would never have considered before dancing.

There ARE girls who can maintain their moral compass and their integrity in the business and don’t allow the job to define them or their life, but it is extremely hard. And while there ARE some clubs that treat the girls with respect and honor, the reality is that MOST clubs simply see the girls as meat, and as a product to use and sell to the customer and not as a person.

Think about these things deeply before you ever even try an “amateur” night at the local club, as stripping is a big decision and can ruin girls lives. I’ve seen it happen too many times…

Answer #3

Hi, I’m a stripper, and yea, lapdances are where you make most of your money. Stage tips on busy nights are good, but you’ll really only make your money doing dances. At my club the costs for dances are 20,60,and 100. Do ten 100 dollar dances, you got a grand, but the club takes a portion of what you make, they call it a house fee. And no you don’t need to be a dirty dancer to make that money. I’ve never been dirty and I still make pretty good money. But there are really shady people at strip clubs. Just be careful about who you trust.

Answer #4

well honey I was a stripper and thats mostly one of the things they do: strip and do lap dances.

Answer #5

also consider that many strippers are asked to do “favors” which of course is tottally up to you but i know i would sure hate to be looked like that.

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