A user appalled at suicide advice

hey, im not being abusive in any way, but I am apalled that you let some individuals give advice to others on how to commit suicide. do you realy think giving ways on how to kill your self is ‘’fun advice’’?

a litle positive sympathy and listening can go a long way, and can help these suicidal individuals in terms of their self-worth.

please could you take this into consideration and do something about it. thank you

Answer #1

I think that anyone should be able to ask what they want hear me out first if someone asks how to kill themselves than everyone will know what there thinking therefor more people could help that person deal with the problems there having dont get me wrong there will be some assh0le who will give the wrong advice but I think there will be more good advice than bad you better find this helpful it took me long enough to write lol :)

Answer #2

I was one of the “losers” who used this website to try to figure out how to commit suicide. but now I really agree. people should be able to ask any question they want. but I think it is the advice that should be monitored. I asked some questions about bulimia and was encouraged not to become bulimic so im glad I asked the question. but some of the advice should seriously be monitored.

Answer #3

mmm that statement saying suicide for losers not the best way to put it hey would rethink a little before you incinuate such a statement i think thats last thing they would want to hear no judgement on this site RIGHT! POSITIVITY IN ANY WAY YOU PUT IT IS THE KEY

Answer #4

It would be great if everything that came up under suicide, anorexia, bulimia (and all the misspelt versions) could be monitored in some way. At the least, make sure there is a series of help lines, or info sites that are prominent on any topic containing the trigger words. Even an automatic response??

I know it’s a tough one.

Answer #5

I completely agree- I think this should be modorated thoroughly to stop the wrong type of advice being given out. It could be very dangerous. Well done for bringing it up.

Answer #6

well it aint for winners because if you kill yourself you lose the game of life

Answer #7

How about employing someone with a degree in psychology to deal specifially with those types of advice questions? I know this site doesn’t sepcialize in those sort of questions but as more and more people come to this site I think it could, in turn, be beneficial on a different level. Just a suggestion.

Answer #8

and was the users name by any means depressegrl or sometin like that

Answer #9

just wondering was the user a boy or a girl cause I have a friend who goes on here and she asks those questions

Answer #10

yes tellin peeple how 2 kill themselves is fun advice

Answer #11

Well what i meant about the suicidal advice is that before an answer is posted it could be put on pending approval in order to be monitered to see whether it is okay to be submitted.. its not only the suicidal advice that concerns me but the questions on how to become anorexic or bulimic.

Members of this site shouldn’t be denied of asking a question but, if it’s one where their health is concrened then i dont think they should be allowed to ask. if they dont get the advice their seeking from this site then yes, they will look elsewhere, but would you rather prefer that someone has killed themslves because of the advice given from your site or else where? what would that say about you (whoever the person in chage is) and this site.

However if a person did ask as such if life was worth living, then it’s asked in a different form and it gains a different approach in answers meaning people wont start telling you ‘oh go kill your self because for whatever reason’, instead people will share their ponits and views about their lives on whats intresting and what’s not and hy it should or shouldn’t be worth living etc.

Answer #12

ya thats right!! suiside is for losers!

Answer #13

Thinkhappythoughts has a good idea with the automatic response. When a member asks a question with any of the “trigger words” ie. suicide, bulimia, anorexia, etc…, they would receive an automatic response. It could include a hotline number, and maybe a statement telling the member that there are people in the world who can help you with positve advice. There are also people in this world who can help no one; not even themselves; with negative advice. Always listen to positve advice.

Answer #14

If we delete all the questions that people ask along those lines, then people who are desperate for attention will go elsewhere.

Then, they might (or not) get the kind of help they really need. Do we delete all those questions? If we do, what if somebody who desperately wanted to know that life was worth living, instead got a “you can’t ask about that” message..they might be even more depressed.

If you have any ideas, I’m all ears about how to improve things. Thanks.

Answer #15

There’s nothing in this that’s worth killing yourself over…and if people can’t use this way of thinking then they got issues… anyone that attempts it is weak..and should seek help ASAP…and the same goes with eating disorders…they give into the media…why do it? you aint superstars even you were famous try to be a great rolemodel don’t follow bad influences. Many of those eating disordered & suicidal people just want attention…those posts should be deleted !

Answer #16

suicide is NOT for losers.

Answer #17

ye I no what you mean but a couple of times I’ve tried to convinse peeps not to commit suicide

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Answer #19

The automatic response is a good idea, so long as other people can respond too. When you are feeling down, alone, at the end of your tether, you don’t just want to have an auto response pop up even though it might lead to further help. You ask for help and you want to get it direct, immediately. In fact you want someone to be there for you, to love and hug you no matter what. Getting good responses is the second best thing to that. It shows there are people out there who care.

People who joke about it don’t really understand the seriousness of it all. One shouldn’t question “will they, or won’t they”. Yes they may be being overdramatic, but it doesnt matter. You should just take it as being serious and respond accordingly. We are talking peoples lives here, and everyone has the right to feel loved and cared for.

Oh and I might also add that I am a “loser” too because I have attempted to take my own life in the past. And I still have issues. Fortunately I am learning to love and respect myself and I would never have been able to do that without the loving support of others. So keep the good advice coming people.

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